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: Today I recycled notecards from when I read "The Taming of the Shrew" in Shakespeare last Fall. They'd been in my purse for the past eight months.

Last night I went to this thing called "MusicFest" with Clarissa and some random people she knew. It kinda sucked. Then I came home and went to bed.

: Despite the Utahns complaints about the weather (105 or something) I still contend that it's much hotter in the dishroom. Outside there is a nice little breeze and plenty of breathing room. And you don't have a machine blowing steam in your face for five hours. We were all so sweaty today our clothes were sticking to us. Actually, that might have been the mashed potatoes...

: Last night I dreamt I was moving into some extension of the Benson (Chemistry) building along with about a million little kids who all had Dr. Seuss keychains (some sort of EFY take-off). The rooms were rather nice, but in reality, there is a rather large hill in that vicinity.

Provo's Freedom Festival is one of the top ten largest Independence Day celebrations in the country. Summer's friends, in a silly attempt to make fun of the sold-out-and-very-expensive Stadium of Fire hosted their own Cul-de-sac of Fire.

I'm waiting for next summer or the love of my life, whichever comes first, and in the meantime I'm drinking Kool-aid.

: I still have the email informing me of my acceptance into the International Internship Program in my inbox.

: Today was my first experience with PowerPoint. It was also my first experience having to deal with a Mac. I also had to teach three people how to send attatchments via my hotmail account because BYU email is on crack. But it only took us an hour and a half to do our fifteen presentations.

: I noticed many large piles of rebar lying in the vicinity of a very big hole on campus (campus tends to sprout very big holes on occasion) and I thought of mom. And this stupid scar on my leg from my last rebar encounter.

I was the only person who showed up to work yesterday. Since I did the work of at least two other people I'm going to ask for a $13 an hour raise.

Leonard, I started reading that "The Good Soldier Sjvek" (I don't remember how to spell his name) book you gave me, it's pretty good.

: I finished my sprinkle cake and I am almost out of popsicles. How am I going to survive??? Oh right I have a car. More popsicles! I think I ate too much sprinkle cake, my tummy has been hurting for three days. And to top it off, I keep dreaming about getting married. Maybe they were poisoned sprinkles *gasp!*.

: As you can tell, the past few days have been very uneventful. However, I got invited to a party tonight, at which I'll only know two or three people (unless the old "It's a small world when you're LDS" theme prevails) so that's exciting.

: Sure enough, there was someone I knew at the party last night. Let's just say he used the phrase "It's not every day you run into your old boss at a party!" Too bad.

: Chris came over last night to watch the X-files with me. Actually, he came over because that's what he does on Sunday night, but I made him watch the X-files with me because I can't watch it by myself (ask Summer) and Mulder's so cute! He expressed that he had never heard of people getting mushy while watching the X-files. This is probably because he was still on a mission during the season finale when all ten of us were sitting in front of the TV being mushy. He also said "Wow, who'd have thought there was a hopeless romantic underneath the spiky side of you." I'm spiky?

: I got Tom Jackman a job, Leonard a bed and myself a gallon of milk for $2.10. I found out yesterday afternoon, after a lovely chat with the secretary, that I make more than I thought I did. I think they gave me my raise twice, but I'm not complaining. Socializing with all the old people at work gets you raises I discovered.

: Shane invited me and Becka to go rock climbing last night. So we were up Rock Canyon in the middle of the night. Rock Climbing. Judging by the comments the guys next to us were making, Becka and I did quite well for our first time, in the dark no less. Shane even let us each belay him and those guys thought he was crazy.

When I sat down to watch TV with Becka I didn't think that in an hour I'd be hanging off a cliff and actually liking it. Hmm.

: I am writing this from a BYU computer lab. I am always writing this from a BYU computer lab. Leonard is finding the signs on our campus amusing. "John A Widtsoe Laboratory Building". ha ha.

I have bruises all over my legs from rock climbing, and my arms are sore. But dang that was fun.

: For all those interested, I believe the fry sauce marketed in stores is called "Some Guy's Fry Sauce." It's not actually me who makes the Morris Center's fry sauce, although I am given the opportunity to clean the mayonnaise out of the mixing bowl.

Rachel iss super -cool

She also can't type. I should also mention that due to the fact that Leonard had his picture taken with the sign outside the Widtsoe building, he managed to find his way from the bookstore to my house. I'm still not sure how that worked but he used the line "I was a Boy Scout once."

: Played cards all weekend. That's the exciting news.

: Leonard's picture of our first game of bowling did not turn out. We each did between two and three times better the second round.

In related news, the Idaho plates (famous potatoes) on Aunt Anne's (rental) car led to the nickname "spudmobile". I had paraphrased, to various female members of my family, the quote Leonard told me comparing North Carolina and Idaho liscense plates.

Last night, Rachel, Kristen, Michelle, Julie and I went to see Moulin Rouge (Tuesday is 50 cent night). A part of the ceiling came crashing down halfway through. According to my roommate Becka, who had a much better view, it was full of water. Poor people it landed on.

: This morning I woke up and realized that I was supposed to be going on a field trip today. Luckily, Emily had also realized that and called me. I'm going on a field trip to Seven Peaks. In what other major could you acutally get away with that, I ask? On the other up side, my notebook also said there was a paper due today (I "missed" class on Friday) but Emily said it's easy and not due until tomorrow. *whew*

Aunt Jeunie's birthday cake, which I was using for breakfast, was big hit with all three of the people who walked in while I was eating it. That's three less pieces of cake that I have to eat.

: WOO HOO!!!

: I got offered a job tutoring. The best thing about this job is that I could still keep the one I have. I told the coordinator I could only go in two days a week, because of my Cultural Prep class, and that made her even more willing to give it to me. I was an algebra tutor in high school, for my friends little sister. It was really fun. I probably made $100 goofing off, in the form of math, with this girl 45 minutes a week or so.

: Job interview Monday. French fries right now. Work later. Book report all weekend.

: Today is a long day. I made two or three to-do lists so I don't forget essential things like curling my hair or eating breakfast or going to work. Yesterday was an equally full day, tanning my left arm and eating steak.

: I'm getting fingerprinted!

: Today I was up for two hours getting x-rayed and prodded and then I went back to bed for three more hours. Now I am hypothetically going to finish my book review, although last time I said that I spent two hours in the lab and only typed one page.

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