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: Last night: One of our new next door neighbors, Brad, came over to meet us and hang out. He made me a Filipino dish called chicken adobo. It was yummy. Then Summer and everyone who isn't technically living there went out to eat and Steve (another next door neighbor- didn't I say there were 25 people living in that house??) came over and we watched some old, old SNL tapes. Everyone got back, watched more Comedy Central stuff, gave backrubs. Somehow that was five hours of my life.

Today: My big plans include going to Target, cooking, and hanging out some more on our comfortable couches. That was the real reason all of us were sitting around watching TV on a Friday night. The couches. Right.

: Another manic display of cleaning in our ghetto house. We went OCD in our kitchen. Only three bags of trash this time, and half a hall of stuff to take to DI. I'm all dressed up cute throwing mis-matched tupperware into the hallway, Summer's dumping appliances into the garbage can and Mandy is finding insulin syringes and fussing over a missing cabinet door. We found the door. It was between two of the fridges, next to an iron I found and gave to Lisa, who is packing and has half of what she owns in the front room. Our house is so ghetto.


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