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: Waking up this morning it felt like Sunday. Hopefully church tomorrow will make one day significantly different from another. Yesterday I hung out with Lisa, went with roommates to take Kelly out to dinner for her birthday and went "hiking". We didn't actually do any hiking. It was a very poorly planned (with shorts, flip-flops and no flashlight) attempt to get out of the house, and it worked but we got home and found out it was only 1030 so we ended up watching TV anyway.

We drove up to Bridal Veil Falls and walked up a paved trail to the base of the falls, stood around, and then walked back. It was much more exciting than it sounds because it was fairly dark, fairly scary and we had a little sprinkler incident. The scariness was self-perpetuating because one of us would jump or scream or grab onto someone at random intervals with no real instigator and then everyone else would jump and scream and grab onto whoever was closest.

: Someone, Mandy I think, cleaned out the "scary room." We actually have a room in our house designated as the scary room. Today I tried to finish reading all the books I said I was going to read this summer. I read three or four actual non-school books and started two more. Tomorrow sometime I'm going up to Jon's to hang out with them for the weekend. Then (finally) school can start. Yay!

Last night (or at least sometime between 330 and 700 AM) was the first time ten people who actually lived in my house were actually all asleep there at the same time.

: Saw off missionaries. Played with cousins of all shapes and sizes. Participated in various activities with our new ward. Still waiting for classes to start. The weekend was much, much more fun than it sounds I'm just too lazy to go into detail.

: People I saw today: Shelley and her sister are in my Dance class. I also saw Andrew Miles! and Heidi and some various other people from various other past wards. Oh and I went up to Penrose to visit David because I could find his phone number and I think he's leaving tomorrow. And I saw both Mike and Mark, Mark is in my Child Development class. And Brock from New Testament.

Classes: Biology is going to be a dumbed down version of the Anatomy lecture, which I actually did well in. Religion actually looks incredibly interesting and I am hoping to add a third religion teacher to my "wasn't sucky" list. Dance and TR- very fun classes. Romania Prep and Child Development are the hardest classes. I know, I know, I already took Child Development and it's the same text etc, but there are a lot of big hard assignments. And Romania- well learning a language in four months didn't sound appealing in the first place. Dance, TR and IAS- total of four males, including two teachers.

: Saw Becky Potter this morning, did the "waiting in lines in the bookstore" thing with her. She's engaged. Getting married the day before finals. I can't help but thing that's a bad idea. Going to study my vocab with Kristen, one of my fellow "future Romania interns." I can say 'bottle' and 'bottles' and 'boy' and 'boys' and 'diaper' and 'diapers'...

: In Religion I pulled out my Romanian vocab sheet to study and turns out the girl I sat next to just got back from the same internship. So she's excited to tell me about it and I'm excited to hear about it. Then I ran into Becky Potter again. It sure is a small world.

We were assigned to read this article and find all the doctrinal errors. We spent 20 minutes discussing it in class. A couple of my roommates had to read it too, for various other classes.

: Saw Joe on campus, for the first time in about three years. Bought stickers for missionaries. Tom picked me up at school on the way to work yesterday. That made my life easier. He also washed my car for me. What a sweetie!

I helped someone read. I had him read a math problem and realized that he reads as poorly as he spells. Then he told me he was just going to "look at the pictures" in his book so I had him read it to me. I think he was pretty uncomfortable but when it was time to go he gave me a big smile so I think he feels better about it. I'll make sure he reads to someone in the future.

: Spent an hour cooking today. I'll probably do that a lot on Fridays because my schedule lends to it. Ran into Brad on campus. He comes over at least once a day. Apparently his place isn't as "happening" as ours.

One of my goals this semester is to make friends in every class. All exceptions so far are classes I already know people in (there are five or so people in my TR class also taking Human Biology; it's a pre-req for the major). Another goal is to get up by 900 everyday. So far so good but it's only the fourth day of school.

: Went to see "Summer Catch" with my roommates on Saturday night; it was cute in parts, but mostly really dumb. Then we went to a party which Cami and I found so lame we chose walking home in the cold over waiting for everyone else to leave. It's been cold on and off for the past few days.

Last night I went to ward prayer for the first time since April. We went and socialized and stuff. And got free tomatoes. I spent another $10 on school today. Tomorrow I am getting more shots.

: Sat around the TV with my roommates all morning crying and praying. We have TVs all over campus and people are just standing around watching the news. We may live in Happy Valley but the world looks awfully small through the lens of a camera.

: Watched more TV. Steve's friend is a teacher in Manhattan- they had to tell their kids that their parents wouldn't be coming home. Lindsay (who teaches second grade in South Jordan), Kelly (who works at Sunset View with me) and I started crying. Can you imagine?

: I just ran into Benji an Shelley on campus. The three of us stood around talking for half an hour. It's going to be a long day- I've been conjugating verbs all morning. That wouldn't be so bad if I knew the pronouns. Cami and I were up late last night painting an American flag on what used to be a ghost. We both still have blue paint all over our arms, but we also have a very lovely flag. Unfortunately, our lovely flag only has 41 stars. Even less fortunately, I'm late for class.

: Fall Fling, a campus-wide party very similar to Spring Fling, is cancelled. This year they were making us get wristbands as a "security precaution" (they don't want UVSC students coming anymore). I've been looking forward to this for three weeks. Oh well, half my roommates wouldn't have been able to come anyway. Note: Spring Fling and Fall Fling are different from Spring Thing which is an on-campus housing party.

: I've received six emails from "University Communications" in the past 24 hours. BYU actually cancelled classes, from 12-1 for a National Memorial Service conducted by the church, but I don't have class at 12 anyway. Still going to watch the service.

: Last Night: Cami, Mandy and I rented "The Wedding Planner" and had a girl night. For all ten of us to go to a movie it would cost $67.50. We rented the movie for $4.03 (and paid in change) and everyone will watch it at least once in the next four days. Whenever we rent movies they end up getting played five or six times. Talked with Sharon about tomorrow. This Morning: Had pancakes and eggs with Cami. Made a cheesecake for tomorrow.

: A long but fun-filled weekend. Some roommates and I played sand volleyball Saturday afternoon with some guys that used to be in our ward. Then I went over to Arly's with various other past roommates and we hung out and giggled and sang and were silly all night. Yesterday I went to church and church again and then I played with my cousins and ate some cheesecake. I did some homework in there too, and I even said my first sentence in Romanian: Sunt niste cots (I am some elbows).

I'm in for a long day of class class class class and blowing up balloons for $8 an hour.

: I just ran into Ben. This time he actully got my number so maybe I won't have to wait two months to run into him again. We worked out in Dance today for the first time, it was much fun.

It's my last day as a teenager! To celebrate I am having fruit snacks and wheat thins for lunch (cheesecake for breakfast).

: I had a great birthday. First my mommy loves me, and then Kirin loves me and then other past roommates and then my current roommates and then random guys (that part was a little scary). My baby sister even called me! And then I helped Steve with his math homework until 1230 AM. It was a terrific day so thanks everyone.

: I went to the new part of my job last night and it turned out much easier than expected. I plan an activity for the kids and learn Spanish at the same time. And I got a job tutoring Steve. I am also applying for an ORCA scholarship, to do research for professors on the Romania steering committee and get $1000 for my plane ticket while I'm at it.

: At one point in my life (Last Fall) I had two study partners named Zach. I just ran into both of them on the way to the computer lab. I worked for six hours yesterday, a fairly rare occurance this semester. I should have done more homework and less non-work though because I forgot about the MFHD paper due at 200. I'm writing it, can't you tell?

: Saturday afternoon, our ward went out to the middle-of-utah (nowhere) and played mud volleyball. It was more like mud-push-everyone-down-and-throw-mud-at-them. I guess that's mud wrestling, isn't it? It was awesome! We got absolutely covered in mud, from our heads to our squishy toes. Then we hosed each other off with really cold water. I think Clark had mixed feelings about driving with five muddy girls in his car. And it was great fun to get out of our hair.

Yesterday, Winter and I made homemade bread and I took some over to Ray and Ann. Then our house hosted the ward "Dessert Club" which means we had 150 people standing around our house eating cookies. It was exciting. Some people I didn't know told me happy birthday. There's a big sign up saying it was my birthday but I'm not sure how they knew it was me. Stacy and I met our hometeachers. Us and Lindsay and Travis (the guy who smashed his nose to pieces playing intramural flag football) sat around talking until it was excessively late for us girls.

I'm sick. Some random guy said hi to me on my way up the stairs. He was sitting there watching me climb and my shoe kept falling off and I was sniffling and then I dropped my sweater. I think he was trying to make my day better. I have class in 45 seconds and I'm already missing dance.

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