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: I'm in Utah. We left my house at 10 AM and got here at 1205 this morning. We sang "Happy Birthday" to Shari in the car. Unfortunatly, I didn't have a key to my apartment until five minutes ago, so I slept in the lobby.

Oh, and we played this ridiculous game with the little milage signs that are on Utah highways (a marker every mile saying how many miles it's been since the border). We sang hymns and whoever's turn it was had to start singing by the next marker or we had to sing "142 miles to go, 142 miles to go, Take one down by driving around, 142 miles to go" or how ever many miles we thought it was. We were off on which exit Provo was, but that's ok. It was so foggy by the time we got here that we couldn't even see the markers to sing at them.

We also had travel companions. Two of Devon's friends were coming up, and we had radios and everything. Those were especially useful when they managed to get us lost in Las Vegas. All in all, I could have done without the long hours of driving (yay for cruise control) but I'm glad I'm here. *whew*


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