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: Sunset View is on intersession and guess who's in charge of intersession activities? Yup, After School Academy. So I'm working 830 until I have class every morning. It's fun though, I'm with the ESL kids. We get recess, and free lunch. I also started my 30 hours of volunteer work at Oakview Living Center. The Activities Director is named Lorna.

: I just went into the Law Building for the first time. Our Romanian instructor is a law student.

Yes, faith is like a bass boat. You see, you don't buy a bass boat and leave it in the shed. You don't say, "I don't know how it handles rough water, because I've never put it on a lake." You utilize it, use it appropriately, and as often as possible. You don't go sit in it on dry land every Sunday. -David on his governor's analogy.


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