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: This was a very crowded weekend. Friday, after classes and volunteering at RAH, I went to my first ever BYU-sporting event, the women's volleyball game, with Stephanie Hall. We lost, but Stephanie and I were so confused about the scoring system we hardly noticed. Then on Saturday I did all the things I was planning on doing, and then I went to Extreme Sports with Steve, Winter and John. My neck is pretty sore from John hitting me with a two foot boxing glove. I got dragged elsewhere with them afterwards and was out much later than I wanted to be. Sunday a whole bunch of people (mostly from Vermont) came over and Winter and Summer made a huge dinner. I went to the CES fireside with Cami and Jed.

The only homework I did was some research for the group presentation Melanie and I have to do in our Romania class. And four hours of volunteering for TR, which, it turns out, is worth much more than I thought.

: I got proposed to today- twice. The first time I said "Yeah I wanna get married. I should probably start dating the kind of guy I want to marry." The second time I said "You're a really great guy, but I think if I married you I'd be... settling." It was really exciting. We're doing this skit for the Mr. BYU 32nd ward pageant about the life of rejection lead by Ryan, our FHE group's contestant.


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