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: This was a very crowded weekend. Friday, after classes and volunteering at RAH, I went to my first ever BYU-sporting event, the women's volleyball game, with Stephanie Hall. We lost, but Stephanie and I were so confused about the scoring system we hardly noticed. Then on Saturday I did all the things I was planning on doing, and then I went to Extreme Sports with Steve, Winter and John. My neck is pretty sore from John hitting me with a two foot boxing glove. I got dragged elsewhere with them afterwards and was out much later than I wanted to be. Sunday a whole bunch of people (mostly from Vermont) came over and Winter and Summer made a huge dinner. I went to the CES fireside with Cami and Jed.

The only homework I did was some research for the group presentation Melanie and I have to do in our Romania class. And four hours of volunteering for TR, which, it turns out, is worth much more than I thought.


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