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: It's snowed another two inches last night. Although I was relieved when it stopped snowing (after three days and some new windshield wipers) I forgot that after snow Utah gets really ugly, so I'm glad it's covered up again.

For the world who hasn't heard from me in three weeks: It's snowing, I had food poisoning this weekend, I went on two dates last week AND last night he called me while I was up late doing the homework I didn't do this weekend because I could barely move and asked me out again. The really funny thing is that he does in fact know I'm leaving (and moving to a third world country) in 17 days. And he's really cute.

Kelly and Sarah both have rings now, although Cami doesn't and probably won't, but turns out her sister didn't miscarry after all (one of the weirdest miscommunications ever). I don't have a ring either but there's a boy that probably likes me. Stacy and I hang out a lot and I think the majority of what she has said in the past week goes something like "you guys are so cute together!"

: Speaking of Little Red Riding Hood, Cami, Mandy and I went to go see the Sunset View play last night. It was called "The Granny Awards", the cast portrayed various fairy tale characters and three of my fourth-graders were in it. Little Red Riding Hood, looking more like an Olson twin, was one of them. I got her autograph. It was really cute.


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