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: Well I finally did something worth writing about. Last night, after spending 2 1/2 hours with Lisa, planning our trip to London, I let Lindsay talk me into going Latin dancing with her at the Omni. I've never been to a dance quite like that. There was literally one song I didn't spend dancing (I spent it talking to Lindsay about various boys). Even though I had never been to a Latin dance before and I was terrible, I kept getting asked to dance. One guy asked me to dance several times, we probably danced ten songs together. He was really good, which made me feel good even though I was terrible.

Overall it was much fun. My feet hurt a ton, but one of my goals this semester was to try new things, and besides that I got some more usage out of my pleather pants.

Now I have to go home and finish cooking dinner for Leif (and Stacy and Melanie and dates).


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