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: yayayayay! I did really well on my Statistics test (I got a little =)) so thanks to the tutor mom suggested I get even though he was already gotten. My ethernet adapter cord is broken. Like, pieces of it came off. If only there was enough time in the day to get one. Today is a stuff to do 9-930 day.

Tuesday at the track I saw a girl who looked just like an AmandaSusieRachel. She had Rachel-style hair in a Susie color, Amanda face with Rachel eyes and make-up and she was even dressed how you would think an AmandaSusieRachel would dress. She had on the exact same shirt I am wearing today and an AmandaRachelish skirt. Life is funny like that.

I also met a friend of Arly's who knows Sarah not-Nations-anymore from his freshman ward.


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