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: Today I returned The Iliad to the Bookstore, today being the last day to return books and I having already read it for my class. Now, I have $5.40 in my bag, one less book taking up room on my already-crowded shelf and one less thing to carry to book buyback in 6 weeks. What a nifty plan. All professors should make their students read an entire book in the first week of class. Don't they realize how poor we are?

: Yesterday I ate: 6 ounces of yogurt; an entire package of Ritz crackers; 48 ounces of rootbeer; carrots; some more Ritz crackers with fake cheese; and Tasty QQQ's. That is for my own reference.

: I saw three yellow VW bugs so I thought maybe it was a sign but then two unhappy things happened, or I guess, were, so perhaps not. I did, however find a use for the 40 cents and thereby prevented from happening (and it was an event, not a circumstance as the other two) a third unhappy thing.


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