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: I am so glad my mommy was here to take care of me. I don't know what I would have done!! She made me smoothies and pasta-roni, which I ate one noodle at a time. What a sweetie mommy.

Yesterday while waiting to get shot up with who-knows-what that completely zonked me out, I heard Ben Folds Five on the radio, which reminded me of someone who is still not talking to me.

My future roommate is an RM named Andrea and her mom says she's neat so that's good. I'm actually kind of excited to have a roommate even though I've enjoyed having my own room. We're also getting new ward boundaries because of the new apartment complex that went up. Luckily our next-door neighbors will still be in our ward. I am very excited for classes to start.

My pain-killers are getting to me, I'd better get home before I fall asleep in the lab.


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