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: Last night at work: Shannon discovered what "that smell" was coming from and the two of us spent an hour and a half cleaning it ("it" being a six foot drain). The only identifiable objects we found were the six pieces of silverware, which we threw away, and the broken glass. I also sat on one of the drain covers which happened to be upside down and covered in algae (as Shannon pointed out when I stood up).

I also gave a much-needed talking-to to one of my employees who subsequently hates me and no one really cares much. Even the cook was bugging us about stuff she did so that had to be taken care of. So that was good.

Then I jammed a pan I was holding into the counter which in turn jabbed it into my side. I've got a nice little mark, a nice little lump and I think my stomach learned it's lesson.

Today I got polio, Hepatitis B and Typhoid vaccines. I only need five more.

: My Typhoid arm hurts. Going to buy "Man's Search For Meaning." I wouldn't if I didn't already have to climb all those stairs.


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