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: I miss Kirin a lot. Liz stayed with me this weekend, so I at least had someone to talk to, but I really miss Kirin.

Kirin: Hey! It was a loving gift!

Susie: Don't you hate those?

Working both jobs today (and the next day etc.) but I at least have mail to look forward too. Church yesterday was combined and at nine in the morning but it was still really good. I somehow managed to bond a lot more with ward members hanging out with Liz and with two other wards around. It doesn't matter anyway because we are getting new meeting times AND new ward boundaries AND a new stake building AND a chapel with walls.

: I've decided to thoroughly enjoy my last month as a teenager. That actually happened four days ago, but I forgot to mention it. If I had someone to go with I'd go shopping. Instead I'll have to go home and check the mail. Just in case.

: I got a bill for $1630 (no, it wasn't my phone bill). I had something else to say but I've forgotten it. I've just had a lot to say today but not much of it came out.


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