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: Last night a friend took me to dinner and it was very random but good because I got a new perspective on stuff. Just because I was going to dinner (at 1030 PM, but I guess I was working during any reasonable dinner time). I also got someone to go grocery shopping with. I think Kelinda is still out of town, but Cami has no roommates around, nor any food. I am jealous of people for whom school has started already, but I stayed in Utah to work, so I'm working. work work work.

Wrote a letter to Elder Whitney last night. I am hoping to see him at the airport, even though it's the first day of school. I missed the first day of school last year because of a missionary, didn't I? It's not in my notebook, I looked already, but I think I did.

: There was the coolest thunderstorm last night. Of course, it started while we were in the restaurant eating dinner, but it was awesome! I think it's the elevation that makes it so loud and so bright (and so random? It's all hot and sunny today).

: Despite my claim that it was "all hot and sunny today" we are having another thunderstorm. Yesterday I was thinking about Leandro and today, I was walking along, against the flow of 25,000 people headed to the Devotional, I saw him. We stopped and talked, it was really good to see him.

We spent several hours cleaning at my house. We got new couches (they're really nice), so someone was vacuuming when I came in and then I started throwing someone's old cereal away and next thing we knew, our place looked amazing. Here are some numbers: 25 boxes of laundry detergent (most were empty and now thrown away), 15 bottles of stain remover, 14 bags of trash, three bags of old food from one of the fridges, 8 jars of jam (from the same fridge) and three other people showing up to work.

I left work. Going to talk to the manager tomorrow, not sure if I'm going back. In other job related news, at my other job, I actually helped someone learn something! It was amazing. The fourth graders are learning how to find "elapsed time" and this boy was having real trouble. Next thing I knew he was ahead of where I was leading him. It was great. Now if I could get him to not write his fives backwards...


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