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: Waking up this morning it felt like Sunday. Hopefully church tomorrow will make one day significantly different from another. Yesterday I hung out with Lisa, went with roommates to take Kelly out to dinner for her birthday and went "hiking". We didn't actually do any hiking. It was a very poorly planned (with shorts, flip-flops and no flashlight) attempt to get out of the house, and it worked but we got home and found out it was only 1030 so we ended up watching TV anyway.

We drove up to Bridal Veil Falls and walked up a paved trail to the base of the falls, stood around, and then walked back. It was much more exciting than it sounds because it was fairly dark, fairly scary and we had a little sprinkler incident. The scariness was self-perpetuating because one of us would jump or scream or grab onto someone at random intervals with no real instigator and then everyone else would jump and scream and grab onto whoever was closest.


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