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: I just ran into Benji an Shelley on campus. The three of us stood around talking for half an hour. It's going to be a long day- I've been conjugating verbs all morning. That wouldn't be so bad if I knew the pronouns. Cami and I were up late last night painting an American flag on what used to be a ghost. We both still have blue paint all over our arms, but we also have a very lovely flag. Unfortunately, our lovely flag only has 41 stars. Even less fortunately, I'm late for class.

: Fall Fling, a campus-wide party very similar to Spring Fling, is cancelled. This year they were making us get wristbands as a "security precaution" (they don't want UVSC students coming anymore). I've been looking forward to this for three weeks. Oh well, half my roommates wouldn't have been able to come anyway. Note: Spring Fling and Fall Fling are different from Spring Thing which is an on-campus housing party.


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