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: A long but fun-filled weekend. Some roommates and I played sand volleyball Saturday afternoon with some guys that used to be in our ward. Then I went over to Arly's with various other past roommates and we hung out and giggled and sang and were silly all night. Yesterday I went to church and church again and then I played with my cousins and ate some cheesecake. I did some homework in there too, and I even said my first sentence in Romanian: Sunt niste cots (I am some elbows).

I'm in for a long day of class class class class and blowing up balloons for $8 an hour.

: I just ran into Ben. This time he actully got my number so maybe I won't have to wait two months to run into him again. We worked out in Dance today for the first time, it was much fun.

It's my last day as a teenager! To celebrate I am having fruit snacks and wheat thins for lunch (cheesecake for breakfast).


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