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: Saturday afternoon, our ward went out to the middle-of-utah (nowhere) and played mud volleyball. It was more like mud-push-everyone-down-and-throw-mud-at-them. I guess that's mud wrestling, isn't it? It was awesome! We got absolutely covered in mud, from our heads to our squishy toes. Then we hosed each other off with really cold water. I think Clark had mixed feelings about driving with five muddy girls in his car. And it was great fun to get out of our hair.

Yesterday, Winter and I made homemade bread and I took some over to Ray and Ann. Then our house hosted the ward "Dessert Club" which means we had 150 people standing around our house eating cookies. It was exciting. Some people I didn't know told me happy birthday. There's a big sign up saying it was my birthday but I'm not sure how they knew it was me. Stacy and I met our hometeachers. Us and Lindsay and Travis (the guy who smashed his nose to pieces playing intramural flag football) sat around talking until it was excessively late for us girls.

I'm sick. Some random guy said hi to me on my way up the stairs. He was sitting there watching me climb and my shoe kept falling off and I was sniffling and then I dropped my sweater. I think he was trying to make my day better. I have class in 45 seconds and I'm already missing dance.


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