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: People I saw today: Shelley and her sister are in my Dance class. I also saw Andrew Miles! and Heidi and some various other people from various other past wards. Oh and I went up to Penrose to visit David because I could find his phone number and I think he's leaving tomorrow. And I saw both Mike and Mark, Mark is in my Child Development class. And Brock from New Testament.

Classes: Biology is going to be a dumbed down version of the Anatomy lecture, which I actually did well in. Religion actually looks incredibly interesting and I am hoping to add a third religion teacher to my "wasn't sucky" list. Dance and TR- very fun classes. Romania Prep and Child Development are the hardest classes. I know, I know, I already took Child Development and it's the same text etc, but there are a lot of big hard assignments. And Romania- well learning a language in four months didn't sound appealing in the first place. Dance, TR and IAS- total of four males, including two teachers.


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