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: Saw Becky Potter this morning, did the "waiting in lines in the bookstore" thing with her. She's engaged. Getting married the day before finals. I can't help but thing that's a bad idea. Going to study my vocab with Kristen, one of my fellow "future Romania interns." I can say 'bottle' and 'bottles' and 'boy' and 'boys' and 'diaper' and 'diapers'...

: In Religion I pulled out my Romanian vocab sheet to study and turns out the girl I sat next to just got back from the same internship. So she's excited to tell me about it and I'm excited to hear about it. Then I ran into Becky Potter again. It sure is a small world.

We were assigned to read this article and find all the doctrinal errors. We spent 20 minutes discussing it in class. A couple of my roommates had to read it too, for various other classes.


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