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: Saw Joe on campus, for the first time in about three years. Bought stickers for missionaries. Tom picked me up at school on the way to work yesterday. That made my life easier. He also washed my car for me. What a sweetie!

I helped someone read. I had him read a math problem and realized that he reads as poorly as he spells. Then he told me he was just going to "look at the pictures" in his book so I had him read it to me. I think he was pretty uncomfortable but when it was time to go he gave me a big smile so I think he feels better about it. I'll make sure he reads to someone in the future.

: Spent an hour cooking today. I'll probably do that a lot on Fridays because my schedule lends to it. Ran into Brad on campus. He comes over at least once a day. Apparently his place isn't as "happening" as ours.

One of my goals this semester is to make friends in every class. All exceptions so far are classes I already know people in (there are five or so people in my TR class also taking Human Biology; it's a pre-req for the major). Another goal is to get up by 900 everyday. So far so good but it's only the fourth day of school.


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