: Made it to Iasi, safe and etc. in a hurry becauase apt. has no blankets, dishes... nothing. kinda scary but we haven't had to go anywhere by ourselves. Mom, you can ignore the message I left on your cell. sorry for calling at 2 AM but we couldn't find an open internet cafe to do it myself (obviously we found one now). Someday I'll actually write about all the exciting/REALLY SCARY adventures we've had... mine and kristen's bed fell apart.

: Well here I am with actual real time to sit around and be on the internet. It has been very exciting. We got stuck on a train with all our luggage and no idea how/where/when we were going to get off the train. We just went "Iasi?" every stop and found it and Stephan got on the train and said "are you the american girls?... from BYU?" as if we weren't obviously american, all nine of us and our 2 tons of luggage.

Lacra is the girl who shows us what were doing and takes care of us and teaches us Romanian and works at Section 1 with us. She's so awesome. We would be dead by now without her. So far we know how to ride the tram to the other apartment, section one, Piata Unirii, and church, open our apartment door, work the door buzzer, shop at the "non-stop", and take a taxi- but only if someone else tells the driver where to go. Basically, we have no idea what's going on.

Our apartment is REALLY nice, except that our bed fell apart. The landlord came and fixed it today but we're still a little worried. Oh, and it was also unfurnished. It had beds and a couch and a TV and stuff but no blankets or dishes or anything. So we slept the first night in our sheets we brought and froze. We had to buy blankets and everything, and pay all four months rent from our own pockets because BYU hasn't sent Lacra the money yet. We've all sorta figured out how to use the shower, which is under five feet tall, without getting the bathroom too wet. We have no dressers or bookshelves or anything so most of our things are either on the shelves in our wardrobe (in the hallway, where else?) or in piles on the floor.

This hasn't been quite as scary as I expected, except for the lady who yelled at us at the airport when our luggage didn't make it. no scary men or anyone hounding us. The money is one thing to get used to; one dollar= 32,000 lei. So even though everything is really cheap here, it seems like we're spending so much money. I've spent about 7 million lei in two days.

Today Kristen and I were so proud of ourselves... we crossed the street all by ourselves and made it! The streets and sidewalks and basically everything doesn't get the snow cleaned off of it. Not that we know where the crosswalks are or anything. and people just drive whereever, generally a little toward the right of the road, but on the sidewalk or down the middle, on the tram tracks, whatever. I think about 80% of the cars are taxiuri, or more. I'm very glad I don't have to drive here.

more novelties: the snowflakes are really shaped like snowflakes! with little different sides and everything. At least in Utah, the snow is just blobs. It's really cute! Blood orange juice- the yummiest ever! Can't think of anything else but I will soon I'm sure.

: Back at the internet cafe (the non scary one we know how to use). Where else would I be emailing from, I guess. This time I made a list of things to write about so I wouldn't have to try and remember while simultaneously inhaling massive amounts of tobacco smoke. It's not very cold here. Ok, the first few days we were here were FREEZING!!! We all just about had frost bite while waiting for a taxi after getting into Iasi on the train. Today is very very nice actually; the snow is melting and we're only wearing one pair of gloves. But as a general rule, if you bundle up and wear enough layers, it's really not unbearable.

Yesterday we went to the Iasi branch for the first time. It was really great. I thought I wasn't going to understand a single thing but we all were quite surprised. Of course, it was Fast Sunday so we basically knew what everyone was saying and we know basic words like "thank" and "pray/ask" and basic church vocab. so tha! t was very helpful. The elders (there are six) translated sunday school for us, and all of the young women know english so we kind of just did that bilingually. The branch president is giving us callings this week. He is one of the elders.

Speaking of the elders... well one of them told us on the phone that "some of the branch members" were "a little too excited to meet the american girls". Our quote of yesterday was Kristen saying "yeah, the missionaries!" I guess they miss fetele americane but still. We found out that sister missionaries aren't sent here because of us. This would explain why the missionaries called us last night (they've called us every night) and had us come over to this woman's house... we weren't sure what we were supposed to do, but afterwards it seemed a lot like visiting teaching. Especially when they left us there. It was a little scary,

Today we went to Section 1 but they're on a quarant! ine (which has lasted over a month) so we can't start for at least another couple of days. Actually, I'm probably going to working at Section 2. So we went to the spital copii and played with some of the [very wet] babies. It was fun and the babies were cute. The ones in our room didn't even look sick, except that when I put mine down she went right back to rocking and sticking her tongue out. Then we went shopping again. (oh good, I didn't think there were enough people smoking in here *gack*.)

I think we're running off home before the hot water gets turned off. None of us showered this morning because we thought we were going to be working at Section 1. Well, the babies in the hospital can apparently pee all over us just as well.

: Yesterday we went to Spitalul Copii again and changed some diapers. The nurses left us alone after we said "Avem Pampers" (although the mothers followed us around). We searched out babies "fara parints", although we're pretty sure one of the babies we changed had its mother watching over us. We just changed diapers and outfits and cuddled and played with them. The last baby I was with was 1 1/2 years old but had only developed to about 2 or 3 months. It was a really great experience. Most of the babies in the hospital are from the DC, where the other girls still can't work because of the quarantine.

Today was our first day working at Section 2. It was really hard. We were only there for four hours and we're all exhausted. Me, Kristen and Kristin were all in the same room. At first there were only three babies in the playroom but the nurses kept bringing in more babies and pretty soon they were running wild all over the place. I mostly held this one little boy who was shaking. He was crying and in pain and kept losing control of his muscles. I guess he's always like that. Anyway he wanted to look out of the window so I moved the curtain an held him up and he stopped shaking for a little bit. I was totally standing back there crying over him. I just felt bad that he had to be in such a body. *sigh*

Today was our first language lesson. I slept through most of it because we had to get up early to go to Section 2, but I already knew most of the things anyway.

New things we've done by ourselves: Purchased things besides bilete and groceries. Cooked actual meals in our apartment. Lit the oven (I burned off all the hair on my hand; be proud, mommy). New things about Romania: We've seen three snow plows (none of which were being used to plow snow). They just let the snow build up and today they are removing it (into piles) with pickaxes and shovels. Before I left someone asked me what Romanians looked like. I didn't know the answer and I guess I still don't. They look like Americans. What does an American look like? I know lots of Americans but I can't say what they all look like. Romanians, I guess. You know, people.

Oh yeah, we all got our callings last night. We had narrowed it down pretty well and since I was last I already knew what mine was: I'm the "music specialist" (or something), which means I play the keyboard in Sacrament Meeting and "help out" Irina, the girl who leads. I'm not really sure what he wants me to help her with (I think he means beyond leading) but it doesn't sound too difficult. I'm just glad I wasn't called to the Young Women's. I don't want to be a teacher.

: Today we went back to work at Section 2. It was a lot different today. We girls are a little disruptive, so instead of going into the playroom with all of the kids, the nurses brought them out into the hall a few at a time so we could work with them. That sounds as though it should be less stressful but of course we only got the most unmanagable kids. Then we all propped our eyelids open for language again. Lacra gives us language lessons everyday after/between work. It really does come a lot faster when we speak it. And it's realy nice to be able to communicate with the kids, at least somewhat. Lacra is calling in for us tomorrow and we are having a "city tour". I'm not sure what that means, but we realy need a non-Section 2 day (already).

Last night our cold water broke. We were much yucky from working at Section 2, which is also why we hadn't showered before that. We thought (and you'd think) the bathtub would cool off enough to get into after several hours but this was not the case. I wish I didn't get home after working all day and have to make dinner before I can get clean and crawl into bed. Even though we were only working for about 3 hours today there never seems to be any time. Maybe it all gets sucked out of us while waiting for and riding trams. We ride a lot of trams, and it's half an hour from Section 2 to Tatarasi for language lessons.

We're all a little surprised at how quickly we've gotten used to the fact that noone cares what we look like. It's actually kind of sad. Maybe all girls should get this opportunity, to let loose a little and just plain not care. ever. At church we all noticed that although we were the best dressed (only one other woman wore a skirt), our hair was by far the least "done". Barely acceptable levels by normal American standards I would say. =)

The ladies at our non-stop are getting used to us. Since we go shopping every day and there aren't a ton of fetele americane around in our neighborhood it didn't take long. We can communicate with them decently enough and it's kind of fun. Two of my roommates even worked up the courage to figure out how to buy ham. Yeah, we're proud of everything we do by ourselves, I know. (Today Kristen and I got to Section 2 alone).

: Volunteered at the hospital today. We went upstairs and found some adorable "orphan" boys (most orphans in Romania have parents) and played with them for over an hour. It was fun because some of them could talk and they were a little older so we could play puzzles with them and color, use some of the older kid toys we brought. Those were some cute kids! Kristin N. and I had a conversation with one of the nurses. She was very nice. She talked a lot and asked a lot of questions several times until we finally figured out what she said and then gave one-word replies. It's fun to actually be able to communicate with people.

One of the worst things about the hospital is that all of the rooms have windows looking through all of the rooms. So you can see into all the rooms from any room on the side of the floor. On the main floor with the abandoned babies the mothers stand there staring at us the whole time. I hate it! And they ask us for stuff. Luckily there wasn't really anyone else on the floor with the older kids. There are lots of other terrible disgusting things about that hospital that people in America would hate but it's terrific considering what we were expecting.

Today Kristen and I took our very first cab all by ourselves. It wasn't very different from any of our other cabrides. In fact the only difference was that we told the driver where to go: McDonald's. It's really comforting to know that whenever we get lost we can just hop in a cab and say "McDonald's" and they'll take us home for under a dollar. Now we just have to hope they don't build another McDonald's.

Oh yeah. Everything in our house keeps falling apart (the bed, the chair, the doorknobs... it generally takes us about five minutes to lock the front door). Well, our cold water has been turned off three times now, for no apparent reason. They kindly left our hot water on all night (it gets turned off from 10-8) but the toilets don't flush when we don't have cold water. And we can't shower. Our radiators randomly get turned off too, but it happens quite often so I think it might be on purpose.

I am playing the keyboard in church tomorrow, oh the joy. We walked all the way home from the church last night and it took us about an hour. I was sick yesterday too and I have been very tired and "sleeping" a lot. I was in bed for about 13 hours last night but I only slept for like 7. Of course I had to get up at 0000 for dinner (I'm still not sure why it took that long to make dinner). Time goes by very quickly (to relate my last two random comments). We've already been here like more than a week or something. It's practically over already!

Oh yeah. Today a Roma woman (gypsy) stole Emily's bread right from her. The kids were running around us bugging us for money so we bought them bread but that apparently wasn't good enough. I finally yelled "Mergi!" (go!) at the little boy and they went running off to their mother. Brats. There are some street kids in Tatarasi we like, but they leave when we buy them food.

: Another day of work at Section 2. We thought we had the whole routine figured out and then there were all new nurses in there today. We managed to have some fun anyway. We have discovered that carrying a dictionary with us everywhere we go is the best method of learning the language. Some of us went to the hospital this afternoon to play with our older boys. It was really fun. There was a mother and a little girl in our room and she was helping us communicate with the kids. We left the little girl with a toy, even though the mother hadn't asked for anything. We really like floor 7 because the mothers don't ask for stuff or stare at us the whole time. Plus we really like to play with those little boys! They cried when we left =( but we think we left the mother more willing to play with them.

The apparent proprietor of TakeNet (the internet cafe we go to most) laughed at me when I told Melanie, in Romanian, where to sit. He thinks it's hilarious when we try to speak in Romanian. It's kinda fun. It's nice that he's used to us. I don't feel too stupid when he laughs at us.

Today I got two letters at the other apartment. One of them was from Sister Emily and the other one was from Elder Tenney. Needless to say, it was pretty exciting, especially because I got pictures. We also figured out how we got apartment 12's phone bill, because one of my letters was trying to slip down into apartment 14's box.

I can here the guy in charge joking to his friend about telling Melanie to "stai aici."

: We were sent up here with the impression that the cheese here is basically inedible but we have found many varieties of cheese which we all quite like. Most recently, we tried these speadable brinza with different flavors. The smantana (sour cream) is actually pretty good. We have also discovered ciocolata that doesn't taste like cherries, really really yummy sour cream and onion chips and vanilla ice cream that doesn't taste like coconut. All I ate yesterday was junk *bleh*.

Last night all nine of us went out to eat at Little Texas for Kristen's birthday. It's apparently the most American food you can get here. Well, Denny's could have done better. We all agreed that the traditional Romanian food we've eaten so far was better, but maybe in a few months we'll be so desperate for "American" food it won't matter much.

Work at Section 2 is going very well. We have divided up the kids in our filtrul. We are very excited because the nurses are going to tell us what disorders the kids have and then we'll be able to learn how to help them better. We have already seen progress in many of the kids. Marian clapped spontaneously today after I taught him how, and I am going to teach Dumitru how to count.

: I really miss Pasta Roni. Right now I could go for some White Cheddar and Shells with peas. mmmm.

: Today we went and toured Section 1; the other girls finally get to start work on Monday. Kristen and I went and ate at McDonald's last night for the first time since my weekend full of McDonald's eating and airport sleeping a few weeks ago. It tasted like a regular old American McDonald's, which has negative and positive aspects.

: Today Steve took us to Metro, which is this store not too much unlike Costco. They even had a Pizza Hut and we ate there and it tasted like a normal Pizza Hut. I bought lots of groceries for our apartment and some junk food and unusual fruit for myself. Well, it's nothing (the fruit) you couldn't find in a grocery store but not anything I've ever had.

I've done laundry four times already. It's not really that bad, washing everything by hand, at least that's what I say at any point in my life when I'm not wringing my clothes out or nursing my wounds from doing so. However, I don't feel like my clothes ever really get clean, and I'm almost positive their never going to stop smelling like smoke. I will definitely appreciate washing machines more after this adventure. The other day I walked out of my apartment in my nice clean jeans and got on a tram and the lady in front of me kicked me and got slush all over my pants. grr.

Angela and I traded skirts because we both only have one we can wear and we're sick of wearing the same thing every Sunday. Our kids at work all wear the same clothes. Today I commented that Petronella was wearing the famous orange overalls (we called Dumitru "orange-overalls boy" until we figured out his name). There's also a pair of fuzzy penguin pants and the girls switch off wearing the same three red dresses. They layer the kids up like it's not already 85 degrees in there, and they all wear really thick tights, mostly in colors like bright pink. Yes, even the boys. The boys wear shirts with bows and ones that say things like "Baby's first skiing lesson!" so why not pinks tights, I guess.

The people working at Section 1 started today and they get to stay until 1400 which means they get more hours than us and have more to do and me and Kristen have to sit at the other apartment for 2 1/2 hours every day waiting for language class. Yes, we could go home, but it's basically a really complicated waste of time. There isn't anything to do at home either. I wish we could work longer.

: There are lots of street dogs here and most of them are really cute. They're little and they don't make a lot of noise usually. There are some that live in our parking lot, and every chiosc in Tatarasi has a dog sleeping under it. I thought maybe all dogs in Romania were little, except for the ones that are pets that are the dogs you see in books and didn't think really existed in real life.

But they're not. On one side of the church there is a pretty big poufy dog (who also doesn't make much noise) and on the other side, in a huge cage like they have at the zoo, is this humongous thing I was ready to believe was some sort of Romanian lion. Sora Daniella insisted it was a dog though. It's seriously the size of a medium lion! The elders say the proprietor (of our church building) lets it out at night to be a watch dog. Hopefully that doesn't mean during the baptism tonight.

We've discovered another problem with letting the snow pack into ice. Today and yesterday it has been "warm" out (like a super duper extra cold day in Bakersfield, warm). So the ice is melting. So it's really slippery and there are big treacherous puddles everywhere. One of the Section 2 workers was clearing the ice away from the front gate when we left. There really was like a foot of ice there.

: Exciting things in my life... We finally got ahold of the medical records for our kids. All of mine are between 2 y. 7 m. and 5 y. 4 m. Today I started volunteering at Centru Maternas which is a place for young mothers who have nowhere else to go to help them get on their feet. A lot of the girls have classes at these certain times so some of us can come and help with the babies. It's fun to work with babies after playing with older kids all day.

Tomorrow we are going on a 10-12 hour trip to visit some monasteries. It's been really warm here and the sun has shown itself for almost two weeks. Ok lots more exciting stuff has happened that that. My little girl (not the one who leaves me with bruises) has started babbling to me. My little violent girl is still violent. They sent us five new kids from Section 1, which is ridiculous because Section 4 is HUGE and we have no room for them. My baby wouldn't walk for me today or yesterday. I was sick all weekend and Monday and Tuesday so I didn't go to work. (as opposed to being sick the past three days and going to work anyway).

In Iasi, if you run out in front of a car, they will stop for you. Semi-trucks (which are only allowed to drive on the street we live on) are a different story. And trams, although a tram stopped for us today. But mostly, even if they come really close, the cars will stop. The problem with this is that if you run out in front of a car in Provo, you get hit. Since we can't cross the street without running out in front of a car here, we're going to get used to it and then all get hit by cars when we get back to Provo. That's what worries me.

BYU paid us back a bunch of money they shouldn't have made us pay in the first place and they paid it back in LEI. So now I have 7 million lei lying around my room again, losing value as we speak. Dumping it into our student accounts is the least they could have done. Where did they get an idea like giving it to us in lei?

Last night the sister missionaries from Bacao stayed in Tatarasi where I was waiting for Kristen to come home from Spitalul and we had nice Americans-in-Romania bonding time. It was good to hear that people think they're crazy too (for coming here). Yesterday I had a woman laugh when I told her I loved being here. Today, this same woman laughed at me when I commented to a baby (in Romanian) that she couldn't sit up by herself. It odd for them I guess that people would come here to help, bother to learn the language, and enjoy doing all of the above.

Well this all sounds like random complaints but really I'm still having a great time. It's nice to be volunteering at the mother's home because then I have something to do besides language and three hours at Section 2. Next week Lacramoiara is getting us the social work records of our kids (what institutions they've been in, what are their families like, etc) as well as asking permission for us to start working in the afternoons and take pictures.

: The other day, my youngest little boy was not only wearing the orange overalls, but the Barbie sweater too! Today Violent Girl was wearing some weird shirt that looked like it had directions for putting together a motorcycle on it. My English is deteriorating and I'm actually getting used to eating bread cheese yogurt and juice for eight meals a day. Just kidding, we eat lots of animal crackers and chio chips cu smantana si ceapa and ciocolata... si sometimes daca we're lucky, we make dinner although I can think of one roommate who would yell at me if she saw I put "we" there.

: I've started thinking in Romanian, which doesn't explain why church is still so hard to understand. Elder Hawkins taught Sunday School this week and I could actually understand most of what he said. I think I really surprised him when I answered a question though. Last night was his birthday and we called him and sang. Actually they called us, but we still sang. I just got back from a baptism, most of which I didn't understand. I think we were all too tired from work to put for the required listening effort. One of the elders was trying to figure out why we were always so tired. Heh. They get home and go to bed and we get home and write for another three hours.

Lacra has been sick for two days, but she is supposedly coming to Section 2 tomorrow and maybe eventually someday we can take pictures of our cutie pie kids.

: To anyone who's asked if I've been peed on again: First of all, I wasn't actually peed on the first time, I was just holding a baby who had soaked through the two cloth "diapers" she was wearing (they put the kids in towel-like diapers (or Pampers or plastic bags or plastic pants or just clothes)). I actually did get peed on though. In the past two weeks my three-year-old girl has peed on me twice and once on the floor. She just sat on me and peed. It was pretty funny, at least the second time it was. By that point I was already soaking wet so I just played with her anyway. Kristen didn't think it was so funny when the girl just peed on the floor right in front of her, but that was pretty funny too.

This probably all sounds very disgusting to people who aren't working in a Romanian institution, but really, I'm getting used to it. Kristen says not to tell anymore "getting used to it" examples, but I've got them.

Yesterday we had to jump off of a moving tram. It started moving and we weren't off of it so we had to jump. It was a cultural experience. Today we went to Little Texas and we all had two desserts. It was very yummy. We took some cute pictures too and soon I will actually get to see them. We are going dancing on Friday night. Kristen and I are leaving if it sucks. We are leaving at the time I normally go to bed. Steve tried to get us to go tonight and last night. He doesn't realize that we have better things to do (like get up and go to Section 2).

: Last night we went to this Irish restaurant called "Ginger Ale". It was really yummy. We saw some Americans there, the only real Americans we've seen here besides the missionaries. They were checking out a project their church has here. This morning we went to the Turkish Bazar and I bought clothes for my baby (as in the one I don't have yet). Then we went to the church and fingerpainted. The paint smelled like the cadaver lab and the Elders came in eating McDonald's in front of us, but it was really fun. My (huge) picture is coming home with me.

I went to Section 2 in the evening for the first time yesterday. It was really really good, except that Dacia is pretty scary at night. There were way fewer workers and the kids were calmer. We just sat and played in the hall. Plus maybe now I will actually get enough hours for my internship. 2 1/2 a day wasn't going to cut it. I am really excited to spend more time with my kids even though it is exhausting.

: Yay! Lacra came to work today and had a nice long chat with the Directoare (who totally loves us) and we get to go to work on Saturday and take as many pictures as we want!! Isn't that awesome! We're going to bring like three rolls of film each and take pictures pictures pictures. She said we can even take them in the playroom and doing whatever we want, because the Child Protection Agency spies don't come around on Saturdays. We are so excited. Speaking of pictures, I finally took mine to get developed today but I can't go get them cause I'd have to walk home by myself and it's dark. Yay!

: Well I'm either sick again or still, which sucks the same as it has for the past three weeks. I was gone ALL DAY yesterday with seven hours of work and language at the other apartment and then we went to see Harry Potter. With Romanian subtitles. It was pretty cool, especially to watch it after I've read the book and can actually read most of the subtitles.

Tonight we have another branch activity, and I think Angela talked Sora Daniela out of asking one of the elders to give a chastity talk. I hope. I might not go, I might just stay and work at Section 2. All of our kids are sick so we spent lots of time in the playroom. Well I'm off to give out Barbie Valentines. This holiday is so un-fake here, but also much less omnipresent.

: Today we got up and went to Section 2 like a normal day except it was Saturday and we got to take pictures, which are two pretty abnormal things about us going to Section 2. Lacra came and talked to Doamna Doctor, who said she didn't care anyway. She likes us, especially now that we come in the evenings. She knows we really care about the kids. So we spent 3 hours taking pictures and filming our kids. It was so much fun. We even took pictures in the playrooms and the cribrooms. The workers in our filtrul helped us try and make the kids smile and were generally pretty helpful about it. As long as they don't tell Inspector Child-Protection-Agency-Spy.

My kids are so cute! We took about 12 rolls of film in to be developed. We took some black-and-white photos too, but we can't get those developed here. So cute! Lisa's kid who can talk and has finally learned all of our names- we got the cutest pictures of him "da-m pup"ing (giving us kisses). I took some of them throwing fits and bawling in the playroom too. General "life in a casa de copii" pictures. I'm really excited to get them back! We were a little sad about the clothes they were wearing. None of my kids wore particularly cute outfits, but they also weren't wearing silly clothes like the orange overalls or the Barbie sweater. And most of them had snot all over their faces. Figures.

: Today was one of those days that make me blank. Because we expected things to be so bad here, all the good things made us so excited. But in the past few days I've been noticing things that are more like what I expected working in a Romanian institution to be like. Since my little gypsy baby is still sick, I asked if I could just take him into the cribroom to play with him. So I spent and hour in the cribroom this week. There are nine cribs and ten kids. Today there were two kids in there, I think the workers were just too lazy to deal with them. One of them is seven and was actually acting like he'd been institutionalized his whole life, like in the films and it was scary. I also saw a couple of the workers being mean to the kids. One lady was being impatient with the kid I was holding and then apologized profusely when she accidentally hit me with a rag. I was really mad because I cared way more about her hurting my kid than having a rag touch me, or being spit up on. Well, we have to work with these people (most of them are super nice all the time and they all love the kids) so I am trying to forget about all the bad stuff that happens. We all left work traumatized tonight. There was just a lot of stuff going on.

Yesterday, Doina made me and Kristen dinner. She made us go into the physical therapy room and practically served us. The food was all really good (luckily, because we wouldn't have been able to refuse anything). She is the nicest lady! We made her chocolate chip cookies today. The workers (not just the ones in our filtru) are really starting to like us. Doamna Doctor and the directoare and even the cleaning lady (who doesn't like us because we have muddy shoes) are nice to us. The doctor and the director were both really impressed that we come in the evenings, and she also knew that we had come on Saturday. She said we were "conscientious."

Today Lacra corrected my English. Actually, in all fairness, I corrected her English too (she said eligible and meant legible). She took me to the doctor and to the farmacia. It was really interesting. The doctor was this older woman with purple hair who looked at me and said "Greu. Foarte greu." (very difficult) when Lacra told her I worked at the centru de plasament. She also told me to walk around barefoot when I get home from work, "like at home in California in the sand." That's Lacra's translation of course, but we learned how to say "sand" last week, so it must be pretty close.

I had two people kiss me today, Section 2 workers though, not scary street people like those who try and kiss Emily. The tram-ticket-seller-lady and I had an entire conversation in Romanian. She talked and I said "da" a lot. Those are most of my conversations in Romanian. Occasionally there are some "I don't speak Romanian"s in there. I also talked with Doina and Lucian a couple times. It's really fun to be able to talk to people. I'm sick of talking to the same people all the time.

We had the missionaries over for dinner on Sunday. It was pretty interesting. They're not allowed to eat at the members' homes, but for some reason, we're exceptions. They probably know we're not going to serve them cow brains. We made a TON of really super yummy food and ate it all and goofed off for a couple hours. We're so excited for them to come over again, because we never ate so well here. And, like I said, we're sick of talking to the same people all the time. I'm glad we can finally socialize with the workers.

: Quote of the Day: Elder: You have to understand, I'm not used to having conversations in English. Kristin: You'd better get used to it because when you're mission's over you're going to have to talk in English.

This is by far my most expensive emailing venture. I've just been sitting around reading old emails (really OLD) and now I'm about to fall asleep. I still have a ton of stuff to do tonight. Like write in my journals. Like write letters (that's what I was up late last night doing). Like clean my room. Like read scriptures. I could be up all night doing that stuff, but I'll probably go to bed in two hours (that's 2330 and that's really late). Pa, pe timpul viitoare! Pofta buna si distractie placute! Va iubesc tare mult! pa pa prietenii mei!

: I can't believe it's Thursday. already. Quote of the Day: Stephanie: Hai sa run! ok that's not even funny if you know Romanian, but we thought it was funny. Today at work there were two ladies of some non-Romanian nationality who spoke English and talked to us. They were impressed that we knew Romanian. They took some of our kids in the physical therapy room for them. I had to bring my little girl in there because she wouldn't go to the psychologist and I just put her down on the floor and she had eight people staring at her and she was probably very scared. She was wearing a pioneer dress, but I probably shouldn't have said that in front of anyone because "Pioneers" have a different connotation here (little communist scouts).

Kristen and I went to McDonald's again last night. Tonight maybe I'll actually make dinner. Depends on if we leave Section 2 feeling like crap again. Stinking workers. Roberta Magarrell is coming to visit us on the first of March (which is also the first day of Spring and a big holiday here). She is our internship advisor. She wants to spend individual time with all of us, which means she's coming to work, and she's going to take us all out to dinner and we're going to eat tons and tons, on BYU of course.

I'm going home in two months from tomorrow (59 days). Time is going by so fast! It's all a big blur. Every day mushes into all the other ones, except sometimes we do things out of the ordinary like buy pastries or go to movies. mmmm pastries... as a wise girl once said, we're "sacrificing ourselves to the pastry gods to make good pillows for our children." Va pup!

: Kristen and I didn't go to McDonald's last night. We went to Little Texas instead. Yeah, I know we're supposed to "avoid obvious American establishments" but we were hungry! Today at work we switched kids around. We just ended up playing with everyone else's kids. It was pretty fun. Kristen and I also have gotten a few of our kids to play "Ring Around the Rosie" and "London Bridge" with us. One of them has even figured out that when we yell "Cazut!" you're supposed to fall. And he didn't eat any playdough today.

The directoare told Lacra today how much she loves us again(that sentence sounds funny in English). She and the doctor are going to visit a special needs facility in Hungary next week, for an "expertise exchange" or something like that. We're excited that they want to be able to help the kids more. It's so cool when we see the workers randomly playing with the kids.

Today my little girl ran to me instead of the psychologist and she wouldn't talk to her either (ok she doesn't talk to anyone, but still). Even though I was happy she is attached to me (Little Miss Attachment Disorder of Section 2 even), I felt really bad for the worker.

Quote of the Day: Kristin: Top-ing is hard when you're top-ing for two. ("top" (pronounced "tsop") is the sound a frog makes when he hops.)

: Today was a nice day of firsts. My first time buying coffee. My first time "paying" in coffee. My first (and second) time in a Romanian hospital as a patient. My first (and second and third) time getting my head x-rayed. My first (and second) time being introduced to someone, and actually having to say "Imi pare bine". My first time seeing someone insert food directly into his stomach with a funnel. My first time truly understanding how the Egyptians pulled out people's brains through their noses. My curiosity about the Romanian health system has been completely satisfied. Emily is getting a blood test done tomorrow. I'd rather have things stuck up my nose than in my veins.

The radio just said "Salt Lake City" and Kristen and I looked at each other. It's the first time I've heard a single thing about the Olympics here. At least I assume it was about the Olympics. Hey they just said it again! I was actually listening this time, but those are the only words I've understood at all. We went to see "A Beautiful Mind" which wasn't that great, and Jamie and I were pretty confused and scared together. We couldn't understand the English, it wasn't very loud and the accents were awful, and we didn't understand the subtitles either. And it was kinda scary and kinda weird.

My little gypsy boy can almost walk by himself! It's going to happen just anyday. After him there's just one more kid who can't walk. Well one more baby, there are three more who will probably never walk. I haven't written a thing in either of my journals today which will make tomorrow really busy. I had to dry my journal on the radiator last night. Drying my journal isn't that unusual but I've never had to do it on the radiator before.

Quotes for today: Stephanie: Inteleg putin Romaneste (I only understand a little Romanian). TakeNet guy: That was English. ... Susie: Is this supposed to be coming out my nose? Kristen: Did you inhale it?

Oh yeah, I wanted to distinguish between KristEn and KristIn. I live with KristEn. We work in the same filter at Section 2 with KristIn. Jamie and Lisa work there too, but in a different filter and they don't live with us, they live with Angela and Emily (who work at Section 1) and KristIn. KristEn and I live with Stephanie and Melanie (who also work at Section 1). Now you know.

: Quote of the Day: Susie: I think she (Kristin's little nose-picker) gets a significant amount of her nourishment from boogers. Kristin: I wouldn't say a significant amount. Maybe 25%. Susie: That's a pretty significant amount of nourishment to be getting from boogers.

I don't have too much to say. My head has been feeling better since I started all these medicines Lacra's friend perscribed me. It's really hot today. I wasn't wearing my coat, something that causes random old ladies to come up to us and say "Frig! I-e frig!" The lady who x-rayed me at the second hospital yesterday was pretty upset with me when Lacra told her we didn't believe in the "curant." Romanians think babies will catch their death if a door is open and there is a breeze between the doors or something. I don't really get how it works, but obviously we don't believe in it. We also sometimes get concerned looks at work when we wear sandals. Actually, we wear sandals everyday, but don't our feet get cold in socks and sandals and a stinking hot building? No.

: Kristin: We're going back to Section Spew.

20 emails and only four of them are even worth reading. Today I read the fourth Harry Potter book, which Roberta was so kind as to give to Lacra who doesn't have time to read it this week. I have lots of complaints, but it gave me something to do while my roommates bonded.

: Today was the director's birthday and we brought her flowers and sang to her in English. She and doamna doctor and Alis (who is probably also a doamna doctor) are back from Hungary and the invited us to go see the program they went to see, except that involves leaving the country which our visas technically don't allow us to do, although we can get around it, and we're all willing to, to go to Hungary and to see the program they saw.

I got a letter from Elder Tenney today. Even though you can't see it, I'm sure the look on my face says it all.

Roberta is coming to visit us at work tomorrow. We are also going up to the University (of Iasi) to talk to a psychology class about our work. Roberta wants to get students here involved in our program so there is some carry-over between semesters and because we won't always be here. She wants them to come work along side us. In the hallway. There isn't room for that, but maybe she hasn't tried to sit on the floor there for six hours a day yet.

Primavara Fericita! I got five Martisoare, from Lacra, Doina (a lady at work), the non-stop, Melanie and Nicol (a student we know). And I got some hyacinths from Stephanie and Kristen. Hai sa mergem acasa, noapta buna! Actually, o zi buna, because for most of ya'll out there, it's 1130 AM. =)

Kristin: I wish we could take the tram through the McDonald's drive-thru.

: Researching Retinal Detachment. Writing a 2 1/2 week late email to my professors. oops. We're supposed to email them every week. We're supposed to do a lot of things. Like stay in the country. Like write papers. Roberta came over to our house today, while Kristen and I were at work, even though we told her we were going to go to work after the University (which went really well, by the way; I got up and spoke in front of a class full of Romanians (Lacra translated). It was a psychology class on children with special needs, something I wish I had taken, or could take.) I would feel bad, but I don't because I would rather do my work than have it evaluated. I'd rather see improvements in my kids than my grade. Besides, the credits I actually need are pass/fail. So thubba-ti-ti-ti.

Elder Sommerfeldt called last night and started talking to me in Romanian. (Stephanie later asked why I didn't hang up and I said "because I could understand him.") We had a whole conversation in Romanian, he said he was impressed with my speaking. His is way better, but he pointed out that he's been here for a year and a half. He was asking Kristen to speak at the baptism tonight, in case anyone was wondering why the missionaries call us all the time. We give them food and help them out of jams, that's why.

Kristen:Psst... Lacra! You have a glitter moustache!

: Mergem la Brasov! Yay! Avem nevoie de-o pauza foarte mare si lang. Mergem cu trenul la 1219 dupa-amiaza. O sa stam acolo patru zile. Sper ca o sa skiam pentru ca nu am skiat niciodata. O sa ma imbrac cu "tennis shoes" la biserica dominica. O sa ne distram foarte minunat! (We're going to Brasov. yay! We need a very big and long break. We are going by train at 1219 this afternoon. We will stay there for four days. I hope we will go skiing because I have never skied. I will wear tennis shoes to church on Sunday. We will have ourselves wonderful fun!)

You didn't think I knew that much Romanian, did you? Well I do. I am really excited to go. It was so nice to wander around the city today just running errands and not really worrying about anything. Even though I woke up the same time as if we had actually gone to work (heh). I'm in a good mood because I got lots of emails and I am getting a break from work.

Yesterday we visited another orphanage, for kids 10-17. It was so nice! Steve complained that it was like a prison because of the rules they had, but it was nicer than any other place I've been here, except for church. Lots of light, and plants and room. There are ten people in a room and they have cupboards they can lock and they can cook in the kitchen if they want to, and siblings live together, although boys and girls sleep in separate rooms still. Just cause Steve's parents let him run around wild. And he can't stand to be in any of the places we work.

I can hardly believe, sometimes, the ignorance of some of the people here regarding the only aspect of their country I really know. Well, regular people aren't allowed to just walk into orphanages. And most of the aspects of the orphanages and the hospitals which make us sick aren't part of the institution- they're part of the culture. When the workers hit the kids and stuff, or treat them meanly, or don't (can't) see the good we're doing, it only looks cruel to us. They don't think they're doing anything wrong because they don't know any other way. For those of us working at Section 2 we have the excellent advantage of staff who can see that we love the kids and who have noticed their improvements as well.

: Brasov is really nice. The train ride was long and fairly boring. The hotel is a bit scary although nicer than anticipated. It's also $10 per person per night and comes with and actual real breakfast (eggs, eggs, or eggs). We went to the children's hospital today and shopping. I spent really a lot of money. We also took a teleferic (cable car) up the mountain. Took lots of pictures. Visited the Black Church, the largest in Eastern Europe or something like that. Bought peanut butter. It's really nice not to be working and in Iasi. Iasi is dirtierm poorer, boringer than here. Of course, Brasov is a touristy town (it's a ski resort). We saw part of the residential area while on the bus, and that looks more like Iasi, but there is way more traffic and the taxi/car ratio is smaller.

Tomorrow we are going for a drive to visit two other nearby towns. We will tour some castles (really big cool ones!) and buy lots of traditional souvenirs and gifts and things. Sunday we are going to part of church and then spending the rest of the day on the train. Monday we are going back to work. I miss my kids, of course, but I am really enjoying my break.

: We all had a great time on our "o pauza" in Brasov. The only bad thing is that now we all need an o pauza from our o pauza, because it was so busy. We made a discotec in our train compartment on the way back up. (ingredients: Two Kristens, one Lacra, a Susie and a Lisa. Starve and bore thoroughly). We are back at work now and having lots of fun doing that. We took kids outside today, they were so cute! The sun is so good for them, and they can explore and play with kids from other filters. Two of my kids are in the hospital for infectious diseases (there must be thousands of hospitals in Iasi). Lacra got really upset when I called and "nonchalantly" asked where it was so I could visit them. She says our vaccinations (and good hygiene) won't completely protect us against some strains of Hepatitis the US government appears to be unaware of. Because unless I turn into a vampire, CDC assures me I am pretty dang safe. I might just go anyway.

: Ah, the life of the rebel intern. Lacra's mad because Kristen and I went to a hospital she said she told us not to go to (that's not exactly what she said). Two of my kids are sick and they need me (if we weren't visiting them, they'd have no toys, water, clothes, or diapers) and we know it's safe. So thibit. Poor kids. Poor Lacra. We feel bad that's she's mad, but we disagree with her. And those kids really need us there. One good thing; we can take pictures in the hospital, and those are the two kids I have terrible pictures of. Well, we're also getting to know some nice ladies in the room with the boys, and having a cultural experience, and severely bonding with some severely bored kids.

Romania seems to have a hospital for everything. We must pass four hospitals on the way to this one from the tram stop. And I can name six more off the top of my head. Today I got a letter from my grandparents and a card from Shannon. It made my day.

The weather's really nice here. We've been taking some of our kids outside. I took out my blind girl today. She didn't know quite what to do, and kept making sure I was still there, but I think tomorrow she will be more curious. The workers take out big groups of kids to run around too. Sun is good for the kids! And non-institutionalized air!

: We're all mad because Lacra made up super hard homework (she was obviously mad at us when she wrote it) and some of us spent two hours doing it and then we didn't have language because she's sick. grr.

Kristen and I went to the hospital (Sf. Maria, the normal children's hospital) to see her baby and to visit some of the orphans on the seventh floor. We snuck some pictures too. There was this really cute girl in there Kristen played catch with, while I held the baby. Tonight, more Section 2, lots and lots of infectious diseases hospital. I got more clothes for my five year old, hopefully they will fit this time.

: Yay, my kids have finally eaten some food, although that means I have to buy more diapers for them and that we had to clean up messes. We brought them some de-fatted yogurt and some rice with grease in it. We got to visit them twice because we didn't have to go la serviciu today. We also went to the Children's Hospital where I held the tiniest baby ever (five months). So stick skinny, and wet completely through her swaddle. The nurse put clothes on her instead of wrapping her in diapers when she changed her. There was noone in her box, or even in the rest of the filter. How lonely! Well, there were only like three other babies on the whole side of the floor, but still. The Children's Hospital really is more miserable than Spitalul Boli Infectioase. The floor is peeling apart. Actually, I wiped bubbles off the other floor today and it was pretty dirty. At least we see them mopping in the Children's Hospital.

: I don't think I've yet commented on the plethera of old people in Romania. I have several theories on it. 1- old people in America are all in retirement communities or nursing homes or something. 2- old people here have to work so they're outside a lot more 3- I'm outside a lot more 4- tramvaiuri and walking is how everyone gets around, so you see everyone going everywhere, as opposed to everyone being in their car. 5- I live in Provo and rarely see anyone over the age of 25. 6- people live longer here.

I think the old people in America are just hiding. Maybe they all live in Florida. The missionaries are coming over to dinner tomorrow.

: Today is seven days my kids have been in the hospital. Hopefully they will go home tomorrow. I have spent too much money buying those boys diapers. They are back to their usual selves. The five-year-old screamed when we came in today. That's typical. The little one whined really a lot. Oh well. A doctor showed up as we were getting ready to leave. We heard the nurse explaining to him we were from the center and we bring Pampers. That appeared to be a good enough reason for him. The Portar didn't ask us any questions either, like on Saturday and Sunday. We're a little scared now. Well, at least we understood what the guy on Sunday was saying.

They wouldn't let us into the Children's Hospital today, Pampers or no, because of a flu epidemic. The signs have been up for four days now, and no one stopped us before. The security guard was probably just bored. If it was up to the nurses we would have been treated like queens, considering how many diapers we had bought to bring today. Today was "change the whole sixth floor" day. But they wouldn't let us in.

The Elders came over to dinner yesterday. We made strawberry shortcake for dessert. We figured out how to beat 11 egg whites by hand, but it took us three hours to get it right. On my turn, I finally got it going, so the cake turned out ok. We seriously spent 3 1/2 hours beating egg whites. And we used something called "Bicarbonat de Amoniu" instead of yeast in the rolls, but the dough didn't rise. They ended up frying it, but it tasted and smelled like ammonia. We don't know what it was, but we know it was a food product because it's packaging was identical to the baking soda, and it said "pentru prajituri" on it (for non-specific baked sweet things). mmm, prajituras. It really means "Pastries!!!"

: Two of the street kids, Dragos and Daniel, came to church yesterday. They were so cute. Dragos wanted to "canta la pian" so bad. We had a pretend Easter too, because it was American Easter but we are missing Romanian Easter too. Kristin and Angela made dinner and there were a couple of Easter Bunny appearances.

Kristen and I have been walking around Iasi all day today. We walked to work and back, in Dacia, and then into town to buy and envelope and then down by the church stop to drop off reprints, and then up to Copou, to the special foreign country packages post office, and back to get our pictures and back home and we'll probably walk to work and back again tonight. It's such a nice day. I can hardly believe it snowed last week, for the first time since we first got here. Stupid weather.

Today almost our whole filter was outside and my little inquisitive boy found a humongous worm. And then tried to lick it. We finally threw it over the fence because some of the girls were screaming and crying and trying to kill it, and the boys all wanted to touch it. We found out they brush the kids' teeth. Some Swiss people were there on Friday, talking to the Director (I overheard her bragging about us in French) and then they brought lots of toys and clothes on Saturday. Our filter has two little tricycle things now.

: Today I got a letter from someone who Loves Me Very Much. I also spent 2,600,000 lei on train tickets for myself and four of the other girls, to and from Constanta, on the Black Sea Coast. So I guess we're really going now. Lacra is leaving for America on the 11th. I hope nothing happens while she is gone. We get to have another picture day at the orphanage. I'm going to ask them to fix the girls' hair cute for my pictures. Maybe put them in dresses. They usually look pretty cute every other day or so, but our last picture day wasn't a great one.

It was really hot yesterday but today it is windy and a little cold. We walk to work and home when it's nice. We walk on this bridge over the railyard. I counted 27 tracks, eight of which have dead trains on them. Poor trains. Mommy, there is a caboose I will bring home for you in my suitcase. I register for classes on Monday. I am looking for somewhere to live right now. I might want to live somewhere at some point.

: Last night we went to dinner at the Stoica's. It was really good, some pasta stuff and her pratituri cu mere. We got the recipe for it, finally something Romanian, easy to make, and really yummy. I was getting worried I was going to have to make sarmale anytime anyone wanted to try Romanian food. Sarmale takes hours to make and I don't even like it. Fratele Stoica works for Paste Giani. They gave us some pasta to take home. The neighborhood they live in is kind of scary. I've never been down that way, it's on our street, a couple tram stops the other direction.

: Ahem. Constanta. Sucked. Ok it didn't really, we just had more fun making fun of it than actually being there. Well, we got off the train at 630, having slept little and horribly, spent 2 hours looking for a hotel that noone had heard of, and finally found it. Shut down. On our left was a hotel for 500,000 a night, and on our right, one for 120,000, both exactly what you paid for. We stayed at the sleazy, one-star Hotel Turist. By sleazy I mean, the only other female we saw was the cleaning lady and they didn't provide toilet paper in the community bathroom. Then we tried to find this street in town that looked like it had all the stores on it and walked around a lot. Did I mention it was pouring rain this whole time? Well, we finally found the street at about 1200, we had asked 15 people for directions by this time.

Susie (in Romanian): Do you know the Hotel TiboTours? Stupid Lady: I don't speak English. Susie (still in Romanian): We speak Romanian. Can you tell us where the Hotel is? Stupid Lady: Sorry, I studied French and Russian.

ARGH! OK so we found the street we wanted, looked at lots of stores, took a picture of the Black Sea, ate in a bar. Kristin and I, the only people awake at the table, learned lots about a certain kind of beer from our placemats. "Our story would end here... in tears. But thankfully, in 1967..." Barf. Then we went to a beach out in Mamaia, by our hotel, a totally different town apparently. Then we went to bed.

Then we got up and went back to the first beach. The Black Sea, a brief history: it's green, toxic green. It's really cold (I think I may have poked a finger in at some point). The beach is covered in shells *crunch, crunch*. You have to climb 156 stairs covered in trash and slime to get back out. Now you know. Then we met the Brasov girls and went for a nice walk around town to see a lighthouse (it turned out to be 8m tall... quite disappointing) and walk along the waterfront. That side of the sea was lined in huge cement jacks. Does anyone know what those are for? We discussed many theories while dining at La Dulce Vita, but it was mostly us making stuff up.

We had a sweet old man draw our pictures outside the "dreary aquarium" (we got lots of hilariously honest quotes from our guidebook). We walked back. Went to the other beach (in Mamaia). Discovered it might actually be kind of cool in the summer. There was a huge boardwalk (8km) all fenced off, with empty stores and 27,000 beds (got that from the guidebook). The guidebook had nothing bad to say about Mamaia's beaches with their fine, golden sand. I'm pretty sure we weren't really in Mamaia then. We had a nice 6 inch layer of shells on our sand. I fed a beach dog outcast an entire package of Coconitos. We went to see Moulin Rouge at a theatre which turned out to be a disco that night. Well, we found the theatre it was really at eventually. Typical Romanian movie. The projector and the sound broke halfway through.

The next day we walked around the lake (there was a lake there) (two actually), the sun actually appeared. Then we went to church. Then we sat at the train station, got on the train, had to get our tickets changed, ran to the other end of the train, got on again, sat there for eight hours, came home. It's raining here now. Figures.

OK that was our vacation. It was really fun. I got to see the Black Sea.

: Went souvenir shopping today. AGAIN. The traditional Romanian store on Stefan Cel Mare (Steven the Great) was actually open today. I was hoping I was done with souvenir buying, but now I remember I still haven't found a suitable anything for Leonard. Tonight we are going to Doinita's house. She is such a nice lady! We love her so much. We have to plan something to do for our workers and for our kids, as an assignment from Roberta. Great.

I would like everyone to know that it was Rachel who stole Leonard's Weezer CD. I bought my own with Leonard's money.

: Today I got two letters my mom sent me from two missionaries: Elder Whitney in Uruguay and Elder Blockburger in Brazil. My expectations were fulfilled. I am sending them both letters after emailing and acting like a stupid clueless American in an attempt to get a package someone sent to an address I don't have proof I live at. In reality I know I need proof to get the package, and I can explain that to them, but I think the less Romanian they think I know the better.

Last night we Section 2 girls went to Doina's house for dinner. It was so good! She made us this whole four or five course meal, and we sat around talking with her son and his girlfriend and looking at her pictures and stuff. I love going into people's homes. Doina's really matched her. She has a cat. I think I am allergic to it.

Lacra is leaving for America tomorrow. I'll probably never see her again. We are all going to Little Texas tonight. We get to take more kid pictures on Saturday. We have to make scrapbooks for the director and for Lacra. Which means more reprints, yay. I'm reprint-ed out.

: Today was Picture Day at both Sections. We took lots of pictures. I got some of the workers too, only nice workers that were there today. Then the mean worker yelled at us when we came to videotape. Grr. I am the only one whose kids would be good enough that I got pictures of all of them together. I'm excited. I am getting one roll developed and hopefully I'll still have enough money to make it without getting more from the ATM.

I got bit the other day. I have two little teeth marks on my shoulder that Kristen says will probably be there for the rest of my life. Kristin's little blind boy also gave me a good whopping in the eye, and my glasses cut me. I also have potential scars from the same boy today, and an unexplainable but painful bruise on my arm. It was a pretty violent week.

Last night Kristin and I went to see Fratii Inelului (The Fellowship of the Ring). It was very interesting because the Elvish was translated into Romanian so we could see what it said. Although now that I think about it, there may have been English subtitles at that point. I understood it a lot more this time because I read the second book so I know who the people and places are and stuff.

Tomorrow is our last day in the Iasi Branch. I am sad because they have been so nice to us, and the Elders for having to translate all the time. We are supposed to be having a Branch picnic but it's raining outside. Mmm, doesn't McDonald's sound yummy? On my list of things I learned in Romania: Yummy is a relative term.

: Today is my very last day with my kids, and my very last day in Iasi (unless you count crossing the street to the train station at 6AM tomorrow). I started crying twice at work (once playing with my little angel and once making faces at two of my boys through the playroom window) and once reading about all the nice things people are doing for my mommy's birthday. We said goodbye to lots of workers and the Director and the Doctor, with lots of kisses, and we gave them their gifts; the Director and the Doctor loved the scrapbooks we made for them. Jamie isn't coming to work tonight because she doesn't want to see us all bawling, and especially Doinita when she says goodbye to us. However, I convinced Kristen to come for moral support for those of us who are leaving.

Kristin's little girl is in the hospital to get her eye-flicky-into-her-head thingy finally checked out. Unfortunately, that means she has to say goodbye to her in the hospital, which is sad enough because she bawls when we leave anyway. We brought her lots of toys yesterday.

I am so sad to be leaving my kids. How can I leave them?? They need me! Luckily there are more girls coming and Kristen and Jamie will be here in between. I've finally been taking all the pictures I've been meaning to take for the past three months, such as a Communistic building picture in Dacia, a scary railroad bridge picture, a horsecart picture, etc. I still have some more to take, of the city but I'm not going to do it if the sun isn't out when we leave work.

Last night I went with Kristen visit Violeta. It was so awesome. We played with her baby and ate some yummy food, fruit salad because she didn't know if we were on the Post or not (a fast, kind of like Lent). We talked about tons of stuff, I think our entire conversation was repeated in both languages to make sure we all understood everything. She gave us gifts too, a basket and a wedding sash, for each of us. She is such a wonderful person, I'm sad we didn't get to visit longer.

The next worst thing about leaving, second to leaving my kids, is the trip home. We have a 7 hour train ride to Bucharesti and then we have to be at the airport at 4 Monday morning to go to Amsterdam and then my flight to San Francisco is ELEVEN AND A HALF HOURS LONG. Then we have to drive down to Bakersfield, but by that point I'll be having fun. Well, the only non-fun part is AMS-SFO because I am going by myself and I'll probably cry a lot. Lisa pointed out they could show Planet of the Apes 6 times in that amount of time. GAG ME! Maybe I'll get to babysit some cute Indian kids like on the way up. Maybe I'll just sleep the whole time. I can't remember the plane ride home from France.

See you in America! ~Ma duc in America~ as one of our kids sang as we went to play outside.

: We've been sneaking pictures at work all week. I also have been recording my kids' voices- tickling them mostly since they don't talk. And I have some kid at the hospital pointing at me and yelling "Andreea!" My kids have such adorable giggles. Hopefully the pictures will turn out cute too. I like the ones we got to take on Saturday, with permission, but the kids look so posed. It'll be nice to have a couple of us actually playing with the kids, and in different outfits and stuff. And they wear cuter clothes during the week.

: Here I am healthy. I had a lovely vacation in Bucharesti. Ok, actually it was on an equal scale with Constanta except there was no bad weather to blame. Three street kids from Iasi came down with us (legally). We walked around lost, walked around a park with a yucky lake. We went to Palatul Parliamentului, which is the official title, but everyone calls it the House of the People, which is the second largest building in the world for those of you who haven't memorized the Guiness Book of World Records. It's pretty big. The taxi dropped us off on the exact opposite side of where we needed to be, so we got an excellent sense of it's vastness walking around it. It was just like your average palace, except for the ashtrays and Coke machines and the trade show being set up in it. That's the problem with palaces built in the 1980s I guess. We also took some pictures of Arcul de Triomf, quite similar to L'Arc de Triumph in Paris, except not to big and you can't get to it, though I suppsed you could die trying pretty easily.

Then we got up at 3AM and went to the Bucharesti airport (actually in Otopeni) with a rather scary hotel manager and a relatively kind taxi driver; relatively kind as in he accepted 600,000 lei (apx. $18) for both cars, instead of the even-more-ripoffy $50 he asked for and I insisted we didn't have. We barely had the 600,000 lei.

We made it to the airport alive, and the next one actually, and then I had to say goodbye to all the other girls and sit alone for quite a while and then I got on another plane and sat there for quite a while. I made friends with a lovely young woman named Manar, from Egypt, and I helped her get her luggage and with her immigration and customs stuff, and she waited with me while I found Leonard. Then I went to Leonard's and tried to read, but I fell asleep on a big comfy chair after an hour. Leonard's work is very nice. I don't know if it's extraordinary, or if it's just the first building I've been in since Romania and the comparison overwhelmed me.

Security Checks: When we visited the People's Palace, we joked that the security was tighter there than at the airport in Bucharesti. Well it wasn't quite so true. They made me take off my shoes and they searched my bag (Kristin says I should have offered the guard a mint when he opened all my little tins). I think I had my passport checked about four times and my things x-rayed thrice, once for US customs. We had to do every type of security thing in Amsterdam right before boarding although only NorthWest (US bound) flights had to do it. A cute little dog sniffed out my bag at SFO. Did I have any food in it? the officer asked. Aside for the four open packages of biscuiti? It was the orange I made sure to eat on the plane; the dogs can smell them for days afterwards, he said. Manar, however, had to give up her liver sandwich.

: I beat Leonard in Scrabble, 312-309. Today Mom beat him 302-299. I am starting my scrapbook. I have 310 pictures from getting off the plane in Amsterdam on the way in to waiting in line for a security check in Bucharesti on the way home. Good luck to me.

I gave everyone their presents, wrapped in plastic bags. Now our house has a Romanian accent. By far the person I speak to in Romanian most is Gretel. Most of the things I say without thinking are applicable to both naughty dogs and naughty children.

I am very tired. I've woken up at six every day since waking up at 3 on Monday.

: Today was a very successful day. I: got a job, scrapbooked 7 1/2 pages, took the puppy for a walk, got drug-screened, and ate Vietnamese food with my mommy. The more significant part of the Vietnamese food was not that I hadn't ever had it before but that I also ate three shrimp(s?) which were stuck inside my spring rolls. I haven't had any seafood since the occasional tuna sandwich in my early high school years. It didn't taste like anything. I also read Newsweek (I've been reading the entire newspaper everyday also, in an attempt to make up for my complete newlessness in the past four months) and part of The Hobbit.

Maria Strange had her second baby last Monday, Kray Joshua Strange. I am much excited to go and see her and her little boys when I get back to Utah.

: I got a letter from "Elder Tenney"! yay!

: Last night the day care lady I called called me back and I have a job interview on Tuesday. yay! Mommy made arroz con pollo cause she knows I like it so much, and it was very yummy. We ate a lot and had to take Gretel on a very long walkies to make up for it. I went to work with mom and played on the typing game for an hour. I type somewhere between 14 and 80 WPM (my scores on the different excercises). I think it's closer to 80. Tomorrow we're going to the mountains! and I am going to cut my hair, cause mom absolutely refuses to do it for me. I may go with Shannon and etc so see Brian and Eric race. Yay, I love my family!

: Today I took Gretel for a jog. I haven't been running in over a year, which might explain why I was so sick afterwards. Then I cut my hair and bought myself two pairs of shoes. Yay for shoes! I am almost done with my scrapbook. I did 4/5 of it in a week, but it'll probably take me another week to finish it, just because I'm lazy.

: I'm pretty sore from yesterday. I worked in the garden with mom in the afternoon. Today I ate half a pan of rice crispy treats and then Jon came over and we made some more, with M&Ms this time. I am actually getting down to some work on my assignments that are due like next week.

: Check, check, check on my to-do list today. I went to the dentist. It was marvelous (except for the 15 minutes I spent waiting in the wrong dental office). They explained everything to me, from how to brush my teeth to getting silicate covers. It was lovely. The hygenist and I bonded over the flavor of that yucky paste they use (it actually wasn't yucky).

Tomorrow I am going to see Grandma and Grandpa. yay! I finally finished my scapbook (yay!) so I could bring it for them to see. I really should get down to finishing my internship assignments.

: Today I spent three hours pruning a tree. It was very fulfilling, like working in the Morris Center. Ok that doesn't sound like a great comparison, especially since I quit that job amid much trauma, but it was still a very fulfilling job, so see everything cleaned up at the end of the day. I filled the green waste bin and we have bundles of sticks and vines to be thrown out next week. Mom cleaned the spa and the fish pond, although there was no sign of the fish. Then she made us a yummy stir-fry dinner (minus the seaweed she pulled out of the fish pond).

Of course, my research paper still isn't written but I got everything else I have to do for my classes finished, and I did some of the research.

: So far today: Spoiled my mommy; learned what a song I sang in choir once (The Battle of Jericho) actually means; wrote half a Sacrament meeting talk. Yes, Brother Davis asked me to speak in Sacrament meeting. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that Mom told him to. I am happy though. He told to pick an aspect of my testimony that grew while I was in Romania and I finally decided and then wrote half my talk and now I am looking at the list of songs sitting on Mom's desk, and the songs that week even match my topic. Must be a good topic then.

: Has anyone else ever noticed how appealing it sounds to be cleaning the kitchen when you have a research paper to write? I have to do it today so I can spend some time with my sister. Mom and I were doing genealogy last night. My assignments today, given before I woke up, are to call Grandma and Sister White.

I tried to get the doggie to eat a huge spider that was in my bathroom. After 15 frustrating minutes I realized I could just get out the vaccuum, which is more reliable and doesn't require doggie biscuits. On to research!

: Quote of the other day (while doing genealogy)- Susie: Ichabod... Isn't he the guy who only had one head?

: Today I went to see Uncle Justin. We climbed into some old WWII planes. Then I sat in some traffic and now I am hanging out with my sister. I had something else to say but I can't remember what. My left arm is sunburnt.

: I went to Rachel's College Algebra class with her, something I took four years ago, and I scored at least four points on her quiz based on what I learned in class. I didn't fall off her loft sleeping on the floor. We're going to eat in the cafeteria now so I can criticize it with my expertise.

: OW I just smashed my finger. I picked up Jen at the airport and we talked about poverty the whole way home. Mommy and I went to the Garden Spot for dinner where I had some lovely cheesecake pudding for dessert. I wish I knew how to make that. Then we did some genealogy. Or at least learned how to do it. I had a good day, except for being a little overheated.

: Today I went to lunch with Cindy. We hadn't seen each other in over three years, and we hadn't hung out in 5. It was fun. We're some of those ladies who get together with their high school friends for lunch now. Then I went to the doctor with my grandparents. That was exciting. Then we had homemaking, where I promised Becky Bean as much free baby-sitting as she can use, while I'm here. She's just sad I won't be around during her 10 day trip to Europe.

Mom said I couldn't name my potential future twin daughters Adina and Alina because kids at school would sing the "Daughters of Tritan" song to them. However, I looked up the sheet music and not one of the seven daughters of Tritan has one of those names. Today was Becca Mitchell-Miller's wedding.

: Today was Stake Conference and then I cooked. I made Romanian "Oriental Salad" ("Do they have potatoes in the Orient?" asks Rachel) and Sora Stoica's Prajitura cu mere. Then I made some German Soft Pretzels. They were so yummy! Rachel and I have big plans to make some (a lot) and freeze them.

Here's the best part. I made 12 pretzels and left them on the counter to rise. I let Gretel lick the bowl and told her she could have a bite once they were cooked but they weren't very yummy or good for her raw. So then Gretel walks by licking her chops and I run to the kitchen and what do I see but FOUR missing pretzels!!!! Man that dog is going to be feeling bloated tonight. AND it was more than her fair share. Mom kicked her out and she went out pretty good. I think she knew she had done somthing wrong.

Gretel got to come back in when we had cooked and eaten all of the prezels. She looked over at the counter and back at me. Hehe. Then when I walked by she was tiptoeing around trying to see where they had gone.

: Today I got up and did some weeding in the bright sun and then when I got out of the shower it was cloudy and then it poured rain for 20 minutes and now it's sunny again. Last night there was a wind/dust storm and some of mom's water plants blew over. Luckily her cattails do not appear to have been damaged.

I had a dream last night that I went back to Romania and saw my favorite little girl, a little more grown up and able to talk. She ran to my smiling and gave me a big hug. I remember that she knew the word "friend" (in English) and a couple other words. Smile, offering affection, talking, english, being able to afford to go back to Romania... It was definitely a dream.

: From Mom 3-30-02: Oh, they don't have Jello even? I thought all third world countries (like Utah) have jello.

: Money money money. Financial Aid is such a pain in the butt that they should give money to anyone who actually manages to complete all of the forms correctly. That's what I'm hoping for at least.

Mom and I seem to be doing non-stop genealogy. Mom has the worst of it even though hers is so much done- she has to load it onto the computer bit by bit.

: Today was a great day. I gave my talk in church, which mom said went great. Then I played the piano, then I took a nap and then we went to the Davises for dinner. It was a lot of fun. We goofed off on the keyboard, ate and played Scrabble. Then everyone looked at my Romania pictures. I love when people look at my pictures! Clayton and I were on a team for Scrabble and we did pretty good. Then Sister Davis asked me to teach CTR 8 for the rest of my time here. Yay! I love Primary!

: I remember Leonard teaching me how to ride a bike when I was somewhere around 8-10 years old. Ah, the good old days of tree-climbing and tire-swinging. Rachel and I recently discussed how much we both enjoyed bike-riding and how much better it was when we lived in the country and no one could see us. Not like either of us are as lucky to own bikes, as Sumana.

: I won Mom at Scrabble! Unbelievable. I was going to earn another 20 points but she used her tiles up before me. Oh well. mom had a great bingo ("feuding"), and nowhere to put it. I got to play my bingo ("timeout").

: Mom lies when she says I am a great deal of help. It's too hot to be more than a smidgeon of help. I've used the word "smidgeon" twice today and I've only been up half an hour.

Yesterday was a long day. I babysat Sister Dewaal's two-year-old twin boys all morning, then I worked at a CSUB banquet all afternoon and evening and half the night. After the parking ticket I got and filling up my gas tank, I'm left with about $25 more than I woke up with. But my sister came home and I have someone to go to the mall with, to help me spend the remainder.

: Recent quotes: Mom: Say "yes" to drugs, Jellybean!

Susie, counting change in the drive-thru: New Hampshire. What's that? Rachel: It's a state!

Rachel and I saw a little boy in a stroller at the grocery store, sucking on a bottle of Hershey's syrup. We both laughed out loud. I had something else to say regarding buying groceries as a college student but I can't remember what it was.

Today Rachel and I went to the mall and to Target and I bought seven new shirts and a pair of earrings. I'm afraid I'm going to be one of those girls who wears striped polo shirts. When Leonard took me shopping he bought me one and said it looked like a Susie shirt and Rachel said the same about the ones I bought today.

On my flight from Amsterdam to SFO I had some gouda. I'm not very adventurous when it comes to cheese, but since I've already eaten two kinds of fish this summer, I might as well go eat some brie with Mom and Rachel.

: I had a great day. My feet hurt. I need a long sleep.

: Tomorrow morning Mom is leaving for Washington. I'm going to be ALL ALONE for almost TWO WEEKS! I might go down and meet Rachel at the beach. And at least I'll have the pets for company. I might leave the house now and then. Mom has made me a lovely list of things to do in case I get too bored.

: Today I went to the Post Office and parked next to a giant, hotdog-shaped talent search truck with Wisconsin plates. And then I found out that despite popular belief, in my house at least, the postage rate doesn't go up until June 30th and they aren't even selling 37 cent stamps yet.

: I went out to the garden and picked four zucchinis, a cucumber and some strawberries. Two of the zucchinis weighed more than Jellybean. I had to throw them into the green waste bin. I get to go back to the dentist tomorrow, yay!

: Gretel is whimpering and wants out of bed and I can't blame her. I had to leave her outside all day while I went to work and it was really hot. But I had to walk her while I had the energy and it's past her bedtime anyway. Maybe I will take her to the beach to make up for it. What a novel idea!

: Well, I went to the dentist again today and learned that whatever muscles wrinkle my nose have to be numbed for dental work. My jaw hurts and still somehow I can't feel it. But I don't have to go back for six months!

: Zucchini Adventures. Yesterday I accidentally cut into a baby zucchini with a knife. This morning I decided I wasn't going to eat it anyway so I might as well throw it away. But I didn't have a gate key so I left it by the fish pond to throw out later. This afternoon Gretel carried it into the house for me. This evening she started chewing on it, in two different rooms. There are zucchini bits in three different places, but I can't see any large piece of zucchini, which worries me. Now, Gretel is actually eating pieces of it off the floor while waiting for me to let her back into the kitchen so she can steal some German pretzels and have gas all night.

Today Gretel also played with: an empty cat food can and a glow-in-the-dark ball I got at a career fair my freshman year of college which I pulled out from under the couch today (along with four or five other dog toys). I pulled weeds and now I am baking pretzels.

: Today I went to see Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (by myself). Then, while gardening, I managed to lock myself out of the house (and into the backyard). Then, not two minutes later, I brought half the pot-holder-upper thingy down. Gretel and I had a lovely walkies today. It was just nice. I made her some eggs and she pulled the rug over the bowl. When I kicked the rug off, she started eating, but now the bowl is nowhere to be found. I picked up all the chewed up zucchini from yesterday though.

We have the kind of garbage disposal we had my freshman year at college. You would think that the garbage disposal not turning off would be classified as at least semi-emergency, but maintenance didn't come to fix it for at least a month later, after we had also broken the breaker by using it to turn the disposal on and off. At the end of the year I made cookies for a guy in exchange for his help in cleaning it out and he found an earring of Alaina's. Those were the days of many appliance adventures. *sigh*

: I keep dreading going to work and then I remember that it's fun. Why do I have to keep telling myself that? It's fun. I like my job. What's the problem? Maybe it's the thought of sitting in my 106 degree car for 15 minutes to get there. That must be it.

: I only had one kid in my Primary class today, but he only said "mashed potatoes" once. I got invited to dinner at the Nationses tonight and to this ward FHE thing tomorrow night. I get to go see my sissy tomorrow!!! Woohoo.

Last night I worked overtime. I may actually even get paid overtime for it. I've never actually been paid overtime, even though I worked 35 hours some weeks last summer (student limit is 20). Because in the summer, it's 40. Even if you're in school full-time. Jerks.

: The other day I read in the Sports section that this kid I went to high school with (I think he was Homecoming King (oh excuse me, Mr. BHS)) got drafted (is that what they call it?) by the Cleveland Indians in the second round. I was telling someone at work the other day (coincidentally, the little sister of another kid I went to high school with) about the football players that were in my physics class. "They were in Physics???" she said. Well, it wasn't Honors.

: I have joined the creative dream circle. This morning I dreamt that we were moving into the Louvre, except it looked more like a junk yard. Mom sent me and Rachel into this building (that's how we found out it was the Louvre) to find something to build a fence with so we could move the horse in. There, in a library or something, were Mr. Nelson and Mr. Wilmot, my high school chemistry and physics teachers. People were going all over the place on escalators, and I think I got left behind because I wasn't packed at some point. I dream about that a lot, that I'm not packed for a trip or something. I dreamt that before going to Romania; I had only brought one skirt. I only ended up bringing two, one of which I didn't wear, so I think it would have turned out ok in that case. You remember weird things when you're woken up by a dog licking your nose.

Speaking of dog, she brought me a [green] tomato and put it on the bathroom rug. I also found the dish with the eggs in it. It was outside. Doggie and I are going to Riverside now to go on a picnic with Rachel and to help her move some of her stuff home.

: One thing I really hate about Bakersfield heat (it's actually only been in the low 90s since last week) is how it's still hot after it gets dark. I feel like there should be a nice cool breeze when it's dark. I dislike going walkies in the stiffling heat that should be reserved for 12-3 pm.

Had a lovely time in Riverside. Gretel only threw up once. She didn't believe we were going to see Rachel but she was pretty excited once Rachel actually appeared. She also had a good time running around the park tied to a tree with a 25 foot leash. My left arm is quite sunburnt.

I killed my first black widow yesterday (unless you count the one I pointed out to mom, who then killed it). Mom bought me this cool toy that squirts poison up to four feet. Although, it doesn't kill on contact like it says; it takes about 15 or 20 seconds. I've been arming myself with it everytime I go into the garage, just in case that spider comes out again, and I finally got it. The world can go round in safety now, never knowing the danger it was in.

: I went to Target today and bought myself a journal with litte kitty footprints on the pages. I was going to buy many other things, including a heavy-duty, Sister Nations style garlic press, but I refrained. Actually, they were out.

There was a "no broomsticks allowed" sign on the Von's (Vons'? Vons?) door.

: Last night I dreamt it was Fall Semester. this dreaming thing is getting out of hand!

: My mommy comes home today *clean clean clean*. I am excited. We miss her! Huh, gretel? (she perks up.)

: I just got back from my fourth trip to the dentist this Summer. One of my new fillings was feeling weird and they ended up redoing it. They had to give me three novacaines before my lip even started to go numb and now I am numb all the way up to my scalp (although I can still wrinkle my nose because I only got it on my bottom teeth). Hopefully I won't have to go back anymore.

People keep asking me when I'm leaving. Next week. No, I don't know when!

: I have packed a little for my return to college. This is the last time I am moving to college. I think I've been home for about five months since I started and maybe for another three weeks before I graduate. Well, measured that way I really am practically done with school! I am now going to call my new apartment complex, find out when I can move in, and then decide when I'm leaving.

: Tonight we had a lovely dinner party. The Elders, the Theissens, Brother Black and Jon were here besides me and mom. There were three games of chess (Jon, Jon, Elder Evans) and one game of Scrabble (very surprizingly, me) played. It was quite a bit of fun.

Rachel, I wore that "silly" shirt I bought for $7 today and Mom said "that's a really cute shirt." =P

: Today I worked at two CSUB graduations (social sciences and humanities and physical sciences, or something like that). When I got there, I parked way out in a soccer field and counted the rows so I'd be able to find my car. When I left, there was only one other car, parked in another field. While serving punch I saw a girl wearing the same shirt I wore yesterday, the "silly" one Rachel didn't think I should buy.

: Today I taught my last Primary lesson (on Reverence) and actually managed to (accidentally) be insensitive about Father's Day to a little girl whose parents just got divorced. Well she didn't seem too broken up about it.

: mom's description of a SAT 9 classroom reminded me, and she may agree, of the house I lived in the last time I lived in Utah. I am leaving for Utah around 430 Thursday morning. I'm almost all packed, and it's going to fit quite nicely in my car (especially considering it took me three trips to bring it all home last time). My apartment complex is letting me move in on Thursday and although I don't know where I am living yet, they said they would be trying to group people by age.

My classes for Summer Term start Monday, June 24th. I am taking Management of Leisure Services and Family History and Genealogy. I think I am going to drop the 1 credit class I was taking to be a full-time student since I didn't get any financial aid requiring me to be so. I'm excited to get back into the "swing" of things. I am once again moving into a new apartment complex and a new ward, with all new roommates and all new everything. I've probably already said that but I don't care. How can people go through college with the same three roommates and I've already had 39?

: I just got an email from one of my professors for Summer term. I like that he uses email. My car is (almost) all packed. I'm really tired; Rachel wouldn't let me take a nap. We gave each other pedicures instead. Now I can go to bed early and get up super early to go to Utah. I'm not going! (oh yes you aa-re!!)

: I'm safe! I'm in Utah! It looks pretty much the same. Yesterday I went to the mall with Aunt Sandi and Shelley, who is moving into Heritage Halls today, and then I moved myself into my new apartment. Today I went shopping and shopping and shopping and unpacked everything I bought. My roommates are pretty nice. I haven't met one of them yet and another one I've only seen once. I am slightly less tired today than I was yesterday afternoon.

Kristen called me while I was debating which toothbrush holder to buy at Target. It was fun to talk to her. I became one of those annoying people who talk on their cell phone at the store, until she had to go pick out shoes to go with her wedding dress. It's always something.

One of the most depressing things about driving to Utah is a big fat sign that says "Salt Lake City 547 miles). The only thing more depressing its it's serious!! Mileage signs should not be allowed more than 350 miles away from the destination.

At ShopKo I saw bedding that was also a Twister game. Maybe this is just me, but I don't think people should be encouraged to play Twister on their beds. Speaking of beds, we had to move mine yesterday, and the cinder blocks it stands on. It took FIVE of us, and we still did an inefficient job.

: Well A LOT happened this weekend, but I have class in five minutes so you'll just have to wait. Our ward is really fun, and my roommates are great. On the bad side, Sunday feels pretty short when we get home from church at FIVE PM.

: So I went to my class only to find out I don't need it. (I thought it was a little suspicious that I was the only person in there with my emphasis). Well I found another RMYL class I can take but it's the same time as my other class and I have 29 minutes to do something about it before they both start. Gack!

: Ok. I actually have time to sit in front of a computer and not worry about fixing my schedule (for this semester at least... now Fall is all messed up). This was quite the disaster, although it would be worse if I actually had the job I was trying to plan my schedule around (I have no officially failed at that). I am now taking Family History and Genealogy (at a different time) and Legal Aspects and Risk Management in Leisure Services. I dropped Management of Recreation Services which I thought was a prerequisite for Legal Aspects. Well, it is, but not one I have to take. Yeah, that's what I said.

So I still have five credits, my classes start (and run) two hours later and for some reason my Legal Aspects professor is going to be out of town for three weeks.

My very first day at BYU someone told me that by the time I was a Senior I would be stopping in the halls to talk to someone every five minutes. Last Friday I was recalling that and wondering at how I hadn't seen anyone I knew. Well, I've seen lots of people I know now. I just ran into Mike, aka Wall, from my Shakespeare class and Amy, from past and present RMYL classes. We had a lovely chat in the Bookstore. It seems like there are very few boys in RMYL classes and that most of the girls are married. Actually, I don't think all these girls were married when I had them in classes last Summer and Fall. I also saw Cassie Taylor, Cami and two guys from my Sophomore ward.

I have been having lots of fun with my roommates and hanging out in the ward and stuff. We have church at 140 which is an awful time, but the ward is really fun and there are lots and lots of cute guys. We went next door on Saturday night and played lots of games (mostly the kind that offer lame excuses to sit on each others laps or hold hands or laugh at each other). It was a ton of fun. Last night was ward prayer and that was pretty fun too. We hear this is a pretty social ward. My roommates are great. I've actually met them all now. Michelle (22), Angela (21), Laurie (20), Colette (20) and Kyra (17). Laurie is my roommate and keeps going home. Coincidentally enough she is Good Friends with a young man from my freshman ward who just finished a mission to Romania. I tried to teach her something to say to him in Romanian (he got up here last night to start school today) but I wasn't so successful.

I am having a blast. Oh yeah. I get to return the book I bought for the class I dropped and then I'll have spent aproximately $11 on books this semester. woo hoo!

: Never at any point was I in a tent at which a bear clawed. It galloped up, growled a little and galluped away. We thought it was a horse, except for the growling. And for that matter we were in a little tent, there were only two of us. =P The part about Sister Delaney saving our lives is true though. One of the other leaders prevented Victoria from heading to the port-a-pit in her sleep and getting eaten, also.

Every single one of my roommates has a cell phone, which is a fairly good thing since our apartment phone sucks. It falls off the table everytime you answer it and the three button (essential to every Provo and cell number) doesn't work. We have a new phone but in my sleep I heard that it won't charge, and therefore can't use it yet. Not that I've used the phone or anything.

: I finally got my internet hooked up at home and I've spent the past hour and a half being frustrated with PAF. It's pretty hopeless. Tonight I am going to see "A Beautiful Mind" with some of my roommates at the dollar theater. In Romania, every theater is a dollar theater.

: The Five-Minute Crush Story Ok. So how often do you like a guy and he calls you and asks you out on a date? Ok say you develop a crush on a guy and he calls you that night. Say he barely knows you- say you've only been living in that state for five days. Like NEVER, huh? It's never happened to me at least. Well, guess what? I've got a date!

I got a tiny crush on him at approximately 928PM, told my roommates at about 933, he came over around 1115, and talked to my roommate a lot (one who didn't know about my crush), I decided he had a little crush on her and got my crush over with, then he calls at 1205 and asks me out. Turns out he came over to ask me out but there were like a billion people in our apartment. So he went home and called me. Isn't that sweet? And I thought it was going to be one of those little crushes you have on the boys who'll never ask you out and can barely remember your name. I've made one (1) friend!

: I think I forgot to mention that on Saturday, Jon and Sharon and all their kids came down (except for the ones they came down to get) and we hung out with Aunt Sandi and Shelley. It was really fun. They came over to my apartment briefly afterwards and I said to Angela "these are my cousins" as they came (and came and came) in. She's like, oh. They're so cute! I like having all these cute cousins around.

: Bleh. It has been the longest, most emotional day ever, on top of which I have reverted back to the college student's inability to get to be before 1 AM. Of course, I'm not saying it was a bad day, except for maybe the case study analysis paper which I have due in nine hours and which sucks terribly. On the bright side, I only have one class tomorrow, and a date, and Michelle and I are going to do laundry and I'm going swimming in my new yellow swimming suit and I don't have my Legal Aspects class at all next week. (Isn't that weird? There are two other weeks we don't have class either!) So I only have four hours of class next week... Interesting. If only I had a job to occupy my time. Oh yeah, and I have to (get to) go to a Family History workshop. I have to go to one every week. Next week is on PAF which is good because I can't figure it out.

I think I laughed more today than I have in quite a long while. We laughed at everything today. On the way back from the temple dedication, Michelle said "the signs are nagunda". Angela works in a building which also stores bones (really big bones), so we got ourselves nice and creeped out finding the bathroom and then opened the door onto each other, so I screamed, so Michelle jumped. Then this guy at Smith's was scratching his back... and it was just really really funny...

We (a bunch of people in the ward) are going Disco Skating on Saturday night. I invited Shelley to come. We're all pretty excited. We get to dress up and everything. On my date tomorrow, the guys are making us (ok I don't know who "us" is, I hardly know anyone in the ward) dinner and then we are going to the Church History and Art Museum in Salt Lake.

: My date was pretty fun. We ended up cooking dinner, going to the Folk Dance Ensemble performance and then hanging out at the guys' apartment for a while. I am really tired. We're going Disco skating tomorrow night. That should be pretty fun. I am wearing Rachel's green dress.

: In my ward, the Elders go to Enrichment. The Bishopric is feeling pretty desperate about the rate of engaged couples in our ward; there were only four last year, the lowest in the 15th stake (the high was 45 which means half the ward was engaged).

Last night on my date we compared chastity talks, between RS and Priesthood and different wards/stakes. It was an interesting conversation, although probably second to why do girls shed so much?

: Kevin just came over to borrow a pair of pants from me.

: Disco-ing was pretty fun. Not as fun as I expected it to be, but more fun than it would have been if I hadn't expected it to be fun. I ended up going with Shelley and Kyra. I skate about as badly as I thought I did, but I didn't fall at all, and we spent the last hour dancing away. There was a nice display of my clothes (on me, Shelley, Kyra, and Kevin), more than one item of which was inherited from Aunt Carolyn.

I had fun getting the rats out of my hair. Sadly, I wasn't even the person with the biggest hair at the disco. My feet hurt. Luckily we don't have church for another 12 1/2 hours. Kyra and I are making cookies before church, and tacos afterwards, for our apartment.

: Today being the fifth Sunday in the month of June, Relief Society and Elder's Quorum were combined and we had a lesson on... memories, love, dating and marriage!!! I find it interesting that in the two weeks I've been in this ward there have been three appearances by members of the Stake Presidency. However, Angela assures me that it's never happened before. Oh, and I found out that the official title of the Thursday night Institute class is "Finding your Eternal Companion through Friendshipping." No, really.

: Kyra and I lingered 2 hours longer at Linger Longer. I got to talk to Kevin a lot- even more than I did on our date. He was telling me how he calls his grandma- that's so cute! It's barely midnight, but I'm going to be up until past 130 again. As usual.

: So last night for FHE we played various school-yard games and then ate popsicles. Then Kyra and I watched Rush Hour with Cody and Kris, some guys from our FHE group. Well, we got mostly through the movie when the power started flipping off and on... and off and on for about five or ten minutes. Then it just stayed off. The pigeon holes we live in are pitch black, and although we had flashlights and lit some candles, it was much more fun to go sit outside on the grass and watch the firetrucks. Yes, there is a fire, but it's on the mountain. The firetrucks down here were just shining light on the blown fusebox down the street.

The power was only actually off for 45 minutes or so, but we just stayed outside, eating grass, flirting and meeting people. There were at least 3 other blocks without power, probably more since the four I saw were all on one side of the broken line. It was pretty exciting.

Today I am going to visit Maria. But first I must find some breakfast. *forage*

: Today I went to see Maria and had fun with her and her cute kids. Then I did Family History until Cody came over and we hung out until 1200. We're watching a movie now, as usual, which means I'll have to get up tomorrow and do my little genealogy assignment.

: I went to bed way earlier when I had twice as many roommates. I also ate healthier. I need to start cooking some real food. I did some more genealogy today; it is looking more organized although I still wish I had the remainder of what I had at home. For some reason it won't open properly when Mom sends it.

: I saw an Alsatian yesterday, with long hair and a cute face. She let Maria's almost-two-year-old climb all over her. She liked me, even more than the two-year-old. Michelle and I went in the hot tub this evening. We both took huge naps too. We're having a BBQ tomorrow, with some of her friends cause I don't really have anyone else to hang out with. Three of my roommates are "not here," for the weekend although I never see much of Laurie.

: I just found a very silly entry while looking for what I said about last year's Stadium of Fire, which I watched today from a hill behind Wymount. We had a great view.

I hung out with various friends of Michelle all day. We had a BBQ and then went swimming. Ben and Jeremy taught me how to throw a football. Michelle and I cooked dinner and made an Eclair Cake together and then we waited for and watched lots of fireworks. It took us 45 minutes to drive 2 miles home. We should have walked.

: Last night I went to bed before 130 for the first time since I moved to Utah. It helped that half of my roommates are out of town and I was exhausted from swimming and being in the sun all day. Today I got up and went to the Law Library. Now I am doing laundry, which I've been putting off in an attempt to have full loads and save money. While doing this, I've discovered I don't have enough clothes to afford me the luxury of lying on grass for extended periods of time more than twice a week.

: This being only my second (official) Saturday here, I managed to forget that we have cleaning checks every week. Isn't that awesome! Every week, the whole apartment has to be vacuumed and Shower Powered. Three of my roommates are out of town (still), two of them left notes for the cleaning person, and one of them has just disappeared, which isn't good since she failed last week's cleaning check for the same reason. "They" threaten to actually do something if you fail three of them.

So I need to go clean the "Right Bathroom." We have two bathrooms. Have I mentioned that yet? I wrote Case Study #2 today. (That's some homework I have.) Michelle and I sat out by the pool yesterday. I rather haphazardly slapped on a bit of sunscreen and then toasted. Now I have smeary non-sunburnt spots on my shoulders, while my upper arms and neck are much pinker. Interesting.

This week I am actually going to go look for a job. I've been looking, but not going. If nothing better comes up, I'm moving to Belgium next Summer to work for the US Army.

: Yes, that timestamp does say 345AM MDT. I just got home. I was out with Cody. hehehe. For the past 6 hours. How come every time I hang out with him, my clothes end up smelling like grass?

: Today was a good day, except for when my roommate got hit in the face with a baseball, which happened to be originally thrown by me. Actually, digging the baseball out of the bushes to play with it in the first place wasn't so fun, and the two hours we spent trying to find someone to put her teeth back in wasn't very fun either. Luckily, the ER eventually found us a very nice young man (a dentist), who let us lie around on the floor while he took his turn mopping up the blood. That was when I discovered how badly those bushes got me.

Anyway, so after talking to my mommy (Someone Very Important told me to ask my family about any decisions I have to make), and crying on my (other) roommate's shoulder, I hung out with Cody for a bit (not Kevin, we're friends) (ok Cody and I are friends too, but I'm not sure what kind) (ok like two hours) and now I'm going to go to bed because I feel really sick and it's been a long day and driving all over Provo with bloody teeth in my hot car really didn't help that any.

: Today has been a much better day so far. I got up and Kyra and I went out to the pool. There weren't too many people out there, and I got to swim by myself. Then I did a bunch of homework and went to Sunset View to see if I could get my old job back (they're out of school this week). Now I'm sitting around waiting for this hot party happening at our place tonight. Maybe I'll take a nap since I still didn't get much sleep (up late hanging out with a boy and avoiding my house).

Becky Schmidt, one of my roommates from freshman year, is getting married in Nauvoo on July 25th. Hurray for her! She's the first to get married. Four girls I lived in the Bingham house with are now married (and Stacy is getting there, and of course, Kristen from Romania is getting married in three weeks), but none of my other roommates have gotten married yet. I may drive up to Idaho to go to a wedding reception, depending on whether or not I can get someone to go with me. In addition to that wedding announcement, I got a postcard from my little sis.

: What does this mean?

: Today's been a long day. I had classes, then I went out to the pool, then Kyra and I went to Old Navy and Macey's (a grocery store). I bought a cute hat. Then we popped in on the Institute Party. It's hot and tired around here.

: Tonight I missed my kids, watched Kyra cut Brandon's hair, and hung out with Cody. I went to buy some new pants, but instead I ruined my old ones by spilling melted, grape-flavored, sparkly chapstick on them. I'm actually more sad about the chapstick. So Kyra and I are going to go shopping tomorrow and I'm actually going to buy some pants. Then I'm going to go play the piano on campus, make up a workshop and take my FH test. Then we're going to Institute. Maybe I'll hang out with Cody tomorrow night too.

Oh yeah, I asked out this guy Jon on a date. Actually, I had to, it was my part of the 25 cent dare (long story which resulted in Kyra and I getting home at 330 Monday morning). I had to ask out one of Brandon's roommates, and today Jon (the cutest one) showed up at our door and I said "hey you wanna go out with me?" and he said "sure, I don't see why not." So we're going out next weekend when he gets back into town. That means I have to plan a date and not have a boyfriend by then.

Also, Kevin came by to return the pants he borrowed. He ironed them. He irons almost everyday, he told me last night at a party at my house. Shortly thereafter I discovered we do indeed have an iron, which is good in case I ever decide to wear (or wash) either of my two items of clothing that require ironing.

: I feel very productive today, which is important. Then I don't get so bored. I got up and Kyra and I went shopping. I got a red shirt and a pair of jeans at DI ($10) and a pair of jeans at the mall ($8). Then I went on campus. I played the piano in the HFAC, then I ran into Shelley and we talked about boys for a while. Then I took my FH test (100%!!!), did some quick assignments in the lab and then attended the workshop which was cancelled on Monday. Now I am home and I have a piece of grass in my hair and I'm going to Institute with Kyra in a couple hours.

: Institute was good. It totally confused me about my relationships though. Then I went in the hot tub with Cody and Kris (and 500 other people) and we ate some chicken and sat around talking until 120 with a bunch of other people in the ward.

I tried to get a guy (Casey) (who heard rumors that Cody and I "hang out a lot") to ask Kyra out for next weekend (she doesn't ask boys out) so they could go with me and Jon. Casey, Kyra and I have this joke about how much we love him but he's too good for us because he only dates ugly women. (One time he was in the parking lot when Kyra and I got out of the car singing "if you want to be happy for the rest of your life..." He agrees.) Unfortunately, he's busy, but then Luke, overhearing, asked her out, so she "gets" to come anyway.

: Well, today turned out to be an excellent day. I slept in, did a little homework, toasted by the pool for two hours, and made pretzels. Kyra and I planned on going to the Open Air Cinema with Casey and some other people and then Cody called and invited us to go. So we went to that (The Three Amigos) and then Cody came over and the two of us went to the park to play on the swings. And talked for 2 1/2 hours.

I also heard from my mommy and she is home safe and found some good mail for me waiting. Tomorrow's going to be a good day too.

: Yeah, today was a great day. I got up fairly early, and made a quick visit to the cemetary. Church was pretty good; I learned something at least. Then as soon as I walked in the door, Liz called. She came over and we talked forever. She's going to go to Becky's reception in Idaho with me. Then I went to Cody's on my way home from walking her out and hung out with him and/or his roommates the rest of the night. He blames me for keeping him up late. Me!

I have quite a bit of homework to do this week. I need to get started on my project for FH. The Call Reunion is next week; luckily it's Pioneer day and my RMYL class is also cancelled on Friday, so I only have classes on Monday of that week. But I have to live through this week first. Maybe I will get a job. Maybe I will get some mail. Maybe I will get some homework done. What A Concept.

: Oops this accidentally got posted twice. Hi. It's 141 AM. You should be in bed. I should be too. Goodnight (I said good morning to two people on the way to church at 130 PM so I can still say goodnight). (So there).

: I'm going to Salt Lake City tomorrow morning.

I wish I had a printer to print out my genealogy. I had to copy what I thought I'd need by hand. I wish I had more time to sleep. I wish the two papers I have due on Wednesday were written. I wish I could still be here for when my Express Mail letter comes. Oh well.

I have to go to Salt Lake to do my work because the Utah Valley Regional Family History Center doesn't have Arkansas marriage records on microfilm, not that I know how to use a microfilm or anything. I did learn how to find them today though. In seven hours I'm going to Salt Lake with Cody. And his family. To do genealogy. Yeah, that's what I said. We just got done watching Moulin Rouge (and staying over a tad past curfew (she still wasn't dead when we finally turned it off)).

I had a good day. I think.

: I am so tired! I had such a great day! I am so incongurous! I'm not even sure what that means! I finally made it to sleep after 130 and woke up for good after four hours of tossing and turning. That was ok though because I managed to get my case studies almost completely done before meeting Cody at 745. Then we drove to Salt Lake, got a little lost in the parking garage, and did lots of genealogy. It's harder than I thought it'd be. I didn't actually flat out find anything that I was looking for. However, I know what I'm doing now, I know where not to look, and I got some hours I can count toward my project.

And then when I got home I had a letter waiting for me on my bed. It was worth the $14 to get it here in one day just to get the suspense over with. At lunch my fortune cookie told me that I "will soon receive pleasant news of a personal nature." Things are about as I expected. Exactly as I expected. Realistic expectations. We are eating Eclair Cake at my house.

I just looked up "incongruous" and I used it correctly. I am so tired. I want to take a nap, but I really just want to cuddle. *cuddle* I need some cuddling. (Collette gave me a hug, that helped =)).

: I used our apartment phone for the first time on Saturday (to call Cody back after I (accidentally) hung up on him, I think).

Quotes... Laurie:Do you want your finger to become soggy?

Michelle: Maybe he's Mormon! Maybe he goes to BYU! ROUTE Y!!!

Susie: It's kinda hard to dance in this position (unfortunately there is a picture that goes along with that quote).

A Roommate Who Prefers Not to Be Named (but we all know who it is anyway): I am totally smitten with like four guys. Another Roommate: How many??? The Aforementioned Unnamed Roommate: Two.

: Angela (to Susie and Michelle): You guys are a lot alike. Michelle spits her food out.

Michelle and I say everything the same. It's actually kinda scary sometimes. But most of the time it's really cute.

: Class. um... I can't remember what I did all evening. This guy, Josh, in the ward came over and visited for a while. I did laundry. Oh yeah, I took a nap on the couch. Well, that only leaves three hours unaccounted for. I probably spent it gossiping with my roommates. We played with this Tinkerbell addicting annoying light thingy Michelle brought back from Disneyland, planned our weekend (Angela's birthday, who's not sleeping over at the Enrichment sleepover on Friday, and dates on Saturday night). Yeah, I can see how that took up three hours of my life.

Michelle and I had some dinner (we've eaten the entire cake) together. I got coerced into praying over our pizza in Romanian last night (the first prayer I ever said aloud in Romanian) so tonight Michelle prayed in Spanish. Michelle: It's so bad to laugh during a prayer. I'm surprised you didn't get smoted. Susie: What does "smoted" mean? Michelle: I don't know, but it's BAD.

I'm not sure if I was eating dinner again or still in the same spot when Cody and John came over and we hung out and then we went to the store and then to Cody's and his roommate was in the ER and we hung out in the parking lot until 130. *silly Michelle laugh to punctuate that* *hehe*

I feel like I should be more tired than I am, considering what time it is. BTW, I ran into Melanie (Cody's roommate's girlfriend) on the way home from finding Kyra (she was out late, alone, and upset) and Marshall (Cody's roommate) is still living and going to be ok. Food poisoning.

: Trauma at our house. We were all very grateful for roommates at Happy Thought last night. Laurie spent the whole night entertaining me. And it's always nice to come home to five girls who'll either listen, tell you what to do, curse the boy, be happy for you or just hug you, whether you just got broken up with or your hand held for the first time.

On the bright side, I talked to Aly last night. On the less bright side of that, Joe is in California. Today is Shelley's birthday so I'd better stop by. Maybe she'll go on my date for me Saturday night (longest dumbest story ever). Grr. AND my (second) ethernet converter broke. However, I am prepared to get my $60 back this time. Late to class. ~today is a great day today is a great day today is- what?~

: Yeah, I was lying. Today sucks.

: Today doesn't suck so bad after all!

: More general trauma. Last night we had a sleepover for Enrichment. We learned that guys like low-maintenance and got taught how to have self-confidence (marry a guy who compliments you in front of 50 other girls). Me and my roommates had Happy Thought during a lull in the activities (once again we're all very grateful for roommates to go through things with) and then four of us came home, before any girl gossip or makeovers or such.

We watched part of "The X-files" and "Mulan". Michelle: She didn't go to Enrichment tonight. Kyra: That's what I was thinking. We should have invited her. Michelle: "This is my friend Mulan." We cuddled. We went to bed early.

Today I have a paper to write and a lunch party for my roommate. Happy Birthday, Angela!

: Just got back from lunch *yummy*. Kyra and I have big plans to wash my car when she gets back from her DTR. Collette went to see MIB2 with our hometeacher. I really want to go see it, but I still have my paper to write, and I'm sure she didn't really want me to go. All six of us have hot dates tonight- the hottest ever. Kyra and I even cancelled our other dates to make it to this one.

Susie: You're like, she comes in and steals all the guys in the ward. Michelle: I am so jealous.

Wrote this entry three hours ago. Kyra and I had to make a return trip to Target, for the same reason we went this morning. We're psycho (that's my latest word). I still haven't written my paper. Now is my last chance without getting up psycho (see?) early on Monday, so here I go.

: We just got back from bowling. It was so much fun! I ran into Arly and Kelinda. Arly seems to go on a lot of dates. Me, Laurie, Kyra, and Angela went, with Kris and Josh, some guys in our ward. Angela and I tied with 87, I tripped twice, but didn't actually fall, and I didn't fling the bowling ball in the wrong direction. Afterwards I challenged Kris to a game of Skeeball, which I won, due to some random scoring system it has. We both got Pixiestix out of it though.

Bowling would be boring if I weren't so hyper. Kris said my victory dances were cute. Josh doesn't use the word "cute". So what does he use? Josh: All of 107 is [totally] adorable.

We made several attempts at covering the nakedness of our apartment. Mommy is bringing up stuff for me, and we all put pictures of our family out, and some things on the wall. We bought 11 pictures frames at Target today (and 3 yesterday). It almost looks like a home! Also, yesterday I got a postcard from my sis, of people kissing in Paris. It's in a frame. I am beginning to realize the glory of picture frames. Laurie says I can't leave the room until I have two pages of my paper written. I love roommates!

: Bishop Egan, who was my bishop for my first two years of college, is speaking at the BYU Forum on Tuesday. He's the guy that gave me tickets to two General Conferences and a Christmas Devotional, and took me and Melissa out to ice cream when we'd been on the kitchen floor bawling all night, and insisted I teach Gospel Doctrine. He even signed my Ecclesiastical Endorsement when I hadn't attended all three church meetings on the same day for five months. I think that was also the ward where no more than three people of the same gender were allowed to sit in a row during Sacrament meeting.

Mie mi-e dor de copiii mei si de serviciul meu si de lucrul meu. Si mi-e dor de chips-uri cu smantana si ceapa! As dori sa intoarc la Romania si vorbesc cu copiii mei s-i iau in brate mele. Mi-e dor de ei. Dar nu am destul de bani, si nu-i timpul bun. Dar... intro-zi. O sa merg inapoi.

: Well. Today was a pretty decent day. I got a compliment. Our hometeachers came and made us a yummy dinner. Cody came over and we hung out. I wrote three letters. I got six bug bites. I was really girly today, I'd say. A compliment made my day and I squealed a lot. Pretty girly. Oh yeah, I got two compliments; someone said I was pretty. *hee* Also, I had an IM from KIRIN when I came home. I love Kirin! She is so awesome!

My mommy is coming to see me this week, yay! I can't wait to get a Mommy hug, those are the best. Yay! I'm so glad Summer term is almost over; I am excited for all the stuff I'm taking Fall and how busy I'll be all the time. Well, I have class tomorrow (the only day next week, but I have TONS of work for my Family History class I need to get done) and I am supposed to be in bed by 130 (not happening anyway) so off I go. I'll be eating cheesecake for breakfast.

: ~Iata vine si-o broscuta, top top top sarind mereu, dac-aveti loc in casuta as dori sa stau si eu~ I got out of class early- if only I could scoot up the rest of my day and get home earlier. I miss Kirin, I can't wait until she gets back up here! No one can make me giggle like her. Hey, if I walk really slowly to class now I won't have to sit there for too long!

: I'm really tired. I'm covered in bug bites from tonight's adventures. I bonded with someone over stress and anxiety disorders. I hung out with Liz for a bit, and Maria called me. It's 230 and I am getting up relatively early tomorrow to hang out with fellow ex-BYU 13th warders and I'm already super tired so, of course, I ought to go to bed and, of course, I'm not. I can hear Nate saying (IMing) "just go to bed Susie" like he'd always do when I get like this (tired and not sleeping). Laurie says I'm numb. I love my roommates.

: Well the past 12 hours have been very exciting. I slept for 7 of them, then I had Hamburger Helper for breakfast (I also had that for dinner twice yesterday). I wrote in my journal outside in the hotness, went to the Forum, and then went to the UVRFHC to do some homework. There I ran into Jen. I can't think of a time I ran into Jen somewhere that wasn't in the library or nearby. Anyway, we had a lovely talk. She is somewhat less desperately missing a boy than the the last time I saw her (and met him) and is looking quite cute. I found Isam P. in the 1880 Missouri census then I came home, did a cross-word puzzle and balanced my checkbook. Azi am nevoie de o pauza, asa ca Collette (a dormit foarte mult noapte ier). Poate mai tarziu, voi merge sus sa fac... . Am nevoie sa fac asa. Asa!

: mmm nap.

: What an interesting day. It's hard to believe I spent most of it at home. 15 hours of naps went on at my apartment today. There was also a lot of DTR-ing-- a little too much actually. Oh yeah I remember what I did all day; Kris came over after my second nap. We chatted for quite a while. I learned how to check stuff inside my car. I watched part of a movie. Spent a lot of time talking with roommates and boys who were trying to figure things out.

Kyra and I each did the entire Daily Universe crossword puzzle today. Susie: That was a joke? Kyra: You were laughing weren't you? Susie: I was laughing at you. On Sunday I wore the "silly" shirt and lots of people said it was cute. I was only wearing it because the two shirts I'd put on before that both got attacked by the oil pastel drawing hung above our couch. The shirt I wore today was also attacked, but the effect was less on bright pink than on the two white shirts I wore Sunday.

Things have calmed down (well everyone is trying to sleep and Laurie is out of town) so I've just been sitting in my room reading scriptures and thinking. I read my "english scriptures" today, as I call them. I've got a ton to do tomorrow, very dependent on how serious this holiday thing is going to be. Interesting.

: Watched "Kate and Leopold." Visited. Studied. That's about it. It was a really good day though, a day of rest. I didn't get as much done as I was planning on, because of some technological difficulties, and that makes tomorrow morning rather busy. I also forgot about the religion test I have to take. However, I should be finished with everything around 2 and then I can come home and clean and chill before mommy gets here tomorrow night.

: Yesterday. Took my test. Did lots and lots of genealogy. Collette, Michelle and I went to the pool for an hour and a half. We were silly. We took pictures. No one else was out there, which was kinda nice. Two hours later it poured rain. A couple hours after that, my mom came and brought me lots of stuff. Hung out some. Slept on the couch. Got up at 530 and went to the temple. Got the rest of my baptisms done so mom can take the cards home to ward temple night. Today. Play in SLC tonight with Shelley and Mom and whoever else ends up coming. Maybe homework in the meantime.

: Family stuff. Cousin stuff. Slept on Jon's couch for a couple hours. I always end up taking a nap at their house. Went to see "Single's Ward" with Jill, Laura, Camilla, Alyssa and Shelley. It was hilarious. Halfway through the movie I realized that the guy with all the piercings was in my intro to TR class last fall. You'd think I would have noticed earlier since he had the green hair then.

This morning... got woken up by the phone a million times (six). I talked to Maria for a while and then finally got up. Yes, it was very late, but I was trying to make up for the paltry three hours I slept on the couch early yesterday morning. I got an email from Nate.

I ought to do some research today since my project is due next Monday. I have 6 1/2 hours to go. Not too bad. Shelley and I are planning on driving up to Murray later to get my mom and her fireplace.

: Having fun doing nothing. Hung out at Jon's some more yesterday and watched Independence Day with my roommates and Kris. I went to bed earlier than I ever had since I lived here. Back to routine everything tomorrow. Looks like I'm going home for a couple weeks after finals to take care of my mommy.

I can't wait until Fall Semester, kinda like last year, only different. Well, kinda the same and kinda different. Kinda really excited. Kinda really in a good mood. It's going to be a really hard semester though.

A very fitting quote from last July: "I'm waiting for next summer or the love of my life, whichever comes first, and in the meantime I'm drinking Kool-aid." Except it is next summer. *ding*

: Sleepy Susie. Got up "early" to go out to breakfast with Mom and Brianne, who are now on their way to Mesquite. I've got just enough time for a kitty nap before class. I was up late letting my life get even more confusing. I hate boys. Oh well. I'm leaving it alone to fix itself.

Our furniture is outside in the hallway and our carpet is ripped out. Not too big of a deal this time, but they're redoing the carpet in our bedrooms on Wednesday and we have to move everything out. Stinky. Hopefully I am getting pictures developed today. yay!

: Our house sounds all hollow without carpet or anything. I noticed this while singing in the freezer. This entry is really just to say that I love Jon, so he feels special. I can think of four Jons I've talked about before, but this one knows who he is. This is my favorite about this Jon.

: Very long day. I wore the same clothes all day. Two naps. Two trips to the hot tub. Two boxes of packaged pasta products. Two hours quilting at FHE. Two days until Kristen's wedding. Two weeks until school's done. Two weeks to spend at home. Two semesters left of college. Too many loud annoying comments coming from one of my roommates.

: I sure said a lot of funny things today, considering how quiet everyone said I was being during FHE. Actually, shower thing was yesterday, and believe it or not, I was defending myself. Susie: I don't even shower every day. Susie: Michelle is attacking me with a cheese grater! Susie: It was normal. Like, normal normal. Not just normal for us, like, human being normal. Five minutes later, Susie randomly starts trying to explain more: I mean it was normal... not just a psycho-user-boy relationship.

I'm a button! (not related)

Mark (this summer): I'm a purple belt, that's 6th out of nine. Susie: Wow, that's good... I'd probably be a pink belt.

: Sister Doxey: Instrestingly enough we can learn things that aren't on tests. Random signs on UVSC campus: STAY OFF BERM Sticker found in my bag: HELLO my name is Susie Richardson (Lorna's granddaughter)

Woke up [very late] to the smell of new carpet. Bought stamps. Finished all assignments for Summer term. Today Kyra and I are getting film developed and going shopping. Lisa called me. She is in Utah and we are going to Kristen's wedding on Thursday. I wonder if I'm supposed to bring a date.

: Got up at 743 to move the remainder of my stuff out of my room. I had salad and yogurt for breakfast, both eaten with the same fork because, while I was eating, a dresser was put in front of the silverware drawer. Kyra: Well, is there anything in front of the dishwasher? Susie: Yeah, six boxsprings.

So we're all kicked out of our house for the day (they didn't finish with our living room until 830pm. I have class from 11-3 but nothing to do in the meantime, except sleep in the Smith Fieldhouse. Susie: Carpet has feelings too!

Went to see "Mr. Deeds" with Cody last night. It was really funny, I'd say the best Adam Sandler movie I've ever seen, because his character isn't a jerk or a complete idiot.

: The carpet ordeal is over. Lots of really funny things happen when all your stuff is in the living room, all your furniture is in the kitchen and outside and your bathroom is full of cinderblocks. These are all related:

Michelle: Boxsprings? Where are they? (Taking up our entire kitchen, maybe?) Michelle: Sick, I have a carpet turd stuck to my shoe. Michelle (yeah she was on a roll today): I thought maybe it was cat pee, but after I licked it, I knew for sure it was dog pee. Michelle: Suse, do you have a gigantic gorilla butt in your way? Michelle *CRASH!*: That's all my stuff. Michelle: Oh Susie, I think the gas is getting to you (the boxsprings turned the gas on when we jumped on them). Also, from yesterday, Michelle: I dunno... they're kinda crusty.

Yes, we have pictures. We climbed over our stuff onto the couch to watch "A Knight's Tale" and read scriptures. I think that's all I've done since class.

: Read Harry Potter. Went to Kristen's reception. Got lost in West Jordan. Borrowed some of Alyssa's clothes. Went to see "Single's Ward" with Jamie and Lisa. Came home. Feeling irritable and annoyed, for no particular reason. I had a great day; I think it's just cause I'm tired and poor.

: Read two Harry Potter books today. Went to the Nicklecade with some people from the ward. It was really fun; I played a Simpsons video game where Marge got to hit the bad guys with a vaccuum. I was playing Homer, but it was still pretty cool to see him doing something productive. Watched "Armagedon" with Ang and Collette. Unbelievably, that was my entire day. I don't feel too guilty for accomplishing nothing though, because tomorrow I have big plans. I may actually get around to writing in my journal.

: I love being a girl.

It's been a fun and eventful weekend. Today I went to a making-ice-cream-with-liquid-nitrogen party, made cookies, had some adventures at the Temple with Angela, hung out with my cousins for a little while, watched a movie I didn't like and showed up at the Elms' parking lot dance. It was really fun, dancing with my roommates and the occasional guy (Matt was spreading himself pretty thin). Dancing is fun when I get hyper enough. I also got a letter from Doinita today. Well, it wasn't today, it was sometime in the past three days. Our mail key is... gone.

Susie: I need to cook something before I freak out!

: Today has been an exciting and eventful day. I went to two meetings before church (Activities and Ward Council), hung out, went to church, listened to my giggle tape, went to Break the Fast, hung out, went with a group of people to sing at a retirement home, hung out, and went to ward prayer. I also wrote five letters today and I got to talk to a lot of cool people in the ward. Half of them are moving out Fall semester, but it always good to make new friends.

I don't think I said this yet, but Kyra and I are moving to a different apartment. They are also making three Relief Societies, one for each floor.

: A salad for lunch and $7 of stickers. My Summer term assignments are not only completed but sitting in my bag ready to turn in. I feel so accomplished, although I think it's mostly because I have much to do today. Kyra and I are going swimming after classes and I have three other significant time-consuming things to do. Yesterday during Sacrament meeting I wrote a letter in Romanian. It's all so fulfilling.

: Stacy and Joe are getting married in the Salt Lake Temple on October 11! yay! hehe I remember when Stacy was still trying to decide if she liked him or not.

Took some of Kris' names to the temple with Collette and Laurie. Now I'm reading on of the Phillip Pullman novels Mom brought up for me. Not much else to do. I've already been swimming today.

: Read one and 1/5 novels. Went "human bowling" between the library and the ASB. Well, actually, I just watched. I met one of my future roommates. Had a nice chat with Matt's little brother about careers and the military. Had a nice chat convincing Matt that he's "lovable". Now I'm going back to my novel and eventually to bed. Laurie asked me if I'm nervous for finals. No.

: Yesterday: read one and 4/5 novels. Left my class early to read. Went to the hot tub with Kyra. Hung out with Josh. Went to bed (I spent most of the day reading).

Some guy in the hot tub: Bakersfield... Utah? Josh: Jezzebels, keeping me up late. Susie and Kyra: Hey! Josh: Adorable Jezzebels.

Today: Food. Pool. I really don't have anything else to do.

: Got a letter from Elder Whitney today (and yesterday) and also a letter of acceptance into my major. I talked to Travis a couple of times today and I noticed he remembered the author of the books I'd been reading. Stacy, Laurie and I were talking earlier about the things that we remember. Interesting.

I'm going home next Wednesday, after my finals. My roommates and I were just discussing at Happy Thought the concept of Provo as home. Like everyone else, I never thought I'd miss Provo. I guess this is just where the party's at.

: Today was full of reading and flirting at the pool. I got invited to go to three different movies I didn't want to see, so I ended up staying home and, of course, reading. I'm on page 202 of the eighth book in the past week. Michelle and I bought some expensive ice cream (our mutual favorite is mint chip, but we decided for chocolate fudge brownie swirled with cherry garcia). Kyra: Oh, you guys are eating ice cream... Are you okay?

John, to Susie, looking through rose-colored bat glasses (a Happy Meal toy): You look good in pink. Laurie, cheering Susie on about a 69 cent box of Rice-a-Roni: Way to splurge, way to splurge!

Tomorrow I'm supposed to go on a date in the afternoon and we have the ward basketball tournament I am supporting in the morning. Then I'll probably read and chill at the pool some.

: I went for a walk this morning. Then I read some Harry Potter. Then Jon and I finally went on our date. We went to Bridal Veil Falls and I learned how to ride a bike. It was really fun and I made him late to work. I didn't go swimming today and I still kinda want to and I still could but I think I'm just going to curl up with Harry Potter some more.

Also, Shelley called and asked if I'd go to the fair with her and her date, so I called Josh and invited him and begged Kyra to come along. The county fairs I've been to in Utah somehow don't quite measure up to the Kern County Fair. Not hardly. Our fair has rides and games and 500x more animals (although I did get to pet a llama) and tons and tons of exhibits and contests and such. This fair... didn't.

: I don't think it'd normally be a problem that I'm moving, cleaning, taking my finals, and driving to California all on the same day. Except that day is Wednesday and I haven't started studying or packing yet. Ack!

: John and I had an interesting heart-to-heart tonight. Kevin told me I looked tan. I asked two people to marry me. One said ok, the other (later and unrelatedly; he originally said he had to pray about it) told me he couldn't marry someone who was still in bed at 10 on a Sunday morning. I'm looking forward to going home this week, if I make it there alive.

: I remember now, having just finished the fourth Harry Potter book last night, that is the one whose ending bothers me. I remember thinking it gets too much into the next book. Really, it just leaves with too much plot up in the air. I hate how Snape gets sent off to do something and we don't know what. I hate how Sirius gets sent away. I hate how we now feel suspicious about Cornelius Fudge. I hate how Harry gets sent back to live with those awful Muggles again (although my suspicions are that he will do so every summer regardless). I hate how... well that's about it really.

: Long day but I can't remember much of anything I did. The rest of my stuff is getting packed now, including my computer, and I'm all ready to drive to California tomorrow (though not so ready for the two finals I have to take first). I can't wait to be home and see my family again!

: My finals went well (took me about 45 minutes total) as did my drive to California. Now Zochi (Xochitl), who is a little kitty!, Joe and I are chilling while Mom has an Activities Committee.

Comments on my drive... Whenever I tell people I'm from Bakersfield and they say, oh the place with the big thermometer? (which read 115 when I went by) I say, no that's Baker. Whenever I tell people I'm from Bakersfield and they say, oh I know where that is, or oh I've been through there, I say, you're probably thinking of Baker. And I'm usually right.

Hmm. there is "stuff" on my bed (I think it's sewing, or maybe just my bed covers are all messed up) and I can't play the piano because of the meeting. And I'm kinda hungry. I said the word "sper" yesterday, I couldn't tell what language it was.

: um. I think I'm going to Texas tomorrow.

: Ok, so I'm in Texas. I feel the need to relate the drive up with Joe to our Texas roadtrip (don't have the ability to find the link right now) for Alyson's wedding a couple years back. Here are some dumb signs I saw.

Form one line (Texas). Nathan and his brother (Everett) decided with me that it's because people are too stupid to learn what Merge means. Don't touch power lines! (Billboards throughout New Mexico). We found it somewhat scary they felt the need to warn people. Also, once upon a time Leonard and I decided that there could be no better way to phrase Gusty winds may exist but on my drive to California on Wednesday, I saw Gusy wind area, which I felt was much better. Also: Kabuki a Japanese restaurant.

So... I'm in Texas. Kinda random. I spent last night trying to insist that I'm no longer the kind of person who randomly drives to a different state. Unfortunately, the fact that I woke up in Utah Wednesday, California Thursday, New Mexico Friday and Texas this morning hindered my disputing.

I'm having fun though. We played minature golf today at a place with little animals, kinda like a zoo except they weren't real animals and I don't know any zoos with that many elephants or giraffes. I somehow made three hole-in-ones, although I lost overall with 52 points.

Well, I don't know what else to say. I'm staying here (at Nate's house, near Dallas) until Thursday when I'm flying back to California. I'm probably going to stay home longer than I planned to have some more time with my mommy, although I was supposed to move out of my apartment today. Hehe. Yeah, dispite any arguments I may give my randomness has not gone down since my freshman year. In fact, it may have even gotten worse (better??)

: Having fun. Today we went to see Men in Black II, I thought it was really funny and cute. I think I liked it better than the first one, but for totally different reasons. I fell asleep reading four or five times today. We went to Kathy's band practice, which was interesting, mom called me *hug* and we went to ice cream and sat in the parking lot waiting for Everett to get off work.

Did I mention I was having fun? I think we (Nate and I) are driving to Dallas tomorrow, just to see what we can see and do what we can do.

: Today we went to Dallas. We went to the top of the largest building (the 69th floor) and everyone was all dressed up and there were signs that said "members only" so we got back into the elevator and went back down. We walked over to the Reunion Tower and then turned around and walked all the way back and ate lunch and then walked all the way back again and went to the top, after I stopped feeling sick from lunch. We didn't take the stairs down, although I wanted to, because there was a big fat "tresspasers will be prosecuted" sign painted on the stairwell, and it's Texas, I didn't want to be shot. Also got a parking ticket for not paying, although we paid. Jerks.

Got an email saying my ecclesiastical endorsement (the second one for this year!) is invalid. Again, jerks. Tomorrow... Well I don't know what we're doing. But it's going to be fun! I am having fun here, can't believe it's already over. Back to school soon, bleh. Well, at least I'll get some time to recover at home first, and be with my mommy some. I love you mommy!

: Went ice skating yesterday. I'm really sore today, from skating and from falling and from wearing the skates in the first place.

I just got home and I am so tired. I've only ben up 19 hours or so, and it's not like I've been doing anything but sometimes that's the most tiring.

Airplane Adventures First we went to the wrong airport. Are people really that dumb? Apparently, that would be us. Luckily it only took us 20 minutes to find and get to the correct one. I met a very interesting lady in ABQ. She had broken her ankle boarding a flight four hours earlier and was getting ready to try again. We had a long chat about love, life, and getting the most out of both. She was hilarious. I got randomly selected to be searched by two hilarious black ladies. One of them was setting the beeper off on the other girl's earring. When they asked me how old I was, I forgot. Is that unusual? Everything I was wearing beeped, right down to the gum wrapper in my pocket. Apparently, overalls aren't the best thing to wear to the airport.

Both of my flights arrived early, and luckily so did my mommy. Sat in lots of traffic, even after avoiding the 405, went to that yummy Chinese restaurant in Valencia, and spent three hours at a scrapbooking party, when I really wanted to be at home in bed.

Now I have finally excavated my bed *ok the cat just landed on my face* and I'm going to it.

: Got a letter from Elder Fuller (probably a couple weeks ago). He got transfered to Moldova and it's hard to get letters out there, he says. Leonard is coming down this weekend. Hey Leonard, bring your Illuminati game so I can beat you!

Ok I've just been looking for something I thought I said about Elder Fuller on my weblog but it wasn't there so I am looking through old emails from Romania and finding lots of silly things. Dumitru improving "He also flat out told me he didn't want to play with the doll (well he shoke his head no)" (yeah that was an improvement), Costica being naughty "There is a kitty who lives at Section 2. most of the kids are afraid of it, which is probably a good thing. Costica isn't. He got into my bag and took a huge bite of my chocolate bar today. hehe. silly boy. I took him into the camera de joaca (playroom) for that." and Elder Rappleye having a hard day "Today Elder Rappleye, the branch president, called us and I answered and it was really weird to answer the phone and hear an american guy talking in english on the other end. I said "cool" when he told me who it was and he said that made his week, which had been horrible so far (it's monday) and I said 'well a missionary made me happy today so I thought I'd return the favor.' I think he figured out what I meant." Elder Rappleye is home from his mission and probably going to be back at BYU this fall. Weird. I don't even know his first name.

There's lots of funny things in all these emails I saved. I should probably put it all on my webpage and get rid of the emails, but that'd be too much effort. I never did find what I was looking for about Elder Fuller. It was something about the love advice he gave me and Kristen when we stayed at church until 900 after a baptism one night. I know it's written in my journal, which is packed somewhere in Utah (I'm not even sure where).

I've got lots to do today. Run errands with mommy, play the piano, fix my bed, scan some pictures, clean my bathroom, play the piano, sit in the hot tub, do laundry, play the piano. Tons.

: Having fun. I'm trying my best to relax at hyperspeed since this is my whole vacation. Leonard and I have been goofing off. We sat in the hot tub last night talking about getting married, getting jobs and getting old. Today I have played the piano lots, although not enough, and tried on girly clothes. Just about all the clothes Rachel and I have left here are dresses since we each have 30 or so, and they're not the most versatile items of clothing. Yup, Rachel's got 27 dresses in her closet and I have 19. I think I have 11 at school. Why do we have so many dresses? I had over 50 in high school, but I'm getting better at getting rid of stuff I don't wear.

: Life at Mom's Susie: Leonard and I were laughing at the Snickers in your fruit bowl. Mom: How do you know it's not fruit in the Snickers bowl?

Pretty Random Susie, she says on the way home from the BC potluck, when I finish telling some random story I can't even remember now. This is why I write down everything funny as it happens, although I get laughed at often; if I don't, noone will ever remember it and life is too funny for that.

: Mom's new computer works! Go Leonard!!!

: Bleh. Even though I got 9 hours of sleep last night, I look the way I always did in Romania. I spent four hours trying to get my (third) Ecclesiastical Endorsement, which was just a bit frustrating. Luckily that horror is (hopefully) over for good, since I won't be in school next year.

I am almost completely moved in and unpacked, mostly thanks to Kyra. we are so excited to be living together! Roommates are great. Everyone keeps telling us our room is cute, although it just looks messy to us.

Lisa called me on Sunday. She got her mission call! She is going to the Romania Bucuresti Mission (surprise). She lives in November, yay for her. Speaking of Romania, I had a letter from Doinita when I got here. She has adopted Michelle as one of her own children.

That's about it. I got called about a job but I was in some state which wasn't Utah at the time. I asked for another chance. Ok, Kyra and I are going to run tons of errands now. She hasn't been shopping since I left!!! And we have a severe need of bookends in our room.

: I forgot how boring Provo can be.

Random Airport Announcement: Passengers must avoid transporting items without their knowledge. I'm not sure why I thought that was so funny. VW liscense plate holder on the car in front of us on I10: "Since 1911" Mom: I didn't know cars were invented before 1915. Susie: Maybe that's why it's in quotes. Mom: *May not have actually been since 1911.

: Today I went to my first ever BYU football game. It was pretty exciting. We won. We got 65,500 other people to do the wave. I yelled and jumped up and down and sang the fight song a lot. For some reason I am incredibly tired and my body aches. It's more of a soreness ache (who knows why) than a sickness ache though, which is good news.

Lots of sleep tonight, I want to make pretzels tomorrow and I may go to a movie with Collette. Oh, and I finally got my registration hold cleared *yay!*

: Kyra, Nathan and I made pretzels today. Lots of them. Including some we forgot about at the end that look chocolate-dipped. Last night Carrie (one of my roommates) choked on a fly while being walked home by a boy. Tonight, ten minutes after he was supposed to pick her up, she spilled half a bottle of red nail polish on the counter, sink, and her hands. Julie and I had a fun time trying to clean it up while she tried to get it off her hands. It was really really funny though. I still laugh out loud when I think about Carrie choking on a fly.

: Today I lay in bed reading, took a nap, sat around, went over to Nathan's with Shelley and sat around some more, ate some chocolate, and then Shelley and I went in the hot tub. Now I'm clean and exhausted and going to lie in bed some more. Church at 9 tomorrow, I'm pretty happy about the new time.

: I love having church at 9AM. I feel so much more productive. Kyra has been in bed almost the entire day, I hope she's feeling ok. I read a lot after church, and took a nap, went for a walk with Julie and we sang with Carrie's keyboard. I went to get set apart for a calling I got called to six weeks ago, and instead, they gave me a new calling which I am excited about. I suspect, from what John was saying about the leadership meeting yesterday, that my roommates had a role in recommending me for this calling, but I'm ok with it.

Tomorrow Julie and I are going tubing with a bunch of people from the ward. I've never been tubing before- it's going to be fun!

: Well, tubing was an adventure. We actually ended up renting a raft which none of us could maneuver very well. We had several incidents with tree branches during which we screamed like girls, got scraped, squished into the bottom of the boat, and jumped off. Actually, Heather was the only one to jump off, but it was either that or lose an eye. It was really funny to see nine girls hiding in the boat rather than just paddling to get away from the dang tree.

Tonight we are, apparently, having 213 over to dinner. mmm, food. Three hours on the Provo River made me pretty hungry.

: School starts tomorrow. We're all at least as excited as we are dreading it. Breaks are nice but somewhat boring. I am a little worried about my schedule working out, especially since I'm going to be attending two sections of the same class until IS hires me (I don't want to have a 9AM class if I don't have to).

Emily is in my ward now. She went on the rafting trip today and we spoke in Romanian a little. About not having enough money to go back to Romania. At dinner someone asked me if I had lived in France and then Chris (Carrie's... friend) and I had a conversation about the few good things about Paris. Carrie has a keyboard. You'd think I'd be ok at keyboarding after doing it so much in the Iasi Branch, but apparently, it's not so. However, it's nice to fool around on once in a while.

We're getting ready for an early night (and an early morning tomorrow since I have to go find add cards and figure out my scholarship and other such long-line-waiting-in activities). I'm really excited for all my new classes and hopefully a new job.

: Bleh. My schedule is a mess. Hopefully tomorrow I can get the correct things added and dropped (that shouldn't be a problem). The problem lies with the job I don't have to plan a schedule around. How annoying.

This is hilarious. Nathan and I went to ColdStone tonight, it was really yummy and I needed some ice cream. Also, Michelle came over to see me, yay! I gave her the postcard Doinita sent for her and she felt so special. It was really cute.

: Lots of quotes from our new apartment. Don't have the papers so I'll just type what I remember... Julie: I feel like an ostrich... Julie, pretending to attend the dance class she accidentally signed up for: My name is Julio, and I am a man... Susie (Kyra thought this was hilarious): It's a good thing we moved our beds the way they are, because I'm not about to get outta bed to wake you up. I can just roll over and kick you in the head...

The other day I picked up (and read) a book called StarGirl, by Jerry Spinelli, which was sitting on our kitchen table. It was really cute, I recommend it for light reading (it took me less than two hours, and I was talking the whole time).

: More Quotes... Kyra: I seriously don't know how it's possible to go through toilet paper that fast. Either someone is using too much or they are drinking way too much water... Julie: I'm going to make a hot dog. Do you want to watch me make one?... Shawna: Julie and I are tight like unto a soapdish (see Ether 2:17 and also this)... Julie: You know what's better than kisses? Well, I've never been kissed, but truffles... Carrie, on her almost-boyfriend: Yeah, he's pretty tall. I look like a keychain hanging out of his pocket... David: Yeah, he's 26 and he spends all day over at his parents' house. Susie: No wonder he's not married yet... Carrie: Our kitchen is disgusting! If cleanliness is next to godliness, we're all going straight to hell... Tom, Kristen's almost-fiance: I was really sad when I realized words don't rhyme in sign-language... We also had a lot of quotes about how Carrie didn't want to take a shower today.

In English 315 I met a girl who just got back from Romania and worked at Section 2 (for my unique thing I said I had a broken bone in my skull and then I had to explain that). My 487 (research and evaluation) professor wouldn't sign my add card! I'm supposed to "make a case" to the department chair (a case as in I need it to graduate). Grr. I really am going to die this semester. The world religions class I went to today was better than yesterdays. The professor sounds like Sean Connery. What am I going to do!!!!!????

: My scheduling problems are somewhat lessening. I am now registered for two horrible classes (Advanced Writing in the Social Sciences and Assessment in Therapeutic Recreation), and two fun ones (Flexibility and Program Management with Dr. Palmer who is SO FUNNY!) and I have to still register for one even horribler one (Research and Evaluation-- I still don't know if they're going to let me in!!!) and one AWESOME one (Outdoor Therapeutic Recreation Skills, and my add card is signed).

I am sooo excited for this last class. We had our one and only lecture today (and it was 50% dodgeball) and our other classes are as follows: Ropes Course, Water Skiing, Wheelchair Sports Night (with Paraolympic athletes who are going to kick our trash), Sled Hockey, Spelunking (!!!), Therapeutic Riding, and Skiing. Then we turn in a four page paper. Is this the coolest class or what??? And there's not even a fee!!! YAY!!!! Of course, all this stuff is done with adaptive recreation equipment, except for spelunking when we pretend to be behavior disordered youth (real stretch of the imagination). I'm so excited!

Of course the rest of my classes pretty much suck. I found an alternative (there's only one) if I can't get into Research and Evaluation, but it's Public Management and Finance, which doesn't appeal any more. I get to go water skiing on my birthday!!

: Well I couldn't get into my research class, so that required a bit more rearranging, but my public finance administration (what the heck is that???) professor was way nice, and now I just have to weasel my way into a different English section. *whew* My flexibility class was pretty fun. Lots of stretching.

Today I saw a million people on-campus, including Heather Mitchell, Shelley and her sister and Tara (Cami's twin sister and another old roommate), with baby and husband in tow.

Also, KIRIN!!! yay! She came over, back from Italy and looking way hot, and we had girl talk and then made peanut butter Hershey kiss cookies with Nate. Nate: Hai la mine, kisses!

: Today I saw Kelinda, and I got to look at Tara's Section 2 pictures from this summer! The kids are so cute, and I found out that two of my kids got moved downstairs (a way good thing). A lot of the kids, including my little headbonker, look a lot happier than they did when I was there, which is excellent. Yay! I was going to go swimming today, but it's rainy. Oh yeah, still not in an acceptable English class, but I have a couple options *bleh*

: It's 700 and I haven't been exactly productive today. I got up at 9 which is really early considering what time I went to bed, and we cleaned the apartment. I did a few things but not really enough to account for it being 700. I just got back from Sara's friend's house; they have an adorable little kitty and it was nice little walk. I think I'm hanging out with Shelley and Nate tonight but who knows what we're going to be doing.

: Susie is pretending to be on a cooking show while cooking Pasta Roni. Kyra: They don't really make things out of boxes on cooking shows... In my defense, I was only pretending to be on a cooking show because two people were staring at me... Sara's brother: There is a definite lack of testosterone here at BYU.

Had a good night sitting around doing pretty much nothing. I am sooo tired from my lack of sleep last night, but hopefully I will be able to sleep better tonight. Except that I have to get up early for church- starting next week I'll have to get up even earlier to go to ward council before church. Bleh.

: President Wilde, in Sacrament Meeting: I could easily tell this was a ward for fun. Most of us wear shoes like these (holds up his shoe) to church. But your Bishop is wearing sandals...

Today I got set apart as the co-chair for the Temple and Family History Council. Yay! I get to teach a Family History class once a month or so, and go to ward council at 8AM every Sunday. I'm really excited. There's a CES fireside tonight, yay I love Pres. Faust.

: Today I saw Brother Nelson while wandering through the throng of students on the few open walkways. I hadn't seen him since he came to visit us in Romania. Then, while I was waiting for my Public Finance class to start, I looked up and saw Dave Matkin talking to a professor who looked vaguely familiar. Five minutes later Dave came back in to say hi and asked if I knew that professor. I said he looked familiar and he said he used to work for the distric attorney or something in Bakersfield. Then I remembered that it was President Rodriguez, who once called me to ask permission to use a letter I wrote President Speirs in Stake Conference. Interesting. We had a quote about it, Kirin: See? And you thought you were going to be excommunicated.

I called the Health Center to make an appointment to get my head checked out. When there were no acceptable appointments within the next two days the lady asked if I wanted to go to Urgent Care. I said "My head has been hurting for six months, I think I'll be ok."

: I just sent a resume to one of my Provo School District contacts for a job with her after-school program. She's the first person I've gotten ahold of who's hiring. I think I have a pretty good chance except that I don't speak Spanish.

For RMYL 223R we are going to the ropes course. It's all cold, wet, and rainy outside, but apparently we're going anyway. Yay!

: Went to the Health Center today. Saw Stacy, who assures me I will be recieving an invitation shortly. After looking at my x-rays, the doctor said there was no question my sinus was damaged but he doesn't think that's what's causing my headaches. I don't care, as long as it goes away.

Bought another book I couldn't afford today. grr to textbooks.

: Last night was the infamous Fall Fling. I went with Julie and Nathan and we later met up with Kyra and her friend David. We didn't actually do anything, but I had fun just wandering around talking.

Slept in today for the first time in a few weeks. Mostly we are sitting around doing homework and cleaning checks, same as every Saturday. The drugs the doctor gave me on Thursday are making me sick, hyper and shaky.

: Today I got two boxes from my mommy filled with presents! yay! 21 presents for my 21st birthday but I can't open them until Wednesday. After much shaking and prodding, Kyra hid them away from me. Carrie, Kyra and Julie are all piled into my bed (I have a feather bed, I think that's the attraction). Carrie: No, the attraction is completely between us.

: My Financial Management Professor: I'm sorry if any of your parents are actively involved in the fight against flouride... So you now know I'm a flaming liberal; I'm for flouride and I'm for public schools.

I have a job interview at Provost Elementary tomorrow. I sure hope I get it. I returned one of my textbooks today because I realized that by the time I bought the book we were already supposed to have read half of it (the only half we have to read at all). Waste of $70, I thought, and then returned it.

: Sandra Day O'Conner is speaking at our Forum next week. This week it's the Dance Department, rather unimpressive on our 9-inch TV screen.

: Job interview went very well. She called Melanie, my boss at Sunset View, who said she'd have rehired me. That sounded like good news. I won't know for at least a few days but I think I have an excellent chance at this job.

There has been talk of going to Ben and Jerry's to get a Ver-monster for a yayforsusiebeingborn party. Yay! I love ice cream! I really wish tomorrow weren't going to be such a long long day. I need a nap.

We (me and my roommates) are singing in church on October 13. We're singing "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" in English, Romanian, French, Spanish and ASL. It's going to be awesome.

: We are all sick from eating so much ice cream. We ate the whoooole thing with six people. It was really fun. I love my roommates. I am about to turn 21 in one minute. yay! Tomorrow is going to be a super long day. I will be on campus from 9-2 and then I have my rec class from 4-930 or so. bleh. oh well! happy birthday to me!

Yay!: I have had a great 21st birthday. *swats at a fruit fly* I got to ride a horse (it was a lot scarier than I expected it to be). I got kisses (the chocolate kind, much to my roommates' dismay I'm sure). I got lots of cool and useful stuff from my mommy. I got a "Christmas tree". I got The Te of Piglet in the mail from Rachel, who also called me (yay!). I did not get: a long enough nap; enough hugs; enough human interaction; warm enough at any point during the entire day.

I am now going to snuggle into my bed with my Book of Mormon and my piglet pillow and remember to pray for, among other things, the death of the fruit flies in our house and no quiz on the 471 readings I haven't done.

: Financial Management Prof.: There's not a whole lot of avacado pleasure seeping out... Imitating a Mastercard commercial: Bombs, a few lives, some planes here and there: $200 Billion. Life without Saddam Hussein: priceless.

Julie, on my "birthday present": We can't cancel now! We already paid!

All of my birthday cards have animals on them; do you think that means something?

: Somehow, I just noticed that I have an assignment due in my 1000 class. I turned my computer on to do it, but the last one took me an hour and I'd get a better grade turning it in late than writing it in 10 minutes. Plus I didn't exactly do the reading.

I never had this problem before, but this week I have been turning my alarm off when Kyra's goes off. Today she even told me to turn it back on and it was off when I woke up. Turning my paper in late means extra stairs. Grr.

: Laurie: Would I be here holding you in my arms if I didn't love you?

Julie and I have been singing annoying songs for the past couple days (most recently, you are my sunshine and the sun'll come out tomorrow). Yay for belting.

: Mark: Morning is relative, it's when you wake up that matters.

Sleep, sleep, clean, homework, clean, homework. I've only been up an hour and a half, but I've done so much!

: Julie, while I was helping revise her paper: I love when you read outloud; it sounds so much more stupid... Carrie, who recently started working at Ben and Jerry's: I've had an increase in my sugar intake. I think it's affecting my sanity.

My roommates have begun to call me "mom." Last night I listed off to Nathan all of the mom-ish things I had done. It was quite a list. I love it. I've got the cutest girls to live with. I've also got to get up and go to ward council at 800. bleh.

We went to dinner at Jacinto's today, for my birthday. It was really yummy. I am having a great day =) We're setting off a fruitfly bomb in our apartment while we're at church so who knows when I'll get to come back home. I am also going to Jon and Sharon's with Nathan and Shelley. yay! Eclair cake!

: I finally found a topic for my Empirical Report, the first draft of which is due tomorrow. Yes, I could have started earlier, but Julie was on my computer all night doing her essay at the last minute. Seriously all night, poor girl. Good thing we are such understanding roommates. Kristen was also up late planning material for the freshmen English class she teaches, and then slept through the class. Kyra also slept through a class today, and Carrie is sick.

We're quite a mess over here. I'd say we all need to just go back to bed, but we've all already done that.

*Whew* what a long day: It started off pretty poorly with a parking ticket. Then I spent my entire English class making charts for my empirical report only to have Word crash, and what I could salvage refuse to save on my disk. Then I was late to my next class because I'd been trying to recover my assignment.

My day started looking up with a good quiz score, a nap, and four hours of wheelchair sports. Quad rugby is the awesomest! Now I get to spend time with Nate, yay!

: Yay! I finally got a job. At the Cannon Center. A small step up from the Morris Center. I'm a cook! yay!

I also ran into Becca Not-Mitchell-Anymore in the JKHB and talked with her for a while. It was fun to be all girl-gossipy. I'm sad because I look cute today and I'm not going to see Nathan.

: Today was a great day. I was fairly unproductive for a large part of it, but I got to see Nathan. I ran into him on campus and we also got to hang out this evening. Tomorrow: homework, real food, cleaning, to bed early. Right now: as much sleep as possible.

: Good day. Really tired. Really long day tomorrow. I have ward council at 8 and I am working a five hour shift immediately after church. And it's Fast Sunday. bleh

Sunday: My first day of work was pretty good. My job is fairly fun and, as long as I don't get stuck doing the same thing for more than half an hour, easy. (My hands started cramping after 45 minutes of slicing pot roast.) I like that I get to wear an apron, and there are substituting opportunities so I can earn enough money to pay my own bills (eventually).

Things are going well on the Temple and Family History Council. Our temple prep class started yesterday; it was well attended, and the part of church I was most awake for. We are geting all of our projects off to a good start.

Productiveness: First thing today was a presentation in my English class. I gave a short lesson on parentheses, elipses, and brackets and then handed out candy. I'm usually late to my 1100 class anyway, but today I ran into Becky Not-Schmidt-Anymore and her husband Nate; Laurel (177) and her sister; John; and someone else I forgot.

My friend Alessandra came up to me after our programming class and asked if I'd gotten her email and did I want to do our budget reading assignment with her and Kirsten, because it's like 600 pages. No, I think I'm going to go home. No, Susie, it really is 600 pages. It really is 600 pages. The three of us spent an hour trying to decipher the professor's questions and then trying to answer them. Unbelievably, we are more than halfway done. I can't imagine trying to do that on my own.

I am now prepared to do all of the assignments I have due within the next week. We don't have Finance this week, so that gives me lots of extra time. I am all movtivated to use it wisely (after my nap). First I must eat french fries to counteract the Hershey's kisses I just had for lunch. *college students*

: Work was good today. I made rice and scalloped potatoes and then worked on the grill filling orders. Then I made really really a lot of fried chicken. It's not a very hard job and they show me everything I need to know. The guy I work at the grill with used to live in Bakersfield. He went to preschool with Jen Nations.

: I had a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich for lunch today (two actually) and I would like everyone to know how good it was.

I didn't get so much done today, besides work, but I have another easy week ahead of my, after my test tomorrow. The rough draft of a big assignment is due next Friday but I am getting started on it tomorrow. Yay! I feel all productive doing work that isn't due yet.

I ate salad today after Nathan and I went shopping... mmmmmm

: Good, semi-productive day. I took my first test of the semester (not bad, esp. considering I didn't exactly do the readings) and went to the library to copy articles for various papers I have to write. It now occurs to me to do both papers on the same topic. Now, really, why didn't I think of that before?

Tomorrow is Conference and I'm excited. Carrie and I will be watching it on our five-inch TV in our pajamas.

Nathan and I went to Panda Express and Ben and Jerry's. mmmm. I did a tiny bit of homework and we mostly goofed off on the couch, playing computer games and such. I am way tired. Words of Mormon...

: My first Nigerian spam! 25 million USD, I get 25 percent. woo hoo.

: Kristen and Tom are engaged! yay!

Why am I such a whiny girl? I hate it!

: I got a new job today (in addition to the one I already have). I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing, but it's a pizza/pasta place in the same cafeteria where I work on the grill on the other days of the week. It's a lot of hours, which is both good and bad. Hopefully, I will survive.

Trying really hard to stay on top of school. I have a paper due Friday and I've been working on it every day since Saturday (it's done but not long enough). The days shrink quickly when I have class all morning, work all afternoon, and do homework the rest of the time. hmm... sleeeeeep.

Only in Provo, and it's about time: "Please don't write on the sidewalks." In chalk.

The Elms has invested in a life preserver that appears to actually have a chance at preserving life.

My finance professor, on property taxes: Mosquitoes are no respector of political boundaries.

I started my new job at Tomassito's today. I got to throw pizza dough in the air. A lot. We had a huge order today so some extra people came in. Normally, I guess I work the first two hours alone. heh. oh well.

: Indeed, I am assigned to an hour and a half of complete control over Tomassito's three times a week. Fun. I only got one order, so not a big deal. A rather boring deal, actually. Most of it. I am getting pretty good and throwing pizzas though. Well, I almost dropped one today. heh.

I got a lot done tonight, which is good because I have a lot to do this weekend. Tomorrow morning my hometeacher is going to listen to the noise my accelerator has been making. I can think of six or seven things that need to be done related to my car. bleh. Assessment paper, Optimism book. paaaaay check next Friday.

: Susie: I almost took that as an insult but then I remembered I was a girl.

Today was a very long day that I rather wish hadn't happened. I didn't exactly get much done. Sitting in my room listening to The Wedding Singer soundtrack, full of Del Taco, getting ready to go to bed.

: Heh, I thought I was going to bed at 1130 last night. I was up for another five hours. Slept through church. Going back to bed now.

: Long week, ahead and behind. Work and training classes and meetings and program activities and Enrichment and two huge papers to write and bleh. I tried to get my oil changed today, but there was a two hour wait. There will probably always be a two hour wait, but that is the only time I can go. It's also Homecoming and Nate wants to go the Spectacular and I do too, but I'm so tired and it's only Tuesday and I've already slept through 471 twice in a row (it's cancelled on Thursday, for my benefit, I'm sure). Tomorrow I have class from 10-2, work from 2-630 and an activity from 630-830. BLEH

Oh enough complaining. We had Happy Thought tonight, which was very nice. Nathan came over and we did homework together. I'm actually going to be in bed by 12. The only assignment I have due this week is done. I can got to bed soon. My assessment paper is started. sleeeeeep

: Kristen got proposed to tonight; her face can hardly contain her smile. My day was as long as predicted, but more fun and bearable. I am, however, realy REALLY tired. I was finally going to get to sleep extra tomorrow after work, but Nathan reminded me I still need to get my oil changed. Blehness.

: Carrie unplugged the Y. They were lighting it up for Homecoming one bulb at a time, and she tripped on the cord and unplugged half of it.

Susie: I have rug burn on my nose.

Today we made a pineapple cheesecake. Well, it was supposed to be a pineapple unpside down cake, but the milk we used was a little old. Heh.

: Last night I locked my keys in the trunk of my car. The best part of it was that I had parked as close to campus (far away from my house) as possible so we could meet at my car to go see Les Mis at OHS tonight.

Kyra, Julie, Nathan and I, went to see Les Mis at OHS tonight. It was good, especially for a high school production of Les Mis, which sounds a little scary at first. But I enjoyed it. Then we went to Taco Time and had empanadas with David.

I, and also David who works in a different area of the Cannon Center, have a meeting at 9 AM tomorow. What are they trying to do to us?? I also have to write an analysis of the Child Depression Inventory. However, today I talked my english professor into letting me use a similar paper on the same topic for my research paper for that class. Yay! Less work!

: Susie: Julie, you're on sale! Julie: C'mon, guys, I'm up for grabs! Sara: Can we auction you off?

: *Bleh* what a long week. I had to get up and finish my paper this morning because I was so tired from sled hockey. I know you're wondering why I just finished a paper that's due in 40 minutes, but I started it three weeks ago. So there.

I'm going to come home and sleep after work today, and then finish up the paper I have due tomorrow. bleh. My car is fixed (sort of) so at least I get to see Nathan (yay!)

: I'm exhausted and my feet are killing me, but I am trying to stay awake long enough for my laundry to finish drying, and writing my research prospectus in the meantime.

Good news: I finished my assessment paper last night, got it all turned in and did my presentation this morning. I answered everyone's questions with reasonable intelligence, showing I had actually done the research, and everyone seemed pretty interested. Actually, I was interested in everyone else's, which doesn't sound very plausible. I mean, who cares about assessments?

Once my paper is finished and my laundry is put away, I can go back to bed. mmmmm I'm so glad this week is over. Tomorrow we are (supposedly) eating a pizza susie will make at work and going to the corn maze (aaaah I hate scary stuff but Nathan and my roommates really want to go).

: Julica's birthday is on Saturday. I took her grocery shopping today for her present. She has no food! Well, now she does. I had a really good day, despite still being extremely tired. Bleh. Tomorrow's gonna be a pretty long day too because we are going to the Corn Maze right after work, but I am going to sleep and sleep on Saturday.

I also voted today. yay for voting. I didn't even vote for all of the offices because so many of the candidates were idiots. I only had one real opinion- yay after-school programs!- but I do have the opinion that voting is important even if you don't really otherwise care.

: So, tonight we all went to the Corn Maze. It was a pretty interesting experience. I started crying five minutes into the haunted one (Julie was pushing "people" and yelling for them to go away) so we didn't do that one. The normal maze was.. well a big maze made out of corn. We made it pretty far, but we weren't even sure where we were supposed to be going so we turned around and found our way back the way we came in.

The best part was the Haunted Hayride Barnyard thing. I think I was the least scared person on the whole truck, mostly cause I wasn't looking and it's really really funny if you just hear what people yell at the scary people. One guy kept saying "you look like my grandma." One girl, so cute, called "you can tell that's fake, mister!" to a person who threw a fake, tied-down hay bale at us.

We came out relatively unharmed, considering we had two roofs collapse on us, three chainsaw men run after us, spiders, dead bodies, a blow torch and a live pig held over our heads... poor pig. We found that unsafe and disgusting. poor pig. The impaled bodies weren't the lovliest either. Oh yeah, and they tried to set us on fire. Twice. Poor haunted farmworkers. They need to get real jobs.

: I had a dream last night where everytime I visited home (actually some high-rise apartment) someone was there watching TV and each time there were fewer channels (due to Communism). The last time I visited there were 75 nick-at-nite-ish channels.

My theory on the vivid dreams I've been having lately (lack of enough sleep) was completely smashed by this dream, as I was in bed for over 11 hours this morning.

*study study study*... *oh yeah and clean*

: I had a great day today. I slept a ton, read more of The Te of Piglet, did a little homework and a lot of cleaning, took Julie out to ice cream with Nathan, and spent some quality time with my boyfriend. Pretty much the day got better and better as it went on. We have Stake Conference tomorrow, and I've got meetings (surprise). I'm glad I got all sorts of stuff sorted out and cleaned up today, it's nice to know the desk you are at is all clean inside.

: Susie: I like being an opportunity cost... David, loudly in the periodicals room (a notorious BYU flirting nest): You're allowed to kiss in the library!... David: I'll slowly go through all of you... riiight.

: I am sitting here cuddling with Nathan. yay!

: At home sick and tired today. I should write my research paper. Or at least take a shower.

: At least twice yesterday I said, "It's Halloween??" I pretty much read all day, Phillip Pullman's The Broken Bridge and Follow the River by James Alexander Thom, a very long, disgusting, true story of a woman kidnapped by a Shawnee war company who makes her way 1000 miles home with pretty much nothing but a crazy old lady.

Today I am going to try to make it to the first 2 hours of work, until other people come in and I can leave them in charge. Kyra is also sick, although Julie and Nathan are finally seeming a little better. Luckily I didn't have any assignments due this week. For once sickness had good timing.

Time Flies: Tomorrow I'm going spelunking. Eh, I'm not sure what it is either, but I am excited! I had to call half the ward to find someone with a flashlight. I have one, but it is too big to duck tape to my helmet. I actually have quite a bit of homework due at the end of this week, and next week, but it is getting put off simply because there isn't enough time in the day. It's not possible for me to attend all my classes, work all my hours, and do all my homework. I can't even do the first two with the sun still up. Plus I have a boyfriend... who invented all these complications??

: Just got home from spelunking (yes, we left 8 hours ago). Bleh.

: What a long day. I just want to sleep and sleep, but of course I have another long day tomorrow. I had better actually get a nap this time, or Preference won't be so fun, straight after work and a program activity. Bleh. sleeeep.

: Lots of meetings today (6 hours). It snowed. Not on me, I was inside, but I saw it snowing big flakes (which melted when they hit the ground cause it's been raining for two days). yay for snow. yay for rain. yay!

Last night I went to a bridal shower for Jamie. She is apparently getting married. On the 26th. I went with Kristin and Emily, we had a good time talking and eating and driving and buying presents and such.

: Lots of meetings today (6 hours). It snowed. Not on me, I was inside, but I saw it snowing big flakes (which melted when they hit the ground cause it's been raining for two days). yay for snow. yay for rain. yay!

Last night I went to a bridal shower for Jamie. She is apparently getting married. On the 26th. I went with Kristin and Emily, we had a good time talking and eating and driving and buying presents and such. It was a very classy bridal shower. No bridal shower games (none), very good food (salad, rolls, soup and brownies with ice cream and homemade fudge). Those people can throw me a bridal shower anyday. Well. Some other day.

: Today I got an email from one of my professors. It said, in its entirity, "For number 22 on the answer sheet, put in A for your answer". Well, at least I'll have two points on the test. Taking it Thursday. Haven't done most of the readings. Heh.

Didn't do as much as I wanted to get done today. Actually, I have done anything since I got off work at 300. Now I am doing a Programming assignment, and going to revise my research paper some more. This is my third or fourth draft. I have a conference on Friday and both the rough draft and the final are due next week. My revising is making this a very well written paper, but it's only half as long as it needs to be. Luckily I have quite a bit more research I haven't used yet.

: I had such a good night. Nathan and I just sat and talked for several hours, and cuddled a lot. Out front room is full of lots of people cuddling lately... Tom & Kristen, me & Nathan, Julie & Carrie, Kyra & David...

David's mission call got moved up to December 4. He is missing two weeks of school! Speaking of mission calls, I got to see Lisa tonight. She is going into the MTC tomorrow, on her way to Romania. I love you, Lisa! I hear the orphanage for Section 2 kids is almost done being built. I also hear it was paid for by the church (or by the "Liahona Foundation"; non Romanian Orthodox churches are illegal in Romania). Speaking of people from Romania, I got Jamie's wedding invitation today. Speaking of wedding invitations, Tom and Kristen were picking out engagement pictures today. I showed Kristen Becky's invitation and she loves it.

: Mer mer mer mer mer. That has been my noise lately. It's a grumble noise, although often in jest. Nathan and I watched Harry Potter tonight, the first one. He is taking me to see the second one next weekend. Tomorrow I have to finish my research paper and we are going to Divine Comedy. 1130... I'm exhausted. Time for some sleep I guess.

I don't understand how everything is so different from how I thought it'd be. But I guess it could at least possibly be better this way. If I'm lucky. If it's right.

: I worked on my paper almost all day yesterday. It still isn't finished but it's much closer than it was. I eventually got out of my pajamas to go to Divine Comedy with Nathan. It was really good. Lots of making fun of BYU/Provo culture. Carrie fixed my hair all up and Nate liked it, *hee*.

I miss my kids. Emily and I chatted a bit in Romanian after church. One of my visiting teachers overheard me "merging" and thought I said I was getting married. She was a bit shocked, I guess that's something a visiting teacher could expect to know. My other visiting teacher came over yesterday and cleaned the bathroom while I worked on my paper. Heh

: I have so much to do tonight. I really just want to cuddle up and do nothing, but I've got to finish my research paper and work on my group project and actually do the readings for 471... oh wait, our professor is out of town for two weeks, maybe I won't have to worry about quizzes.

I did decent on the test, compared to what I have heard from everyone else, and considering I didn't study one bit. I made up lots of answers on the short answer part though, which hasn't been graded yet. "Explain the rat study in Learned Optimism"... They taught mice how to push buttons and get food? No, apparently not.

Work in ten minutes. If only I had the kind of homework you could sneak under the counter and do while there's no supervisor around (most of my shift).

: Hmm, it's Tuesday. The rough draft of my research paper is due tomorrow. Am I working on it? No. I want to read through it one more time, do some more revisions, but I am tired. I'd also rather do it on a hard copy, and I don't have a printer. So I will just do my own revisions on my peer review copy tomorrow.

I can't believe how much time I have spent on this paper. I assume I'll get a good grade because I have done well on everything else in the class, with very little effort. Which kinda sucks because I think I really truly earned a good grade this time. Well, we'll see.

Today Nathan and I bought tickets for Harry Potter (on Friday) and The Two Towers (on December 18th). Yay! I also got my glasses fixed, worked on Kyra's birthday present (a recipe box), and bought groceries. Nathan slept on our couch. He has been sick for over a month I think. Poor boy. Well, I'd best get to work on... something or another.

How Cute: My visiting teacher (yes, as in the girl who cleaned the bathroom for me on Saturday... well, actually, the other one) brought by some ice cream and a note for me while I was running errands with Nathan. How sweet and wonderful and thoughtful is that???

Speaking of cute... Susie: I look like trash. Nathan: Cute trash!... Now I say "cute trash" all the time.

: My, how lonely it is with your whole family on another continent (strange, didn't consider that when it was ME on the other continent...) Maybe it's just because I am supposed to be finishing up my research paper. I was all excited to hurry up with work so I could go home and do it, but when it was time for me to go I wanted to stay and help fry chicken. Mer.

Well, I know have an excellent paper on the theory, validity and application of the Children's Depression Inventory. Would anyone like to read it??? C'mon, 9 single spaced pages of excellent writing, pleeeeease??

: Paper done. I can't look at it because I can't afford to print it out again if there are any mistakes. 32 pages. *bleh*

: My research paper is all turned in. I'm the only one that turned it in today (it's not technically due until December 4). Feels pretty good to have it out of my hair though. My skiing class suddenly got in the way of two presentations I was supposed to do on the 4th so they both have to be moved, but that is working out well today. I even have time for a nap before work, yay!

: Went to see "Chamber of Secrets" today. Didn't watch the scary parts. It was pretty good. Hermione is so cute! they need to make her hair uglier. Some of the acting was pretty foul, but I'll over look it. They played a LotR preview and now I am super excited to go see that one. yay!

: Carrie: So does your sister speak French? Susie: Yeah. Aaron: Wait a minute, how did you know she spoke French? Carrie: Cause she lives in London. Isn't London in France? ... Oh wait, it's in England. They speak English.

I feel so *blah* today. I am eating really yummy cough drops. I finally figured out what they taste like: those heart-shaped mickey mouse suckers they sell at school for Valentine's Day. mmm

: Carrie: Boys expect perfection. And when they realize they won't find it they get married.

That explains a lot. Why can't I find a boy who's already learned no one's perfect? Why do I have to keep teaching boys all they know about relationships so they can move on and use everything I taught them to make some other girl happy?

: Hoping to have Flaming Hot Cheetos for lunch (if Cosmo's carries them). I seem to update my journal a lot when there's not too much to read in everyone elses. Maybe it's because my family is far away and I'm lonely! Eh. Get over it.

: Today was a party. Julie and I cooked a lot and watched a movie. Now we are hanging out with Carrie and Julie's sister Tara, rewriting the scriptures from memory, making Christmas wish-lists and having tickle fights. Carrie: I love college. It's like a third grade sleepover... Well, what else do you expect?

: Today Nathan and I went to Jon and Sharon's for Thanksgiving. It was a lot of food and fun and family. When I got home, Carrie and I read for a couple hours and now we're about to put our second movie in. I have eaten approximately 17.8 pounds of vegetables today. mmm I hope there's no one out there more bored than us. If so, come watch a movie with us!

: No shopping for me today. I would probably go if I weren't afraid of getting run over. Just because I'm bored and I like shopping and I actually know what to buy some people. I work tonight. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing. Carrie and I have opposing work schedules that afford us zero time together today.

The furniture in our living room is arranged for spontaneous and continuous movie-watching. Sara's machete has fallen from above the window. Yesterday (and somewhat the night before) I read a lengthy collection of tales from the National Story Project. Very entertaining, I recommend. It's Kyra's. She had to read part of it for American Heritage

: Making Koolaid, eating Reeses bites, singing "I'm a Loser, Baby" and bonding with Carrie over boredom and poetry. The fewer the roommates, the more the craziness... Stop the insanity!

: Today Nathan and I rented "MST 3000". Having never seen it I didn't realize that it was pretty much like a normal episode. They had five or six episodes for rent at the video rental store. Very funny. One problem I did have with the movie is lack of theme song. The theme song is a crucial element! mer

I hear Mommy is safe in SF, put up in a fancy hotel for getting bumped. Yay! I missed my family, I'm glad to have them almost all back in the USA. Rachel comes home in three weeks! yay! I go home in less than three weeks! Also yay! I am thinking up a Christmas list. Things I need but don't have money to pay for. Heh. No ward council tomorrow morning

: Threw away bread that expired in August. It wasn't even moldy... Cheesecake for breakfast. Yummy. I painted my toenails red. Bought Nathan a birthday present. Got a new temple recommend. Brother Wiseman's tie said "mer" on it. My week of doing nothing is coming to an end. At least I'll be able to earn money again

: I had cheesecake for both breakfast and dinner today (lunch was fudge). When, after twenty minutes, FHE still hadn't started, I came home, made myself french fries and did an assignment. I have a lot to do this week, but it's notgetaheadableon. Bleh! I never thought I'd wish I had MORE Microsoft applications on my computer.

I took an available extra shift this week to make up for having to take Wednesday off to go skiing. Maybe it will pay for going skiing and some Christmas presents. Hey, Family and etc, what do you want for Christmas

: Mmm... I shouldn't write about cheesecake because everytime I see it I want more. I'm at the library with Julie. She went with me to rent my skis, which is good because I couldn't carry all that junk by myself. When Kyra gets off work, we're going shopping for Kristen&Tom. I need to do some Christmas shopping too, now that I know what *some* people want. Others I still have no clue (as usual). I remembered something we were going to buy Mom for Christmas last year except that we forgot about it.

I did my powerpoint presentation for Friday. Nothing special. I need to practice it though (roommates=guinea pigs). The boys in my class said I would need to buy a ZIP disk but it's only 50KB (thubba ti ti ti).

I am excited to buy Christmas presents. I love shopping for other people! If only I had money... and any idea what to buy.

: I went skiing today. Unbelievably, I did tons of other stuff too. The amount of stuff I have to do this week is driving me crazy.

I went skiing today. It was really fun, once someone actually believed me when I said I didn't know how to ski and showed me how to stop (that was all I needed to learn). Never managed to get off the lift without falling (not that I care), which was what led to the most interesting stories. One time the girl behind me only had one leg (one less ski to run into me when she fell). Another time both of my skis popped off and went flying. Yay for skiing. It's fun. I didn't break anything. It was more exciting than I'm making it sound, but other than skiing I had a terrible day and I just want to go to bed.

: Yay! I came home after 7 1/2 hours of work to some good news; my English professor is letting me have until monday to do my assignment. I still have a presentation to do in class tomorrow, but I think I can handle that if I get a 15 hour nap before preparing for it. Bleh. What a week.

: Do do do. Presentation in half an hour. I'm not as prepared as I ought to be, but I also don't care as much as I should. Bleh for school.

Saturday is a special day: It's the day we do everything due for the rest of the semester. Well, I have high hopes. Two groups projects, I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to be doing with those. A little English assignment and a 4 page paper for my spelunking/sled hockey/skiing/etc class. It'd 1030. I can do it.

Susie's Christmas List: small jar Carmex; quarters (for laundry); spare change (to put on my magic-food-printing-and-photocopying card); 1 sheet (18) postage stamps; White shells and cheddar; Kraft Macncheese; soup (tomato, veggie, etc); Hershey's kisses; Peanut butter chocolate chip granola bars.

: I am showing Julie how Newsbruiser works. Update: Julie: So how do you hear the theme song? Oh, it doesn't actually play?

: Today was a good day. Church was long and work was longer (actually not quite as long but I didn't have anything to do), but I had fun hanging out with Nate and my roommates. Our hometeachers came over and gave us a great lesson. Ok really I have no idea why today was so great, it just was. I love my brother.

I am soooo excited to go home!! I want to just take all my finals tomorrow and leave. Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that. I have to suffer through a lot first.

: In the past hour I finished all of my sections of two group projects due this week. yay! I have half of a paper left to do for Wednesday and a couple tests (finals). yay! I am almost done with school.

I just said I'd work for someone next Wed 7-11 AM. I'm only working two hours of my normal shift that day because I am going to see LoTR!!! that night. I was hoping to get more hours next week anyway. It's kind of early and I'll have to cook eggs, but I need the money, so yay.

I can't believe I'm done with this semester. I'll go finish my paper so I can actually truthfully say that. Be right back... Nevermind. I forgot I gave Chris my disks so he could finish his part of the project. I also remembered another assignment due today I haven't done yet. Bleh.

: I have survived this semester. Well, technically I have some finals to take, but they can't possibly cause excessive harm. yay! If I had more money I could buy people presents until it's time to go home.

: Julie: So if you find any tortillas that say "Julie" on them, they could be mine... Julie: I'm phlegm-acious/snot-a-licious.

: Nathan and I just got back from seeing "Star Trek: Nemesis". I wasn't looking forward to it so much, but it was really good! I thought it was hilarious, which probably wasn't the point, but it was funny. We are going to see LoTR on Wednesday and I am soooo excited! We also ate at European Connection Cafe. Yummy crepes!

I think I will take my first final tomorrow. Thursday is Nathan's 22nd birthday. Not sure what we're doing yet, but something. He got off work cause he thought he'd be going out with me, how cute. It's a cute day

: I told Nathan the story about the mother of all cats in Utah. He said "so, is your cat related to them? that WOULD have made the story just a BIT more interesting if the cat was related" and I said, how would you know? and he said "kittie paf" as in Personal Ancestral File.

: I told Nathan the story about the mother of all cats in Utah. He said "so, is your cat related to them? that WOULD have made the story just a BIT more interesting if the cat was related" and I said, how would you know (if the cats were related)? and he said "kittie paf" as in Personal Ancestral File.

: Today was pretty boring. I took a nap and studied. Julie and I went to the library so I could check out Harry Potter books, but it was closed. We went to the dollar theatre, but we'd missed anything worth a dollar. So I spent 45 minutes deleting junk off of Julie's computer, in hopes that it will run faster and be able to open programs. We also turned it off for the first time since who knows when. No wonder it didn't work. No wonder our utility bills are so high.

: I will be home in five days and three hours. Yay! I am really excited to see my family, and my pets, and to play my piano, and to have everything all Christmas-y and to sing with my sister and shop and gossip. Everytime I think about going home everyone has to hear all the reasons I'm excited about it. Sorry. Yay I get to go home in five days!

: Sadly enough, I may end up taking PE independent study the last semester of my senior year. Weight training, for that matter. It's pretty much my only option without a completely sucky work schedule (I already have acompletely sucky class schedule). This poses such problems as how to pay for independent study tuition and how to weight train.

: Took my 471 test today... the testing center system is down and I can't find out my score!!! Kristen got hit by a car last night (she's getting married in 10 days). She's fine, except she landed on her face and you can tell. On the bright side, I didn't figure book buyback into my budget and I got about 2/3 of my money back. That's especially good since I only bought the books I actually used. Time for work, and then sugar cookies!

: I finally got a sub for Wednesday night. Nathan was getting really anxious about being able to go see LoTR. Luckily, Beth was able to work for me. I thought of another thing for my Christmas list: toothpaste. I am rather particular though, so maybe I'll just buy it myself.

It's raining here. It hailed for about 45 seconds, but no snow. How sad. I should go to bed. I'm tired. I sure am busy considering I only have one more test to take.

: It has now snowed approximately one centimeter. Total. I got my research paper back today. I got 95% and I am very disappointed. I have my finance final tomorrow afternoon and then I'm FREE! I'll be home in three days! yay!!!!!

You know your rent is too high when: the management brought by lots of candy for us. Because single students must live in BYU-approved (and very limited) housing, things can get pretty ridiculous. We got free candy though.

Today is turning out to be a much better day than expected. Kyra drove me to work this morning, and it was really fun. I made two cases of pasta and invented some soup. My last final went well, and there wasn't a wait at the temple. Onward, to work and LoTR!

cool: Leonard's Hiptop is so much fun! I am having a hard time figuring it out, but it's still cool. What a neat toy. We are having fun doing Christmas-y things like wrapping presents and... Going in the hot tub. I suspect we will be making Christmas cookies later. Everyone (except one of Rachel's bags) got here safe and we are having fun.

A White Bakersfield Christmas: It's foggy. We have been doing lots of fun things around here. We made cookies last night, and Rachel and I took Gretel to a walk down to the Market to get Flaming Hot Cheetos. We had our traditional trying-to-convince-Mom-it's-a-tradition-to-open-a-present-on-Christmas-Eve fest, but it didn't work. It almost did, but Leonard insisted that it owuldn't be a tradition anymore.

Yesterday us kids went to see Grandma and Grandpa. We are all getting ready to go to Garry's in a few minutes to mingle with our cousins and aunts and uncles and then to return home and open the rest of our presents. We each opened one this morning; I got a very cute hat and scarf from Rachel. I am finding it hard to type on a normal keyboard after using my laptop for so long.

: We love Sumana! and Happy Christmas.

Very busy and tired. Today I slept and shopped and went to breakfast with Leonard (not in that order). I'm sick so I've been sleeping and reading a lot. Mom made us all PJs for Christmas and we look so cute and warm and fuzzy! I keep insisting we take a picture of us in our new pajamas, but we're never all home, awake, and PJed at the same time.

Rachel and I got home from shopping and were told dinner was in the kitchen. A turkey on the counter, with an upside-down laundry basket over it. Interesting. (The turkey was dead, and cooked for that matter).

I feel very clean: Today we're going to see "HP" (as Rachel calls it) and are taking Grandma out to dinner for her birthday. Mom and I spent most of yesterday "putting Christmas away" and cleaning. I insisted she see "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" so we picked that up and watched it. Quite funny.

Nothing else exciting is happening. I tried to find an internship by calling every hospital in the valley. Only two of them had even heard of my profession, and the most likely one is in Madera. I guess it could be worse...



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