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: Volunteered at the hospital today. We went upstairs and found some adorable "orphan" boys (most orphans in Romania have parents) and played with them for over an hour. It was fun because some of them could talk and they were a little older so we could play puzzles with them and color, use some of the older kid toys we brought. Those were some cute kids! Kristin N. and I had a conversation with one of the nurses. She was very nice. She talked a lot and asked a lot of questions several times until we finally figured out what she said and then gave one-word replies. It's fun to actually be able to communicate with people.

One of the worst things about the hospital is that all of the rooms have windows looking through all of the rooms. So you can see into all the rooms from any room on the side of the floor. On the main floor with the abandoned babies the mothers stand there staring at us the whole time. I hate it! And they ask us for stuff. Luckily there wasn't really anyone else on the floor with the older kids. There are lots of other terrible disgusting things about that hospital that people in America would hate but it's terrific considering what we were expecting.

Today Kristen and I took our very first cab all by ourselves. It wasn't very different from any of our other cabrides. In fact the only difference was that we told the driver where to go: McDonald's. It's really comforting to know that whenever we get lost we can just hop in a cab and say "McDonald's" and they'll take us home for under a dollar. Now we just have to hope they don't build another McDonald's.

Oh yeah. Everything in our house keeps falling apart (the bed, the chair, the doorknobs... it generally takes us about five minutes to lock the front door). Well, our cold water has been turned off three times now, for no apparent reason. They kindly left our hot water on all night (it gets turned off from 10-8) but the toilets don't flush when we don't have cold water. And we can't shower. Our radiators randomly get turned off too, but it happens quite often so I think it might be on purpose.

I am playing the keyboard in church tomorrow, oh the joy. We walked all the way home from the church last night and it took us about an hour. I was sick yesterday too and I have been very tired and "sleeping" a lot. I was in bed for about 13 hours last night but I only slept for like 7. Of course I had to get up at 0000 for dinner (I'm still not sure why it took that long to make dinner). Time goes by very quickly (to relate my last two random comments). We've already been here like more than a week or something. It's practically over already!

Oh yeah. Today a Roma woman (gypsy) stole Emily's bread right from her. The kids were running around us bugging us for money so we bought them bread but that apparently wasn't good enough. I finally yelled "Mergi!" (go!) at the little boy and they went running off to their mother. Brats. There are some street kids in Tatarasi we like, but they leave when we buy them food.


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