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: We were sent up here with the impression that the cheese here is basically inedible but we have found many varieties of cheese which we all quite like. Most recently, we tried these speadable brinza with different flavors. The smantana (sour cream) is actually pretty good. We have also discovered ciocolata that doesn't taste like cherries, really really yummy sour cream and onion chips and vanilla ice cream that doesn't taste like coconut. All I ate yesterday was junk *bleh*.

Last night all nine of us went out to eat at Little Texas for Kristen's birthday. It's apparently the most American food you can get here. Well, Denny's could have done better. We all agreed that the traditional Romanian food we've eaten so far was better, but maybe in a few months we'll be so desperate for "American" food it won't matter much.

Work at Section 2 is going very well. We have divided up the kids in our filtrul. We are very excited because the nurses are going to tell us what disorders the kids have and then we'll be able to learn how to help them better. We have already seen progress in many of the kids. Marian clapped spontaneously today after I taught him how, and I am going to teach Dumitru how to count.

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