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: Quote of the Day: Elder: You have to understand, I'm not used to having conversations in English. Kristin: You'd better get used to it because when you're mission's over you're going to have to talk in English.

This is by far my most expensive emailing venture. I've just been sitting around reading old emails (really OLD) and now I'm about to fall asleep. I still have a ton of stuff to do tonight. Like write in my journals. Like write letters (that's what I was up late last night doing). Like clean my room. Like read scriptures. I could be up all night doing that stuff, but I'll probably go to bed in two hours (that's 2330 and that's really late). Pa, pe timpul viitoare! Pofta buna si distractie placute! Va iubesc tare mult! pa pa prietenii mei!

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