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: Kristen and I didn't go to McDonald's last night. We went to Little Texas instead. Yeah, I know we're supposed to "avoid obvious American establishments" but we were hungry! Today at work we switched kids around. We just ended up playing with everyone else's kids. It was pretty fun. Kristen and I also have gotten a few of our kids to play "Ring Around the Rosie" and "London Bridge" with us. One of them has even figured out that when we yell "Cazut!" you're supposed to fall. And he didn't eat any playdough today.

The directoare told Lacra today how much she loves us again(that sentence sounds funny in English). She and the doctor are going to visit a special needs facility in Hungary next week, for an "expertise exchange" or something like that. We're excited that they want to be able to help the kids more. It's so cool when we see the workers randomly playing with the kids.

Today my little girl ran to me instead of the psychologist and she wouldn't talk to her either (ok she doesn't talk to anyone, but still). Even though I was happy she is attached to me (Little Miss Attachment Disorder of Section 2 even), I felt really bad for the worker.

Quote of the Day: Kristin: Top-ing is hard when you're top-ing for two. ("top" (pronounced "tsop") is the sound a frog makes when he hops.)

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