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: Today was a nice day of firsts. My first time buying coffee. My first time "paying" in coffee. My first (and second) time in a Romanian hospital as a patient. My first (and second and third) time getting my head x-rayed. My first (and second) time being introduced to someone, and actually having to say "Imi pare bine". My first time seeing someone insert food directly into his stomach with a funnel. My first time truly understanding how the Egyptians pulled out people's brains through their noses. My curiosity about the Romanian health system has been completely satisfied. Emily is getting a blood test done tomorrow. I'd rather have things stuck up my nose than in my veins.

The radio just said "Salt Lake City" and Kristen and I looked at each other. It's the first time I've heard a single thing about the Olympics here. At least I assume it was about the Olympics. Hey they just said it again! I was actually listening this time, but those are the only words I've understood at all. We went to see "A Beautiful Mind" which wasn't that great, and Jamie and I were pretty confused and scared together. We couldn't understand the English, it wasn't very loud and the accents were awful, and we didn't understand the subtitles either. And it was kinda scary and kinda weird.

My little gypsy boy can almost walk by himself! It's going to happen just anyday. After him there's just one more kid who can't walk. Well one more baby, there are three more who will probably never walk. I haven't written a thing in either of my journals today which will make tomorrow really busy. I had to dry my journal on the radiator last night. Drying my journal isn't that unusual but I've never had to do it on the radiator before.

Quotes for today: Stephanie: Inteleg putin Romaneste (I only understand a little Romanian). TakeNet guy: That was English. ... Susie: Is this supposed to be coming out my nose? Kristen: Did you inhale it?

Oh yeah, I wanted to distinguish between KristEn and KristIn. I live with KristEn. We work in the same filter at Section 2 with KristIn. Jamie and Lisa work there too, but in a different filter and they don't live with us, they live with Angela and Emily (who work at Section 1) and KristIn. KristEn and I live with Stephanie and Melanie (who also work at Section 1). Now you know.

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