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: Quote of the Day: Susie: I think she (Kristin's little nose-picker) gets a significant amount of her nourishment from boogers. Kristin: I wouldn't say a significant amount. Maybe 25%. Susie: That's a pretty significant amount of nourishment to be getting from boogers.

I don't have too much to say. My head has been feeling better since I started all these medicines Lacra's friend perscribed me. It's really hot today. I wasn't wearing my coat, something that causes random old ladies to come up to us and say "Frig! I-e frig!" The lady who x-rayed me at the second hospital yesterday was pretty upset with me when Lacra told her we didn't believe in the "curant." Romanians think babies will catch their death if a door is open and there is a breeze between the doors or something. I don't really get how it works, but obviously we don't believe in it. We also sometimes get concerned looks at work when we wear sandals. Actually, we wear sandals everyday, but don't our feet get cold in socks and sandals and a stinking hot building? No.

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