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: Yay, my kids have finally eaten some food, although that means I have to buy more diapers for them and that we had to clean up messes. We brought them some de-fatted yogurt and some rice with grease in it. We got to visit them twice because we didn't have to go la serviciu today. We also went to the Children's Hospital where I held the tiniest baby ever (five months). So stick skinny, and wet completely through her swaddle. The nurse put clothes on her instead of wrapping her in diapers when she changed her. There was noone in her box, or even in the rest of the filter. How lonely! Well, there were only like three other babies on the whole side of the floor, but still. The Children's Hospital really is more miserable than Spitalul Boli Infectioase. The floor is peeling apart. Actually, I wiped bubbles off the other floor today and it was pretty dirty. At least we see them mopping in the Children's Hospital.

: I don't think I've yet commented on the plethera of old people in Romania. I have several theories on it. 1- old people in America are all in retirement communities or nursing homes or something. 2- old people here have to work so they're outside a lot more 3- I'm outside a lot more 4- tramvaiuri and walking is how everyone gets around, so you see everyone going everywhere, as opposed to everyone being in their car. 5- I live in Provo and rarely see anyone over the age of 25. 6- people live longer here.

I think the old people in America are just hiding. Maybe they all live in Florida. The missionaries are coming over to dinner tomorrow.


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