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: Two of the street kids, Dragos and Daniel, came to church yesterday. They were so cute. Dragos wanted to "canta la pian" so bad. We had a pretend Easter too, because it was American Easter but we are missing Romanian Easter too. Kristin and Angela made dinner and there were a couple of Easter Bunny appearances.

Kristen and I have been walking around Iasi all day today. We walked to work and back, in Dacia, and then into town to buy and envelope and then down by the church stop to drop off reprints, and then up to Copou, to the special foreign country packages post office, and back to get our pictures and back home and we'll probably walk to work and back again tonight. It's such a nice day. I can hardly believe it snowed last week, for the first time since we first got here. Stupid weather.

Today almost our whole filter was outside and my little inquisitive boy found a humongous worm. And then tried to lick it. We finally threw it over the fence because some of the girls were screaming and crying and trying to kill it, and the boys all wanted to touch it. We found out they brush the kids' teeth. Some Swiss people were there on Friday, talking to the Director (I overheard her bragging about us in French) and then they brought lots of toys and clothes on Saturday. Our filter has two little tricycle things now.


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