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: Today I got a letter from someone who Loves Me Very Much. I also spent 2,600,000 lei on train tickets for myself and four of the other girls, to and from Constanta, on the Black Sea Coast. So I guess we're really going now. Lacra is leaving for America on the 11th. I hope nothing happens while she is gone. We get to have another picture day at the orphanage. I'm going to ask them to fix the girls' hair cute for my pictures. Maybe put them in dresses. They usually look pretty cute every other day or so, but our last picture day wasn't a great one.

It was really hot yesterday but today it is windy and a little cold. We walk to work and home when it's nice. We walk on this bridge over the railyard. I counted 27 tracks, eight of which have dead trains on them. Poor trains. Mommy, there is a caboose I will bring home for you in my suitcase. I register for classes on Monday. I am looking for somewhere to live right now. I might want to live somewhere at some point.

: Last night we went to dinner at the Stoica's. It was really good, some pasta stuff and her pratituri cu mere. We got the recipe for it, finally something Romanian, easy to make, and really yummy. I was getting worried I was going to have to make sarmale anytime anyone wanted to try Romanian food. Sarmale takes hours to make and I don't even like it. Fratele Stoica works for Paste Giani. They gave us some pasta to take home. The neighborhood they live in is kind of scary. I've never been down that way, it's on our street, a couple tram stops the other direction.


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