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: Today I got two letters my mom sent me from two missionaries: Elder Whitney in Uruguay and Elder Blockburger in Brazil. My expectations were fulfilled. I am sending them both letters after emailing and acting like a stupid clueless American in an attempt to get a package someone sent to an address I don't have proof I live at. In reality I know I need proof to get the package, and I can explain that to them, but I think the less Romanian they think I know the better.

Last night we Section 2 girls went to Doina's house for dinner. It was so good! She made us this whole four or five course meal, and we sat around talking with her son and his girlfriend and looking at her pictures and stuff. I love going into people's homes. Doina's really matched her. She has a cat. I think I am allergic to it.

Lacra is leaving for America tomorrow. I'll probably never see her again. We are all going to Little Texas tonight. We get to take more kid pictures on Saturday. We have to make scrapbooks for the director and for Lacra. Which means more reprints, yay. I'm reprint-ed out.


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