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: I had a great day. My feet hurt. I need a long sleep.

: Tomorrow morning Mom is leaving for Washington. I'm going to be ALL ALONE for almost TWO WEEKS! I might go down and meet Rachel at the beach. And at least I'll have the pets for company. I might leave the house now and then. Mom has made me a lovely list of things to do in case I get too bored.

: Today I went to the Post Office and parked next to a giant, hotdog-shaped talent search truck with Wisconsin plates. And then I found out that despite popular belief, in my house at least, the postage rate doesn't go up until June 30th and they aren't even selling 37 cent stamps yet.

: I went out to the garden and picked four zucchinis, a cucumber and some strawberries. Two of the zucchinis weighed more than Jellybean. I had to throw them into the green waste bin. I get to go back to the dentist tomorrow, yay!

: Gretel is whimpering and wants out of bed and I can't blame her. I had to leave her outside all day while I went to work and it was really hot. But I had to walk her while I had the energy and it's past her bedtime anyway. Maybe I will take her to the beach to make up for it. What a novel idea!

: Well, I went to the dentist again today and learned that whatever muscles wrinkle my nose have to be numbed for dental work. My jaw hurts and still somehow I can't feel it. But I don't have to go back for six months!

: Zucchini Adventures. Yesterday I accidentally cut into a baby zucchini with a knife. This morning I decided I wasn't going to eat it anyway so I might as well throw it away. But I didn't have a gate key so I left it by the fish pond to throw out later. This afternoon Gretel carried it into the house for me. This evening she started chewing on it, in two different rooms. There are zucchini bits in three different places, but I can't see any large piece of zucchini, which worries me. Now, Gretel is actually eating pieces of it off the floor while waiting for me to let her back into the kitchen so she can steal some German pretzels and have gas all night.

Today Gretel also played with: an empty cat food can and a glow-in-the-dark ball I got at a career fair my freshman year of college which I pulled out from under the couch today (along with four or five other dog toys). I pulled weeds and now I am baking pretzels.

: Today I went to see Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (by myself). Then, while gardening, I managed to lock myself out of the house (and into the backyard). Then, not two minutes later, I brought half the pot-holder-upper thingy down. Gretel and I had a lovely walkies today. It was just nice. I made her some eggs and she pulled the rug over the bowl. When I kicked the rug off, she started eating, but now the bowl is nowhere to be found. I picked up all the chewed up zucchini from yesterday though.

We have the kind of garbage disposal we had my freshman year at college. You would think that the garbage disposal not turning off would be classified as at least semi-emergency, but maintenance didn't come to fix it for at least a month later, after we had also broken the breaker by using it to turn the disposal on and off. At the end of the year I made cookies for a guy in exchange for his help in cleaning it out and he found an earring of Alaina's. Those were the days of many appliance adventures. *sigh*

: I keep dreading going to work and then I remember that it's fun. Why do I have to keep telling myself that? It's fun. I like my job. What's the problem? Maybe it's the thought of sitting in my 106 degree car for 15 minutes to get there. That must be it.

: I only had one kid in my Primary class today, but he only said "mashed potatoes" once. I got invited to dinner at the Nationses tonight and to this ward FHE thing tomorrow night. I get to go see my sissy tomorrow!!! Woohoo.

Last night I worked overtime. I may actually even get paid overtime for it. I've never actually been paid overtime, even though I worked 35 hours some weeks last summer (student limit is 20). Because in the summer, it's 40. Even if you're in school full-time. Jerks.

: The other day I read in the Sports section that this kid I went to high school with (I think he was Homecoming King (oh excuse me, Mr. BHS)) got drafted (is that what they call it?) by the Cleveland Indians in the second round. I was telling someone at work the other day (coincidentally, the little sister of another kid I went to high school with) about the football players that were in my physics class. "They were in Physics???" she said. Well, it wasn't Honors.

: I have joined the creative dream circle. This morning I dreamt that we were moving into the Louvre, except it looked more like a junk yard. Mom sent me and Rachel into this building (that's how we found out it was the Louvre) to find something to build a fence with so we could move the horse in. There, in a library or something, were Mr. Nelson and Mr. Wilmot, my high school chemistry and physics teachers. People were going all over the place on escalators, and I think I got left behind because I wasn't packed at some point. I dream about that a lot, that I'm not packed for a trip or something. I dreamt that before going to Romania; I had only brought one skirt. I only ended up bringing two, one of which I didn't wear, so I think it would have turned out ok in that case. You remember weird things when you're woken up by a dog licking your nose.

Speaking of dog, she brought me a [green] tomato and put it on the bathroom rug. I also found the dish with the eggs in it. It was outside. Doggie and I are going to Riverside now to go on a picnic with Rachel and to help her move some of her stuff home.

: One thing I really hate about Bakersfield heat (it's actually only been in the low 90s since last week) is how it's still hot after it gets dark. I feel like there should be a nice cool breeze when it's dark. I dislike going walkies in the stiffling heat that should be reserved for 12-3 pm.

Had a lovely time in Riverside. Gretel only threw up once. She didn't believe we were going to see Rachel but she was pretty excited once Rachel actually appeared. She also had a good time running around the park tied to a tree with a 25 foot leash. My left arm is quite sunburnt.

I killed my first black widow yesterday (unless you count the one I pointed out to mom, who then killed it). Mom bought me this cool toy that squirts poison up to four feet. Although, it doesn't kill on contact like it says; it takes about 15 or 20 seconds. I've been arming myself with it everytime I go into the garage, just in case that spider comes out again, and I finally got it. The world can go round in safety now, never knowing the danger it was in.

: I went to Target today and bought myself a journal with litte kitty footprints on the pages. I was going to buy many other things, including a heavy-duty, Sister Nations style garlic press, but I refrained. Actually, they were out.

There was a "no broomsticks allowed" sign on the Von's (Vons'? Vons?) door.

: Last night I dreamt it was Fall Semester. this dreaming thing is getting out of hand!

: My mommy comes home today *clean clean clean*. I am excited. We miss her! Huh, gretel? (she perks up.)

: I just got back from my fourth trip to the dentist this Summer. One of my new fillings was feeling weird and they ended up redoing it. They had to give me three novacaines before my lip even started to go numb and now I am numb all the way up to my scalp (although I can still wrinkle my nose because I only got it on my bottom teeth). Hopefully I won't have to go back anymore.

People keep asking me when I'm leaving. Next week. No, I don't know when!

: I have packed a little for my return to college. This is the last time I am moving to college. I think I've been home for about five months since I started and maybe for another three weeks before I graduate. Well, measured that way I really am practically done with school! I am now going to call my new apartment complex, find out when I can move in, and then decide when I'm leaving.

: Tonight we had a lovely dinner party. The Elders, the Theissens, Brother Black and Jon were here besides me and mom. There were three games of chess (Jon, Jon, Elder Evans) and one game of Scrabble (very surprizingly, me) played. It was quite a bit of fun.

Rachel, I wore that "silly" shirt I bought for $7 today and Mom said "that's a really cute shirt." =P

: Today I worked at two CSUB graduations (social sciences and humanities and physical sciences, or something like that). When I got there, I parked way out in a soccer field and counted the rows so I'd be able to find my car. When I left, there was only one other car, parked in another field. While serving punch I saw a girl wearing the same shirt I wore yesterday, the "silly" one Rachel didn't think I should buy.

: Today I taught my last Primary lesson (on Reverence) and actually managed to (accidentally) be insensitive about Father's Day to a little girl whose parents just got divorced. Well she didn't seem too broken up about it.

: mom's description of a SAT 9 classroom reminded me, and she may agree, of the house I lived in the last time I lived in Utah. I am leaving for Utah around 430 Thursday morning. I'm almost all packed, and it's going to fit quite nicely in my car (especially considering it took me three trips to bring it all home last time). My apartment complex is letting me move in on Thursday and although I don't know where I am living yet, they said they would be trying to group people by age.

My classes for Summer Term start Monday, June 24th. I am taking Management of Leisure Services and Family History and Genealogy. I think I am going to drop the 1 credit class I was taking to be a full-time student since I didn't get any financial aid requiring me to be so. I'm excited to get back into the "swing" of things. I am once again moving into a new apartment complex and a new ward, with all new roommates and all new everything. I've probably already said that but I don't care. How can people go through college with the same three roommates and I've already had 39?

: I just got an email from one of my professors for Summer term. I like that he uses email. My car is (almost) all packed. I'm really tired; Rachel wouldn't let me take a nap. We gave each other pedicures instead. Now I can go to bed early and get up super early to go to Utah. I'm not going! (oh yes you aa-re!!)

: I'm safe! I'm in Utah! It looks pretty much the same. Yesterday I went to the mall with Aunt Sandi and Shelley, who is moving into Heritage Halls today, and then I moved myself into my new apartment. Today I went shopping and shopping and shopping and unpacked everything I bought. My roommates are pretty nice. I haven't met one of them yet and another one I've only seen once. I am slightly less tired today than I was yesterday afternoon.

Kristen called me while I was debating which toothbrush holder to buy at Target. It was fun to talk to her. I became one of those annoying people who talk on their cell phone at the store, until she had to go pick out shoes to go with her wedding dress. It's always something.

One of the most depressing things about driving to Utah is a big fat sign that says "Salt Lake City 547 miles). The only thing more depressing its it's serious!! Mileage signs should not be allowed more than 350 miles away from the destination.

At ShopKo I saw bedding that was also a Twister game. Maybe this is just me, but I don't think people should be encouraged to play Twister on their beds. Speaking of beds, we had to move mine yesterday, and the cinder blocks it stands on. It took FIVE of us, and we still did an inefficient job.

: Well A LOT happened this weekend, but I have class in five minutes so you'll just have to wait. Our ward is really fun, and my roommates are great. On the bad side, Sunday feels pretty short when we get home from church at FIVE PM.

: So I went to my class only to find out I don't need it. (I thought it was a little suspicious that I was the only person in there with my emphasis). Well I found another RMYL class I can take but it's the same time as my other class and I have 29 minutes to do something about it before they both start. Gack!

: Ok. I actually have time to sit in front of a computer and not worry about fixing my schedule (for this semester at least... now Fall is all messed up). This was quite the disaster, although it would be worse if I actually had the job I was trying to plan my schedule around (I have no officially failed at that). I am now taking Family History and Genealogy (at a different time) and Legal Aspects and Risk Management in Leisure Services. I dropped Management of Recreation Services which I thought was a prerequisite for Legal Aspects. Well, it is, but not one I have to take. Yeah, that's what I said.

So I still have five credits, my classes start (and run) two hours later and for some reason my Legal Aspects professor is going to be out of town for three weeks.

My very first day at BYU someone told me that by the time I was a Senior I would be stopping in the halls to talk to someone every five minutes. Last Friday I was recalling that and wondering at how I hadn't seen anyone I knew. Well, I've seen lots of people I know now. I just ran into Mike, aka Wall, from my Shakespeare class and Amy, from past and present RMYL classes. We had a lovely chat in the Bookstore. It seems like there are very few boys in RMYL classes and that most of the girls are married. Actually, I don't think all these girls were married when I had them in classes last Summer and Fall. I also saw Cassie Taylor, Cami and two guys from my Sophomore ward.

I have been having lots of fun with my roommates and hanging out in the ward and stuff. We have church at 140 which is an awful time, but the ward is really fun and there are lots and lots of cute guys. We went next door on Saturday night and played lots of games (mostly the kind that offer lame excuses to sit on each others laps or hold hands or laugh at each other). It was a ton of fun. Last night was ward prayer and that was pretty fun too. We hear this is a pretty social ward. My roommates are great. I've actually met them all now. Michelle (22), Angela (21), Laurie (20), Colette (20) and Kyra (17). Laurie is my roommate and keeps going home. Coincidentally enough she is Good Friends with a young man from my freshman ward who just finished a mission to Romania. I tried to teach her something to say to him in Romanian (he got up here last night to start school today) but I wasn't so successful.

I am having a blast. Oh yeah. I get to return the book I bought for the class I dropped and then I'll have spent aproximately $11 on books this semester. woo hoo!

: Never at any point was I in a tent at which a bear clawed. It galloped up, growled a little and galluped away. We thought it was a horse, except for the growling. And for that matter we were in a little tent, there were only two of us. =P The part about Sister Delaney saving our lives is true though. One of the other leaders prevented Victoria from heading to the port-a-pit in her sleep and getting eaten, also.

Every single one of my roommates has a cell phone, which is a fairly good thing since our apartment phone sucks. It falls off the table everytime you answer it and the three button (essential to every Provo and cell number) doesn't work. We have a new phone but in my sleep I heard that it won't charge, and therefore can't use it yet. Not that I've used the phone or anything.

: I finally got my internet hooked up at home and I've spent the past hour and a half being frustrated with PAF. It's pretty hopeless. Tonight I am going to see "A Beautiful Mind" with some of my roommates at the dollar theater. In Romania, every theater is a dollar theater.

: The Five-Minute Crush Story Ok. So how often do you like a guy and he calls you and asks you out on a date? Ok say you develop a crush on a guy and he calls you that night. Say he barely knows you- say you've only been living in that state for five days. Like NEVER, huh? It's never happened to me at least. Well, guess what? I've got a date!

I got a tiny crush on him at approximately 928PM, told my roommates at about 933, he came over around 1115, and talked to my roommate a lot (one who didn't know about my crush), I decided he had a little crush on her and got my crush over with, then he calls at 1205 and asks me out. Turns out he came over to ask me out but there were like a billion people in our apartment. So he went home and called me. Isn't that sweet? And I thought it was going to be one of those little crushes you have on the boys who'll never ask you out and can barely remember your name. I've made one (1) friend!

: I think I forgot to mention that on Saturday, Jon and Sharon and all their kids came down (except for the ones they came down to get) and we hung out with Aunt Sandi and Shelley. It was really fun. They came over to my apartment briefly afterwards and I said to Angela "these are my cousins" as they came (and came and came) in. She's like, oh. They're so cute! I like having all these cute cousins around.

: Bleh. It has been the longest, most emotional day ever, on top of which I have reverted back to the college student's inability to get to be before 1 AM. Of course, I'm not saying it was a bad day, except for maybe the case study analysis paper which I have due in nine hours and which sucks terribly. On the bright side, I only have one class tomorrow, and a date, and Michelle and I are going to do laundry and I'm going swimming in my new yellow swimming suit and I don't have my Legal Aspects class at all next week. (Isn't that weird? There are two other weeks we don't have class either!) So I only have four hours of class next week... Interesting. If only I had a job to occupy my time. Oh yeah, and I have to (get to) go to a Family History workshop. I have to go to one every week. Next week is on PAF which is good because I can't figure it out.

I think I laughed more today than I have in quite a long while. We laughed at everything today. On the way back from the temple dedication, Michelle said "the signs are nagunda". Angela works in a building which also stores bones (really big bones), so we got ourselves nice and creeped out finding the bathroom and then opened the door onto each other, so I screamed, so Michelle jumped. Then this guy at Smith's was scratching his back... and it was just really really funny...

We (a bunch of people in the ward) are going Disco Skating on Saturday night. I invited Shelley to come. We're all pretty excited. We get to dress up and everything. On my date tomorrow, the guys are making us (ok I don't know who "us" is, I hardly know anyone in the ward) dinner and then we are going to the Church History and Art Museum in Salt Lake.

: My date was pretty fun. We ended up cooking dinner, going to the Folk Dance Ensemble performance and then hanging out at the guys' apartment for a while. I am really tired. We're going Disco skating tomorrow night. That should be pretty fun. I am wearing Rachel's green dress.

: In my ward, the Elders go to Enrichment. The Bishopric is feeling pretty desperate about the rate of engaged couples in our ward; there were only four last year, the lowest in the 15th stake (the high was 45 which means half the ward was engaged).

Last night on my date we compared chastity talks, between RS and Priesthood and different wards/stakes. It was an interesting conversation, although probably second to why do girls shed so much?

: Kevin just came over to borrow a pair of pants from me.

: Disco-ing was pretty fun. Not as fun as I expected it to be, but more fun than it would have been if I hadn't expected it to be fun. I ended up going with Shelley and Kyra. I skate about as badly as I thought I did, but I didn't fall at all, and we spent the last hour dancing away. There was a nice display of my clothes (on me, Shelley, Kyra, and Kevin), more than one item of which was inherited from Aunt Carolyn.

I had fun getting the rats out of my hair. Sadly, I wasn't even the person with the biggest hair at the disco. My feet hurt. Luckily we don't have church for another 12 1/2 hours. Kyra and I are making cookies before church, and tacos afterwards, for our apartment.

: Today being the fifth Sunday in the month of June, Relief Society and Elder's Quorum were combined and we had a lesson on... memories, love, dating and marriage!!! I find it interesting that in the two weeks I've been in this ward there have been three appearances by members of the Stake Presidency. However, Angela assures me that it's never happened before. Oh, and I found out that the official title of the Thursday night Institute class is "Finding your Eternal Companion through Friendshipping." No, really.

: Kyra and I lingered 2 hours longer at Linger Longer. I got to talk to Kevin a lot- even more than I did on our date. He was telling me how he calls his grandma- that's so cute! It's barely midnight, but I'm going to be up until past 130 again. As usual.

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