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: Today I went to the Post Office and parked next to a giant, hotdog-shaped talent search truck with Wisconsin plates. And then I found out that despite popular belief, in my house at least, the postage rate doesn't go up until June 30th and they aren't even selling 37 cent stamps yet.

: I went out to the garden and picked four zucchinis, a cucumber and some strawberries. Two of the zucchinis weighed more than Jellybean. I had to throw them into the green waste bin. I get to go back to the dentist tomorrow, yay!

: Gretel is whimpering and wants out of bed and I can't blame her. I had to leave her outside all day while I went to work and it was really hot. But I had to walk her while I had the energy and it's past her bedtime anyway. Maybe I will take her to the beach to make up for it. What a novel idea!


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