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: I only had one kid in my Primary class today, but he only said "mashed potatoes" once. I got invited to dinner at the Nationses tonight and to this ward FHE thing tomorrow night. I get to go see my sissy tomorrow!!! Woohoo.

Last night I worked overtime. I may actually even get paid overtime for it. I've never actually been paid overtime, even though I worked 35 hours some weeks last summer (student limit is 20). Because in the summer, it's 40. Even if you're in school full-time. Jerks.

: The other day I read in the Sports section that this kid I went to high school with (I think he was Homecoming King (oh excuse me, Mr. BHS)) got drafted (is that what they call it?) by the Cleveland Indians in the second round. I was telling someone at work the other day (coincidentally, the little sister of another kid I went to high school with) about the football players that were in my physics class. "They were in Physics???" she said. Well, it wasn't Honors.


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