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: Never at any point was I in a tent at which a bear clawed. It galloped up, growled a little and galluped away. We thought it was a horse, except for the growling. And for that matter we were in a little tent, there were only two of us. =P The part about Sister Delaney saving our lives is true though. One of the other leaders prevented Victoria from heading to the port-a-pit in her sleep and getting eaten, also.

Every single one of my roommates has a cell phone, which is a fairly good thing since our apartment phone sucks. It falls off the table everytime you answer it and the three button (essential to every Provo and cell number) doesn't work. We have a new phone but in my sleep I heard that it won't charge, and therefore can't use it yet. Not that I've used the phone or anything.

: I finally got my internet hooked up at home and I've spent the past hour and a half being frustrated with PAF. It's pretty hopeless. Tonight I am going to see "A Beautiful Mind" with some of my roommates at the dollar theater. In Romania, every theater is a dollar theater.


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