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: So last night for FHE we played various school-yard games and then ate popsicles. Then Kyra and I watched Rush Hour with Cody and Kris, some guys from our FHE group. Well, we got mostly through the movie when the power started flipping off and on... and off and on for about five or ten minutes. Then it just stayed off. The pigeon holes we live in are pitch black, and although we had flashlights and lit some candles, it was much more fun to go sit outside on the grass and watch the firetrucks. Yes, there is a fire, but it's on the mountain. The firetrucks down here were just shining light on the blown fusebox down the street.

The power was only actually off for 45 minutes or so, but we just stayed outside, eating grass, flirting and meeting people. There were at least 3 other blocks without power, probably more since the four I saw were all on one side of the broken line. It was pretty exciting.

Today I am going to visit Maria. But first I must find some breakfast. *forage*

: Today I went to see Maria and had fun with her and her cute kids. Then I did Family History until Cody came over and we hung out until 1200. We're watching a movie now, as usual, which means I'll have to get up tomorrow and do my little genealogy assignment.

: I went to bed way earlier when I had twice as many roommates. I also ate healthier. I need to start cooking some real food. I did some more genealogy today; it is looking more organized although I still wish I had the remainder of what I had at home. For some reason it won't open properly when Mom sends it.

: I saw an Alsatian yesterday, with long hair and a cute face. She let Maria's almost-two-year-old climb all over her. She liked me, even more than the two-year-old. Michelle and I went in the hot tub this evening. We both took huge naps too. We're having a BBQ tomorrow, with some of her friends cause I don't really have anyone else to hang out with. Three of my roommates are "not here," for the weekend although I never see much of Laurie.

: I just found a very silly entry while looking for what I said about last year's Stadium of Fire, which I watched today from a hill behind Wymount. We had a great view.

I hung out with various friends of Michelle all day. We had a BBQ and then went swimming. Ben and Jeremy taught me how to throw a football. Michelle and I cooked dinner and made an Eclair Cake together and then we waited for and watched lots of fireworks. It took us 45 minutes to drive 2 miles home. We should have walked.

: Last night I went to bed before 130 for the first time since I moved to Utah. It helped that half of my roommates are out of town and I was exhausted from swimming and being in the sun all day. Today I got up and went to the Law Library. Now I am doing laundry, which I've been putting off in an attempt to have full loads and save money. While doing this, I've discovered I don't have enough clothes to afford me the luxury of lying on grass for extended periods of time more than twice a week.

: This being only my second (official) Saturday here, I managed to forget that we have cleaning checks every week. Isn't that awesome! Every week, the whole apartment has to be vacuumed and Shower Powered. Three of my roommates are out of town (still), two of them left notes for the cleaning person, and one of them has just disappeared, which isn't good since she failed last week's cleaning check for the same reason. "They" threaten to actually do something if you fail three of them.

So I need to go clean the "Right Bathroom." We have two bathrooms. Have I mentioned that yet? I wrote Case Study #2 today. (That's some homework I have.) Michelle and I sat out by the pool yesterday. I rather haphazardly slapped on a bit of sunscreen and then toasted. Now I have smeary non-sunburnt spots on my shoulders, while my upper arms and neck are much pinker. Interesting.

This week I am actually going to go look for a job. I've been looking, but not going. If nothing better comes up, I'm moving to Belgium next Summer to work for the US Army.

: Yes, that timestamp does say 345AM MDT. I just got home. I was out with Cody. hehehe. For the past 6 hours. How come every time I hang out with him, my clothes end up smelling like grass?

: Today was a good day, except for when my roommate got hit in the face with a baseball, which happened to be originally thrown by me. Actually, digging the baseball out of the bushes to play with it in the first place wasn't so fun, and the two hours we spent trying to find someone to put her teeth back in wasn't very fun either. Luckily, the ER eventually found us a very nice young man (a dentist), who let us lie around on the floor while he took his turn mopping up the blood. That was when I discovered how badly those bushes got me.

Anyway, so after talking to my mommy (Someone Very Important told me to ask my family about any decisions I have to make), and crying on my (other) roommate's shoulder, I hung out with Cody for a bit (not Kevin, we're friends) (ok Cody and I are friends too, but I'm not sure what kind) (ok like two hours) and now I'm going to go to bed because I feel really sick and it's been a long day and driving all over Provo with bloody teeth in my hot car really didn't help that any.

: Today has been a much better day so far. I got up and Kyra and I went out to the pool. There weren't too many people out there, and I got to swim by myself. Then I did a bunch of homework and went to Sunset View to see if I could get my old job back (they're out of school this week). Now I'm sitting around waiting for this hot party happening at our place tonight. Maybe I'll take a nap since I still didn't get much sleep (up late hanging out with a boy and avoiding my house).

Becky Schmidt, one of my roommates from freshman year, is getting married in Nauvoo on July 25th. Hurray for her! She's the first to get married. Four girls I lived in the Bingham house with are now married (and Stacy is getting there, and of course, Kristen from Romania is getting married in three weeks), but none of my other roommates have gotten married yet. I may drive up to Idaho to go to a wedding reception, depending on whether or not I can get someone to go with me. In addition to that wedding announcement, I got a postcard from my little sis.

: What does this mean?

: Today's been a long day. I had classes, then I went out to the pool, then Kyra and I went to Old Navy and Macey's (a grocery store). I bought a cute hat. Then we popped in on the Institute Party. It's hot and tired around here.

: Tonight I missed my kids, watched Kyra cut Brandon's hair, and hung out with Cody. I went to buy some new pants, but instead I ruined my old ones by spilling melted, grape-flavored, sparkly chapstick on them. I'm actually more sad about the chapstick. So Kyra and I are going to go shopping tomorrow and I'm actually going to buy some pants. Then I'm going to go play the piano on campus, make up a workshop and take my FH test. Then we're going to Institute. Maybe I'll hang out with Cody tomorrow night too.

Oh yeah, I asked out this guy Jon on a date. Actually, I had to, it was my part of the 25 cent dare (long story which resulted in Kyra and I getting home at 330 Monday morning). I had to ask out one of Brandon's roommates, and today Jon (the cutest one) showed up at our door and I said "hey you wanna go out with me?" and he said "sure, I don't see why not." So we're going out next weekend when he gets back into town. That means I have to plan a date and not have a boyfriend by then.

Also, Kevin came by to return the pants he borrowed. He ironed them. He irons almost everyday, he told me last night at a party at my house. Shortly thereafter I discovered we do indeed have an iron, which is good in case I ever decide to wear (or wash) either of my two items of clothing that require ironing.

: I feel very productive today, which is important. Then I don't get so bored. I got up and Kyra and I went shopping. I got a red shirt and a pair of jeans at DI ($10) and a pair of jeans at the mall ($8). Then I went on campus. I played the piano in the HFAC, then I ran into Shelley and we talked about boys for a while. Then I took my FH test (100%!!!), did some quick assignments in the lab and then attended the workshop which was cancelled on Monday. Now I am home and I have a piece of grass in my hair and I'm going to Institute with Kyra in a couple hours.

: Institute was good. It totally confused me about my relationships though. Then I went in the hot tub with Cody and Kris (and 500 other people) and we ate some chicken and sat around talking until 120 with a bunch of other people in the ward.

I tried to get a guy (Casey) (who heard rumors that Cody and I "hang out a lot") to ask Kyra out for next weekend (she doesn't ask boys out) so they could go with me and Jon. Casey, Kyra and I have this joke about how much we love him but he's too good for us because he only dates ugly women. (One time he was in the parking lot when Kyra and I got out of the car singing "if you want to be happy for the rest of your life..." He agrees.) Unfortunately, he's busy, but then Luke, overhearing, asked her out, so she "gets" to come anyway.

: Well, today turned out to be an excellent day. I slept in, did a little homework, toasted by the pool for two hours, and made pretzels. Kyra and I planned on going to the Open Air Cinema with Casey and some other people and then Cody called and invited us to go. So we went to that (The Three Amigos) and then Cody came over and the two of us went to the park to play on the swings. And talked for 2 1/2 hours.

I also heard from my mommy and she is home safe and found some good mail for me waiting. Tomorrow's going to be a good day too.

: Yeah, today was a great day. I got up fairly early, and made a quick visit to the cemetary. Church was pretty good; I learned something at least. Then as soon as I walked in the door, Liz called. She came over and we talked forever. She's going to go to Becky's reception in Idaho with me. Then I went to Cody's on my way home from walking her out and hung out with him and/or his roommates the rest of the night. He blames me for keeping him up late. Me!

I have quite a bit of homework to do this week. I need to get started on my project for FH. The Call Reunion is next week; luckily it's Pioneer day and my RMYL class is also cancelled on Friday, so I only have classes on Monday of that week. But I have to live through this week first. Maybe I will get a job. Maybe I will get some mail. Maybe I will get some homework done. What A Concept.

: Oops this accidentally got posted twice. Hi. It's 141 AM. You should be in bed. I should be too. Goodnight (I said good morning to two people on the way to church at 130 PM so I can still say goodnight). (So there).

: I'm going to Salt Lake City tomorrow morning.

I wish I had a printer to print out my genealogy. I had to copy what I thought I'd need by hand. I wish I had more time to sleep. I wish the two papers I have due on Wednesday were written. I wish I could still be here for when my Express Mail letter comes. Oh well.

I have to go to Salt Lake to do my work because the Utah Valley Regional Family History Center doesn't have Arkansas marriage records on microfilm, not that I know how to use a microfilm or anything. I did learn how to find them today though. In seven hours I'm going to Salt Lake with Cody. And his family. To do genealogy. Yeah, that's what I said. We just got done watching Moulin Rouge (and staying over a tad past curfew (she still wasn't dead when we finally turned it off)).

I had a good day. I think.

: I am so tired! I had such a great day! I am so incongurous! I'm not even sure what that means! I finally made it to sleep after 130 and woke up for good after four hours of tossing and turning. That was ok though because I managed to get my case studies almost completely done before meeting Cody at 745. Then we drove to Salt Lake, got a little lost in the parking garage, and did lots of genealogy. It's harder than I thought it'd be. I didn't actually flat out find anything that I was looking for. However, I know what I'm doing now, I know where not to look, and I got some hours I can count toward my project.

And then when I got home I had a letter waiting for me on my bed. It was worth the $14 to get it here in one day just to get the suspense over with. At lunch my fortune cookie told me that I "will soon receive pleasant news of a personal nature." Things are about as I expected. Exactly as I expected. Realistic expectations. We are eating Eclair Cake at my house.

I just looked up "incongruous" and I used it correctly. I am so tired. I want to take a nap, but I really just want to cuddle. *cuddle* I need some cuddling. (Collette gave me a hug, that helped =)).

: I used our apartment phone for the first time on Saturday (to call Cody back after I (accidentally) hung up on him, I think).

Quotes... Laurie:Do you want your finger to become soggy?

Michelle: Maybe he's Mormon! Maybe he goes to BYU! ROUTE Y!!!

Susie: It's kinda hard to dance in this position (unfortunately there is a picture that goes along with that quote).

A Roommate Who Prefers Not to Be Named (but we all know who it is anyway): I am totally smitten with like four guys. Another Roommate: How many??? The Aforementioned Unnamed Roommate: Two.

: Angela (to Susie and Michelle): You guys are a lot alike. Michelle spits her food out.

Michelle and I say everything the same. It's actually kinda scary sometimes. But most of the time it's really cute.

: Class. um... I can't remember what I did all evening. This guy, Josh, in the ward came over and visited for a while. I did laundry. Oh yeah, I took a nap on the couch. Well, that only leaves three hours unaccounted for. I probably spent it gossiping with my roommates. We played with this Tinkerbell addicting annoying light thingy Michelle brought back from Disneyland, planned our weekend (Angela's birthday, who's not sleeping over at the Enrichment sleepover on Friday, and dates on Saturday night). Yeah, I can see how that took up three hours of my life.

Michelle and I had some dinner (we've eaten the entire cake) together. I got coerced into praying over our pizza in Romanian last night (the first prayer I ever said aloud in Romanian) so tonight Michelle prayed in Spanish. Michelle: It's so bad to laugh during a prayer. I'm surprised you didn't get smoted. Susie: What does "smoted" mean? Michelle: I don't know, but it's BAD.

I'm not sure if I was eating dinner again or still in the same spot when Cody and John came over and we hung out and then we went to the store and then to Cody's and his roommate was in the ER and we hung out in the parking lot until 130. *silly Michelle laugh to punctuate that* *hehe*

I feel like I should be more tired than I am, considering what time it is. BTW, I ran into Melanie (Cody's roommate's girlfriend) on the way home from finding Kyra (she was out late, alone, and upset) and Marshall (Cody's roommate) is still living and going to be ok. Food poisoning.

: Trauma at our house. We were all very grateful for roommates at Happy Thought last night. Laurie spent the whole night entertaining me. And it's always nice to come home to five girls who'll either listen, tell you what to do, curse the boy, be happy for you or just hug you, whether you just got broken up with or your hand held for the first time.

On the bright side, I talked to Aly last night. On the less bright side of that, Joe is in California. Today is Shelley's birthday so I'd better stop by. Maybe she'll go on my date for me Saturday night (longest dumbest story ever). Grr. AND my (second) ethernet converter broke. However, I am prepared to get my $60 back this time. Late to class. ~today is a great day today is a great day today is- what?~

: Yeah, I was lying. Today sucks.

: Today doesn't suck so bad after all!

: More general trauma. Last night we had a sleepover for Enrichment. We learned that guys like low-maintenance and got taught how to have self-confidence (marry a guy who compliments you in front of 50 other girls). Me and my roommates had Happy Thought during a lull in the activities (once again we're all very grateful for roommates to go through things with) and then four of us came home, before any girl gossip or makeovers or such.

We watched part of "The X-files" and "Mulan". Michelle: She didn't go to Enrichment tonight. Kyra: That's what I was thinking. We should have invited her. Michelle: "This is my friend Mulan." We cuddled. We went to bed early.

Today I have a paper to write and a lunch party for my roommate. Happy Birthday, Angela!

: Just got back from lunch *yummy*. Kyra and I have big plans to wash my car when she gets back from her DTR. Collette went to see MIB2 with our hometeacher. I really want to go see it, but I still have my paper to write, and I'm sure she didn't really want me to go. All six of us have hot dates tonight- the hottest ever. Kyra and I even cancelled our other dates to make it to this one.

Susie: You're like, she comes in and steals all the guys in the ward. Michelle: I am so jealous.

Wrote this entry three hours ago. Kyra and I had to make a return trip to Target, for the same reason we went this morning. We're psycho (that's my latest word). I still haven't written my paper. Now is my last chance without getting up psycho (see?) early on Monday, so here I go.

: We just got back from bowling. It was so much fun! I ran into Arly and Kelinda. Arly seems to go on a lot of dates. Me, Laurie, Kyra, and Angela went, with Kris and Josh, some guys in our ward. Angela and I tied with 87, I tripped twice, but didn't actually fall, and I didn't fling the bowling ball in the wrong direction. Afterwards I challenged Kris to a game of Skeeball, which I won, due to some random scoring system it has. We both got Pixiestix out of it though.

Bowling would be boring if I weren't so hyper. Kris said my victory dances were cute. Josh doesn't use the word "cute". So what does he use? Josh: All of 107 is [totally] adorable.

We made several attempts at covering the nakedness of our apartment. Mommy is bringing up stuff for me, and we all put pictures of our family out, and some things on the wall. We bought 11 pictures frames at Target today (and 3 yesterday). It almost looks like a home! Also, yesterday I got a postcard from my sis, of people kissing in Paris. It's in a frame. I am beginning to realize the glory of picture frames. Laurie says I can't leave the room until I have two pages of my paper written. I love roommates!

: Bishop Egan, who was my bishop for my first two years of college, is speaking at the BYU Forum on Tuesday. He's the guy that gave me tickets to two General Conferences and a Christmas Devotional, and took me and Melissa out to ice cream when we'd been on the kitchen floor bawling all night, and insisted I teach Gospel Doctrine. He even signed my Ecclesiastical Endorsement when I hadn't attended all three church meetings on the same day for five months. I think that was also the ward where no more than three people of the same gender were allowed to sit in a row during Sacrament meeting.

Mie mi-e dor de copiii mei si de serviciul meu si de lucrul meu. Si mi-e dor de chips-uri cu smantana si ceapa! As dori sa intoarc la Romania si vorbesc cu copiii mei s-i iau in brate mele. Mi-e dor de ei. Dar nu am destul de bani, si nu-i timpul bun. Dar... intro-zi. O sa merg inapoi.

: Well. Today was a pretty decent day. I got a compliment. Our hometeachers came and made us a yummy dinner. Cody came over and we hung out. I wrote three letters. I got six bug bites. I was really girly today, I'd say. A compliment made my day and I squealed a lot. Pretty girly. Oh yeah, I got two compliments; someone said I was pretty. *hee* Also, I had an IM from KIRIN when I came home. I love Kirin! She is so awesome!

My mommy is coming to see me this week, yay! I can't wait to get a Mommy hug, those are the best. Yay! I'm so glad Summer term is almost over; I am excited for all the stuff I'm taking Fall and how busy I'll be all the time. Well, I have class tomorrow (the only day next week, but I have TONS of work for my Family History class I need to get done) and I am supposed to be in bed by 130 (not happening anyway) so off I go. I'll be eating cheesecake for breakfast.

: ~Iata vine si-o broscuta, top top top sarind mereu, dac-aveti loc in casuta as dori sa stau si eu~ I got out of class early- if only I could scoot up the rest of my day and get home earlier. I miss Kirin, I can't wait until she gets back up here! No one can make me giggle like her. Hey, if I walk really slowly to class now I won't have to sit there for too long!

: I'm really tired. I'm covered in bug bites from tonight's adventures. I bonded with someone over stress and anxiety disorders. I hung out with Liz for a bit, and Maria called me. It's 230 and I am getting up relatively early tomorrow to hang out with fellow ex-BYU 13th warders and I'm already super tired so, of course, I ought to go to bed and, of course, I'm not. I can hear Nate saying (IMing) "just go to bed Susie" like he'd always do when I get like this (tired and not sleeping). Laurie says I'm numb. I love my roommates.

: Well the past 12 hours have been very exciting. I slept for 7 of them, then I had Hamburger Helper for breakfast (I also had that for dinner twice yesterday). I wrote in my journal outside in the hotness, went to the Forum, and then went to the UVRFHC to do some homework. There I ran into Jen. I can't think of a time I ran into Jen somewhere that wasn't in the library or nearby. Anyway, we had a lovely talk. She is somewhat less desperately missing a boy than the the last time I saw her (and met him) and is looking quite cute. I found Isam P. in the 1880 Missouri census then I came home, did a cross-word puzzle and balanced my checkbook. Azi am nevoie de o pauza, asa ca Collette (a dormit foarte mult noapte ier). Poate mai tarziu, voi merge sus sa fac... . Am nevoie sa fac asa. Asa!

: mmm nap.

: What an interesting day. It's hard to believe I spent most of it at home. 15 hours of naps went on at my apartment today. There was also a lot of DTR-ing-- a little too much actually. Oh yeah I remember what I did all day; Kris came over after my second nap. We chatted for quite a while. I learned how to check stuff inside my car. I watched part of a movie. Spent a lot of time talking with roommates and boys who were trying to figure things out.

Kyra and I each did the entire Daily Universe crossword puzzle today. Susie: That was a joke? Kyra: You were laughing weren't you? Susie: I was laughing at you. On Sunday I wore the "silly" shirt and lots of people said it was cute. I was only wearing it because the two shirts I'd put on before that both got attacked by the oil pastel drawing hung above our couch. The shirt I wore today was also attacked, but the effect was less on bright pink than on the two white shirts I wore Sunday.

Things have calmed down (well everyone is trying to sleep and Laurie is out of town) so I've just been sitting in my room reading scriptures and thinking. I read my "english scriptures" today, as I call them. I've got a ton to do tomorrow, very dependent on how serious this holiday thing is going to be. Interesting.

: Watched "Kate and Leopold." Visited. Studied. That's about it. It was a really good day though, a day of rest. I didn't get as much done as I was planning on, because of some technological difficulties, and that makes tomorrow morning rather busy. I also forgot about the religion test I have to take. However, I should be finished with everything around 2 and then I can come home and clean and chill before mommy gets here tomorrow night.

: Yesterday. Took my test. Did lots and lots of genealogy. Collette, Michelle and I went to the pool for an hour and a half. We were silly. We took pictures. No one else was out there, which was kinda nice. Two hours later it poured rain. A couple hours after that, my mom came and brought me lots of stuff. Hung out some. Slept on the couch. Got up at 530 and went to the temple. Got the rest of my baptisms done so mom can take the cards home to ward temple night. Today. Play in SLC tonight with Shelley and Mom and whoever else ends up coming. Maybe homework in the meantime.

: Family stuff. Cousin stuff. Slept on Jon's couch for a couple hours. I always end up taking a nap at their house. Went to see "Single's Ward" with Jill, Laura, Camilla, Alyssa and Shelley. It was hilarious. Halfway through the movie I realized that the guy with all the piercings was in my intro to TR class last fall. You'd think I would have noticed earlier since he had the green hair then.

This morning... got woken up by the phone a million times (six). I talked to Maria for a while and then finally got up. Yes, it was very late, but I was trying to make up for the paltry three hours I slept on the couch early yesterday morning. I got an email from Nate.

I ought to do some research today since my project is due next Monday. I have 6 1/2 hours to go. Not too bad. Shelley and I are planning on driving up to Murray later to get my mom and her fireplace.

: Having fun doing nothing. Hung out at Jon's some more yesterday and watched Independence Day with my roommates and Kris. I went to bed earlier than I ever had since I lived here. Back to routine everything tomorrow. Looks like I'm going home for a couple weeks after finals to take care of my mommy.

I can't wait until Fall Semester, kinda like last year, only different. Well, kinda the same and kinda different. Kinda really excited. Kinda really in a good mood. It's going to be a really hard semester though.

A very fitting quote from last July: "I'm waiting for next summer or the love of my life, whichever comes first, and in the meantime I'm drinking Kool-aid." Except it is next summer. *ding*

: Sleepy Susie. Got up "early" to go out to breakfast with Mom and Brianne, who are now on their way to Mesquite. I've got just enough time for a kitty nap before class. I was up late letting my life get even more confusing. I hate boys. Oh well. I'm leaving it alone to fix itself.

Our furniture is outside in the hallway and our carpet is ripped out. Not too big of a deal this time, but they're redoing the carpet in our bedrooms on Wednesday and we have to move everything out. Stinky. Hopefully I am getting pictures developed today. yay!

: Our house sounds all hollow without carpet or anything. I noticed this while singing in the freezer. This entry is really just to say that I love Jon, so he feels special. I can think of four Jons I've talked about before, but this one knows who he is. This is my favorite about this Jon.

: Very long day. I wore the same clothes all day. Two naps. Two trips to the hot tub. Two boxes of packaged pasta products. Two hours quilting at FHE. Two days until Kristen's wedding. Two weeks until school's done. Two weeks to spend at home. Two semesters left of college. Too many loud annoying comments coming from one of my roommates.

: I sure said a lot of funny things today, considering how quiet everyone said I was being during FHE. Actually, shower thing was yesterday, and believe it or not, I was defending myself. Susie: I don't even shower every day. Susie: Michelle is attacking me with a cheese grater! Susie: It was normal. Like, normal normal. Not just normal for us, like, human being normal. Five minutes later, Susie randomly starts trying to explain more: I mean it was normal... not just a psycho-user-boy relationship.

I'm a button! (not related)

Mark (this summer): I'm a purple belt, that's 6th out of nine. Susie: Wow, that's good... I'd probably be a pink belt.

: Sister Doxey: Instrestingly enough we can learn things that aren't on tests. Random signs on UVSC campus: STAY OFF BERM Sticker found in my bag: HELLO my name is Susie Richardson (Lorna's granddaughter)

Woke up [very late] to the smell of new carpet. Bought stamps. Finished all assignments for Summer term. Today Kyra and I are getting film developed and going shopping. Lisa called me. She is in Utah and we are going to Kristen's wedding on Thursday. I wonder if I'm supposed to bring a date.

: Got up at 743 to move the remainder of my stuff out of my room. I had salad and yogurt for breakfast, both eaten with the same fork because, while I was eating, a dresser was put in front of the silverware drawer. Kyra: Well, is there anything in front of the dishwasher? Susie: Yeah, six boxsprings.

So we're all kicked out of our house for the day (they didn't finish with our living room until 830pm. I have class from 11-3 but nothing to do in the meantime, except sleep in the Smith Fieldhouse. Susie: Carpet has feelings too!

Went to see "Mr. Deeds" with Cody last night. It was really funny, I'd say the best Adam Sandler movie I've ever seen, because his character isn't a jerk or a complete idiot.

: The carpet ordeal is over. Lots of really funny things happen when all your stuff is in the living room, all your furniture is in the kitchen and outside and your bathroom is full of cinderblocks. These are all related:

Michelle: Boxsprings? Where are they? (Taking up our entire kitchen, maybe?) Michelle: Sick, I have a carpet turd stuck to my shoe. Michelle (yeah she was on a roll today): I thought maybe it was cat pee, but after I licked it, I knew for sure it was dog pee. Michelle: Suse, do you have a gigantic gorilla butt in your way? Michelle *CRASH!*: That's all my stuff. Michelle: Oh Susie, I think the gas is getting to you (the boxsprings turned the gas on when we jumped on them). Also, from yesterday, Michelle: I dunno... they're kinda crusty.

Yes, we have pictures. We climbed over our stuff onto the couch to watch "A Knight's Tale" and read scriptures. I think that's all I've done since class.

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