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[Trackback URL for this entry] : Just got back from lunch *yummy*. Kyra and I have big plans to wash my car when she gets back from her DTR. Collette went to see MIB2 with our hometeacher. I really want to go see it, but I still have my paper to write, and I'm sure she didn't really want me to go. All six of us have hot dates tonight- the hottest ever. Kyra and I even cancelled our other dates to make it to this one.

Susie: You're like, she comes in and steals all the guys in the ward. Michelle: I am so jealous.

Wrote this entry three hours ago. Kyra and I had to make a return trip to Target, for the same reason we went this morning. We're psycho (that's my latest word). I still haven't written my paper. Now is my last chance without getting up psycho (see?) early on Monday, so here I go.

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