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: We just got back from bowling. It was so much fun! I ran into Arly and Kelinda. Arly seems to go on a lot of dates. Me, Laurie, Kyra, and Angela went, with Kris and Josh, some guys in our ward. Angela and I tied with 87, I tripped twice, but didn't actually fall, and I didn't fling the bowling ball in the wrong direction. Afterwards I challenged Kris to a game of Skeeball, which I won, due to some random scoring system it has. We both got Pixiestix out of it though.

Bowling would be boring if I weren't so hyper. Kris said my victory dances were cute. Josh doesn't use the word "cute". So what does he use? Josh: All of 107 is [totally] adorable.

We made several attempts at covering the nakedness of our apartment. Mommy is bringing up stuff for me, and we all put pictures of our family out, and some things on the wall. We bought 11 pictures frames at Target today (and 3 yesterday). It almost looks like a home! Also, yesterday I got a postcard from my sis, of people kissing in Paris. It's in a frame. I am beginning to realize the glory of picture frames. Laurie says I can't leave the room until I have two pages of my paper written. I love roommates!

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