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: Well. Today was a pretty decent day. I got a compliment. Our hometeachers came and made us a yummy dinner. Cody came over and we hung out. I wrote three letters. I got six bug bites. I was really girly today, I'd say. A compliment made my day and I squealed a lot. Pretty girly. Oh yeah, I got two compliments; someone said I was pretty. *hee* Also, I had an IM from KIRIN when I came home. I love Kirin! She is so awesome!

My mommy is coming to see me this week, yay! I can't wait to get a Mommy hug, those are the best. Yay! I'm so glad Summer term is almost over; I am excited for all the stuff I'm taking Fall and how busy I'll be all the time. Well, I have class tomorrow (the only day next week, but I have TONS of work for my Family History class I need to get done) and I am supposed to be in bed by 130 (not happening anyway) so off I go. I'll be eating cheesecake for breakfast.

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