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: Got a letter from Elder Fuller (probably a couple weeks ago). He got transfered to Moldova and it's hard to get letters out there, he says. Leonard is coming down this weekend. Hey Leonard, bring your Illuminati game so I can beat you!

Ok I've just been looking for something I thought I said about Elder Fuller on my weblog but it wasn't there so I am looking through old emails from Romania and finding lots of silly things. Dumitru improving "He also flat out told me he didn't want to play with the doll (well he shoke his head no)" (yeah that was an improvement), Costica being naughty "There is a kitty who lives at Section 2. most of the kids are afraid of it, which is probably a good thing. Costica isn't. He got into my bag and took a huge bite of my chocolate bar today. hehe. silly boy. I took him into the camera de joaca (playroom) for that." and Elder Rappleye having a hard day "Today Elder Rappleye, the branch president, called us and I answered and it was really weird to answer the phone and hear an american guy talking in english on the other end. I said "cool" when he told me who it was and he said that made his week, which had been horrible so far (it's monday) and I said 'well a missionary made me happy today so I thought I'd return the favor.' I think he figured out what I meant." Elder Rappleye is home from his mission and probably going to be back at BYU this fall. Weird. I don't even know his first name.

There's lots of funny things in all these emails I saved. I should probably put it all on my webpage and get rid of the emails, but that'd be too much effort. I never did find what I was looking for about Elder Fuller. It was something about the love advice he gave me and Kristen when we stayed at church until 900 after a baptism one night. I know it's written in my journal, which is packed somewhere in Utah (I'm not even sure where).

I've got lots to do today. Run errands with mommy, play the piano, fix my bed, scan some pictures, clean my bathroom, play the piano, sit in the hot tub, do laundry, play the piano. Tons.


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