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: Bleh. Even though I got 9 hours of sleep last night, I look the way I always did in Romania. I spent four hours trying to get my (third) Ecclesiastical Endorsement, which was just a bit frustrating. Luckily that horror is (hopefully) over for good, since I won't be in school next year.

I am almost completely moved in and unpacked, mostly thanks to Kyra. we are so excited to be living together! Roommates are great. Everyone keeps telling us our room is cute, although it just looks messy to us.

Lisa called me on Sunday. She got her mission call! She is going to the Romania Bucuresti Mission (surprise). She lives in November, yay for her. Speaking of Romania, I had a letter from Doinita when I got here. She has adopted Michelle as one of her own children.

That's about it. I got called about a job but I was in some state which wasn't Utah at the time. I asked for another chance. Ok, Kyra and I are going to run tons of errands now. She hasn't been shopping since I left!!! And we have a severe need of bookends in our room.

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