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: Well, tubing was an adventure. We actually ended up renting a raft which none of us could maneuver very well. We had several incidents with tree branches during which we screamed like girls, got scraped, squished into the bottom of the boat, and jumped off. Actually, Heather was the only one to jump off, but it was either that or lose an eye. It was really funny to see nine girls hiding in the boat rather than just paddling to get away from the dang tree.

Tonight we are, apparently, having 213 over to dinner. mmm, food. Three hours on the Provo River made me pretty hungry.

: School starts tomorrow. We're all at least as excited as we are dreading it. Breaks are nice but somewhat boring. I am a little worried about my schedule working out, especially since I'm going to be attending two sections of the same class until IS hires me (I don't want to have a 9AM class if I don't have to).

Emily is in my ward now. She went on the rafting trip today and we spoke in Romanian a little. About not having enough money to go back to Romania. At dinner someone asked me if I had lived in France and then Chris (Carrie's... friend) and I had a conversation about the few good things about Paris. Carrie has a keyboard. You'd think I'd be ok at keyboarding after doing it so much in the Iasi Branch, but apparently, it's not so. However, it's nice to fool around on once in a while.

We're getting ready for an early night (and an early morning tomorrow since I have to go find add cards and figure out my scholarship and other such long-line-waiting-in activities). I'm really excited for all my new classes and hopefully a new job.


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