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: Lots of quotes from our new apartment. Don't have the papers so I'll just type what I remember... Julie: I feel like an ostrich... Julie, pretending to attend the dance class she accidentally signed up for: My name is Julio, and I am a man... Susie (Kyra thought this was hilarious): It's a good thing we moved our beds the way they are, because I'm not about to get outta bed to wake you up. I can just roll over and kick you in the head...

The other day I picked up (and read) a book called StarGirl, by Jerry Spinelli, which was sitting on our kitchen table. It was really cute, I recommend it for light reading (it took me less than two hours, and I was talking the whole time).

: More Quotes... Kyra: I seriously don't know how it's possible to go through toilet paper that fast. Either someone is using too much or they are drinking way too much water... Julie: I'm going to make a hot dog. Do you want to watch me make one?... Shawna: Julie and I are tight like unto a soapdish (see Ether 2:17 and also this)... Julie: You know what's better than kisses? Well, I've never been kissed, but truffles... Carrie, on her almost-boyfriend: Yeah, he's pretty tall. I look like a keychain hanging out of his pocket... David: Yeah, he's 26 and he spends all day over at his parents' house. Susie: No wonder he's not married yet... Carrie: Our kitchen is disgusting! If cleanliness is next to godliness, we're all going straight to hell... Tom, Kristen's almost-fiance: I was really sad when I realized words don't rhyme in sign-language... We also had a lot of quotes about how Carrie didn't want to take a shower today.

In English 315 I met a girl who just got back from Romania and worked at Section 2 (for my unique thing I said I had a broken bone in my skull and then I had to explain that). My 487 (research and evaluation) professor wouldn't sign my add card! I'm supposed to "make a case" to the department chair (a case as in I need it to graduate). Grr. I really am going to die this semester. The world religions class I went to today was better than yesterdays. The professor sounds like Sean Connery. What am I going to do!!!!!????

: My scheduling problems are somewhat lessening. I am now registered for two horrible classes (Advanced Writing in the Social Sciences and Assessment in Therapeutic Recreation), and two fun ones (Flexibility and Program Management with Dr. Palmer who is SO FUNNY!) and I have to still register for one even horribler one (Research and Evaluation-- I still don't know if they're going to let me in!!!) and one AWESOME one (Outdoor Therapeutic Recreation Skills, and my add card is signed).

I am sooo excited for this last class. We had our one and only lecture today (and it was 50% dodgeball) and our other classes are as follows: Ropes Course, Water Skiing, Wheelchair Sports Night (with Paraolympic athletes who are going to kick our trash), Sled Hockey, Spelunking (!!!), Therapeutic Riding, and Skiing. Then we turn in a four page paper. Is this the coolest class or what??? And there's not even a fee!!! YAY!!!! Of course, all this stuff is done with adaptive recreation equipment, except for spelunking when we pretend to be behavior disordered youth (real stretch of the imagination). I'm so excited!

Of course the rest of my classes pretty much suck. I found an alternative (there's only one) if I can't get into Research and Evaluation, but it's Public Management and Finance, which doesn't appeal any more. I get to go water skiing on my birthday!!


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