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: Today we went back to work at Section 2. It was a lot different today. We girls are a little disruptive, so instead of going into the playroom with all of the kids, the nurses brought them out into the hall a few at a time so we could work with them. That sounds as though it should be less stressful but of course we only got the most unmanagable kids. Then we all propped our eyelids open for language again. Lacra gives us language lessons everyday after/between work. It really does come a lot faster when we speak it. And it's realy nice to be able to communicate with the kids, at least somewhat. Lacra is calling in for us tomorrow and we are having a "city tour". I'm not sure what that means, but we realy need a non-Section 2 day (already).

Last night our cold water broke. We were much yucky from working at Section 2, which is also why we hadn't showered before that. We thought (and you'd think) the bathtub would cool off enough to get into after several hours but this was not the case. I wish I didn't get home after working all day and have to make dinner before I can get clean and crawl into bed. Even though we were only working for about 3 hours today there never seems to be any time. Maybe it all gets sucked out of us while waiting for and riding trams. We ride a lot of trams, and it's half an hour from Section 2 to Tatarasi for language lessons.

We're all a little surprised at how quickly we've gotten used to the fact that noone cares what we look like. It's actually kind of sad. Maybe all girls should get this opportunity, to let loose a little and just plain not care. ever. At church we all noticed that although we were the best dressed (only one other woman wore a skirt), our hair was by far the least "done". Barely acceptable levels by normal American standards I would say. =)

The ladies at our non-stop are getting used to us. Since we go shopping every day and there aren't a ton of fetele americane around in our neighborhood it didn't take long. We can communicate with them decently enough and it's kind of fun. Two of my roommates even worked up the courage to figure out how to buy ham. Yeah, we're proud of everything we do by ourselves, I know. (Today Kristen and I got to Section 2 alone).


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