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: Another day of work at Section 2. We thought we had the whole routine figured out and then there were all new nurses in there today. We managed to have some fun anyway. We have discovered that carrying a dictionary with us everywhere we go is the best method of learning the language. Some of us went to the hospital this afternoon to play with our older boys. It was really fun. There was a mother and a little girl in our room and she was helping us communicate with the kids. We left the little girl with a toy, even though the mother hadn't asked for anything. We really like floor 7 because the mothers don't ask for stuff or stare at us the whole time. Plus we really like to play with those little boys! They cried when we left =( but we think we left the mother more willing to play with them.

The apparent proprietor of TakeNet (the internet cafe we go to most) laughed at me when I told Melanie, in Romanian, where to sit. He thinks it's hilarious when we try to speak in Romanian. It's kinda fun. It's nice that he's used to us. I don't feel too stupid when he laughs at us.

Today I got two letters at the other apartment. One of them was from Sister Emily and the other one was from Elder Tenney. Needless to say, it was pretty exciting, especially because I got pictures. We also figured out how we got apartment 12's phone bill, because one of my letters was trying to slip down into apartment 14's box.

I can here the guy in charge joking to his friend about telling Melanie to "stai aici."


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