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: Today Steve took us to Metro, which is this store not too much unlike Costco. They even had a Pizza Hut and we ate there and it tasted like a normal Pizza Hut. I bought lots of groceries for our apartment and some junk food and unusual fruit for myself. Well, it's nothing (the fruit) you couldn't find in a grocery store but not anything I've ever had.

I've done laundry four times already. It's not really that bad, washing everything by hand, at least that's what I say at any point in my life when I'm not wringing my clothes out or nursing my wounds from doing so. However, I don't feel like my clothes ever really get clean, and I'm almost positive their never going to stop smelling like smoke. I will definitely appreciate washing machines more after this adventure. The other day I walked out of my apartment in my nice clean jeans and got on a tram and the lady in front of me kicked me and got slush all over my pants. grr.

Angela and I traded skirts because we both only have one we can wear and we're sick of wearing the same thing every Sunday. Our kids at work all wear the same clothes. Today I commented that Petronella was wearing the famous orange overalls (we called Dumitru "orange-overalls boy" until we figured out his name). There's also a pair of fuzzy penguin pants and the girls switch off wearing the same three red dresses. They layer the kids up like it's not already 85 degrees in there, and they all wear really thick tights, mostly in colors like bright pink. Yes, even the boys. The boys wear shirts with bows and ones that say things like "Baby's first skiing lesson!" so why not pinks tights, I guess.

The people working at Section 1 started today and they get to stay until 1400 which means they get more hours than us and have more to do and me and Kristen have to sit at the other apartment for 2 1/2 hours every day waiting for language class. Yes, we could go home, but it's basically a really complicated waste of time. There isn't anything to do at home either. I wish we could work longer.


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