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: Well here I am with actual real time to sit around and be on the internet. It has been very exciting. We got stuck on a train with all our luggage and no idea how/where/when we were going to get off the train. We just went "Iasi?" every stop and found it and Stephan got on the train and said "are you the american girls?... from BYU?" as if we weren't obviously american, all nine of us and our 2 tons of luggage.

Lacra is the girl who shows us what were doing and takes care of us and teaches us Romanian and works at Section 1 with us. She's so awesome. We would be dead by now without her. So far we know how to ride the tram to the other apartment, section one, Piata Unirii, and church, open our apartment door, work the door buzzer, shop at the "non-stop", and take a taxi- but only if someone else tells the driver where to go. Basically, we have no idea what's going on.

Our apartment is REALLY nice, except that our bed fell apart. The landlord came and fixed it today but we're still a little worried. Oh, and it was also unfurnished. It had beds and a couch and a TV and stuff but no blankets or dishes or anything. So we slept the first night in our sheets we brought and froze. We had to buy blankets and everything, and pay all four months rent from our own pockets because BYU hasn't sent Lacra the money yet. We've all sorta figured out how to use the shower, which is under five feet tall, without getting the bathroom too wet. We have no dressers or bookshelves or anything so most of our things are either on the shelves in our wardrobe (in the hallway, where else?) or in piles on the floor.

This hasn't been quite as scary as I expected, except for the lady who yelled at us at the airport when our luggage didn't make it. no scary men or anyone hounding us. The money is one thing to get used to; one dollar= 32,000 lei. So even though everything is really cheap here, it seems like we're spending so much money. I've spent about 7 million lei in two days.

Today Kristen and I were so proud of ourselves... we crossed the street all by ourselves and made it! The streets and sidewalks and basically everything doesn't get the snow cleaned off of it. Not that we know where the crosswalks are or anything. and people just drive whereever, generally a little toward the right of the road, but on the sidewalk or down the middle, on the tram tracks, whatever. I think about 80% of the cars are taxiuri, or more. I'm very glad I don't have to drive here.

more novelties: the snowflakes are really shaped like snowflakes! with little different sides and everything. At least in Utah, the snow is just blobs. It's really cute! Blood orange juice- the yummiest ever! Can't think of anything else but I will soon I'm sure.


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