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: Yesterday we went to Spitalul Copii again and changed some diapers. The nurses left us alone after we said "Avem Pampers" (although the mothers followed us around). We searched out babies "fara parints", although we're pretty sure one of the babies we changed had its mother watching over us. We just changed diapers and outfits and cuddled and played with them. The last baby I was with was 1 1/2 years old but had only developed to about 2 or 3 months. It was a really great experience. Most of the babies in the hospital are from the DC, where the other girls still can't work because of the quarantine.

Today was our first day working at Section 2. It was really hard. We were only there for four hours and we're all exhausted. Me, Kristen and Kristin were all in the same room. At first there were only three babies in the playroom but the nurses kept bringing in more babies and pretty soon they were running wild all over the place. I mostly held this one little boy who was shaking. He was crying and in pain and kept losing control of his muscles. I guess he's always like that. Anyway he wanted to look out of the window so I moved the curtain an held him up and he stopped shaking for a little bit. I was totally standing back there crying over him. I just felt bad that he had to be in such a body. *sigh*

Today was our first language lesson. I slept through most of it because we had to get up early to go to Section 2, but I already knew most of the things anyway.

New things we've done by ourselves: Purchased things besides bilete and groceries. Cooked actual meals in our apartment. Lit the oven (I burned off all the hair on my hand; be proud, mommy). New things about Romania: We've seen three snow plows (none of which were being used to plow snow). They just let the snow build up and today they are removing it (into piles) with pickaxes and shovels. Before I left someone asked me what Romanians looked like. I didn't know the answer and I guess I still don't. They look like Americans. What does an American look like? I know lots of Americans but I can't say what they all look like. Romanians, I guess. You know, people.

Oh yeah, we all got our callings last night. We had narrowed it down pretty well and since I was last I already knew what mine was: I'm the "music specialist" (or something), which means I play the keyboard in Sacrament Meeting and "help out" Irina, the girl who leads. I'm not really sure what he wants me to help her with (I think he means beyond leading) but it doesn't sound too difficult. I'm just glad I wasn't called to the Young Women's. I don't want to be a teacher.


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